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    New Commander skills.

    I see there are several debates on the upcoming patch and it does seem to me they do rush content without asking feedback. It would be normal if there was no PTS and they should have made this poll to see the player base thoughts but, anyway. Another topic i see coming is the Premium consumables nerf. So, is it really harmful, game-breaking even for a decent or skilled player? Does a decent player rely to win or Premium consumables? That;s my question, because if not, i shouldn't see complains there. As F2P game you want every kind of pocket to play your game and anything Premium to not be a "must have" to win, right? Lately i decided to spend some of money to buy the Division instead supporting a game a like, mostly because i am not naive, i am trying to see facts were others find excuses and as for excuses WG have plenty to show off. I still like the game despite the Devs efforts...I would like to be more consistent with playing it but it is not that easy with the decisions they make through time. And because i watch and read news about the game even when i am not playing it, i know i am frustrated even by the hypocrisy of some famous YouTubers. I just do not like ppl you look things one-sided, who find excuses rather than facts, who kiss-[edited]instead of being honest. Start being honest instead of polite for a change. This is feedback from the ppl, not "complains" or otherwise. Too much conformity, ppl learn a new word and put everything under it. Same ol' patterns. Ppl provide feedback and concerns means they care about the game. If you can't distinguish the trolls well, can't help you there. Anyway, i heard from iEarlGray WG is going to have a 2nd round of PTS up for more...feedback? Well, to see reactions at least. That's something. (the news is @ 05:11 minute)