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  1. Soo i get the Mony back that i paid for the Belfast and kutuzov?? would be cool, since the BB meta made me quit the Game
  2. Rexdaman

    scharnhorst or mikhail kutuzov

    Kutuzov is a beast in the hands of an xp cruiser player. T10 MM isent really a problem. so i would go for the MK. But if you like the lover MM. go for the shinyhorse..
  3. Rexdaman

    blocking players from my team

    I would like to be able to block players, from my team. Maby have like a 20 slot Ban list. would make the game much better. imo..
  4. Rexdaman


    well. i got a few tip's for you. play 300-400 games at T 4 and below. forget you premium ships, leave them at your port for now. watch Notser and Flamu. at youtube. You need to learn the basics of this game. like aming, angling. when to engage and disengage.. looking at your stats, you pretty much have no clue how to play this game. so back to start. Good luck. and fair seeas ahead
  5. Rexdaman

    So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    Belfast all the way... and just
  6. Rexdaman

    Kutuzov post patch

    i would go CE first. since you use same captain on chappy. to be able to disengage is a life safer. Now IFHE makes the kutuzov a Monster. Don't get me wrong. But a dead Monster dosent do much
  7. Rexdaman

    New year resolution

    After next patch. ill be right behinde the BB's.. all game. and smoking them up, when the push cap's. if the don't. ill spend alot of time at the 10 line..
  8. Rexdaman

    What do I need to do to improve?

    well when you watch Flamu stream. he always got a strong team with him. what i ment is the basic whay he plays. like aim and choose targets. how he commits. like engage, and more important disengage. like play with spotting range. uses smoke. and i say it again. the MINIMAP.. use it. to play as agressive as he does, isent something you would get away with in 95% of solo play.. when you play try to have support. speak to a cruiser ask for backup. don't yolo, try to play as a team.. Good luck out there
  9. Rexdaman

    What do I need to do to improve?

    well i would say watch streamers like Flamu and izolate. youtube aswell. and learn to use your minimap. i mean it. beast tool you got. Beside you only played 1k games. so plenty of time to improve woulden worry at all
  10. Rexdaman


    I compliment good players. and report players, that i don't want to play on a team with again.. Simple.
  11. Rexdaman

    Zao Within My Grasp

    Don't for get the AP on the Zao, it hits like a truck..
  12. well skybuck.. its a true X-file... or a graphic glitch...but i want to belive..