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  1. Hello Flshbck 


    It's good  to meet a Latvian player I think now I have met all the Europe nations :-).


    I saw your forum post and I would like you to consider us at clan (hands) like your self we are a new clan of active players 

    which are looking to build a starting base for clan battles (which if we get the players I will try to give everyone some experience in it),  team battles and active divisions. 


    You would fit in nicely all we can ask is be active couple times a weeks and join in the fun divisions you can have a vote how the clan develops and what we build.


    I will be joining today so drop in sometime on our discord have a chat. 




    Thank you for your time mate 





    1. flshbck



      Thanks for your response! 
      Can i consider it till weekend?

    2. Maddog30


      Take as much time as you want and feel free to use our discord for divs.

  2. Hello, Im looking for competitive clan, to play clan battles and to play in divisions. Ive never been in clan, so would love to try it. Im playing WoWs for a bit more than 5 years, but recently had a 1,5 year pause form gaming. But now im back and i would like to try some clan battles. As of my pause, i cant catch up to updates thats been there at that time, so i would appreciate someone, who could help me guide trough things. I have various ships from tier 6 to tier 9, but im still grinding. I have 51.1% WR, but i can do better. I have played ranked battles and will do it again, and back in the day i was playing CSGO competitevly, so i know much about strategies and competitiveness, im gifted with good mind, and so far as i see myself in wows, i can make good decisions and strategic moves while playing and making big plays alone or together with team. About myself: Im 25, from Latvia, fluently speaking English, i have mic, and i know how to use discord or TS. Usualy i can play in evenings or weekends.