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  1. Hello Flshbck 


    It's good  to meet a Latvian player I think now I have met all the Europe nations :-).


    I saw your forum post and I would like you to consider us at clan (hands) like your self we are a new clan of active players 

    which are looking to build a starting base for clan battles (which if we get the players I will try to give everyone some experience in it),  team battles and active divisions. 


    You would fit in nicely all we can ask is be active couple times a weeks and join in the fun divisions you can have a vote how the clan develops and what we build.


    I will be joining today so drop in sometime on our discord have a chat. 




    Thank you for your time mate 





    1. flshbck



      Thanks for your response! 
      Can i consider it till weekend?

    2. Maddog30


      Take as much time as you want and feel free to use our discord for divs.