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  1. CommanderCorrigan

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    What a scam. They make them OP to milk players then nerf them after all this time. They will never see a single cent from me again. I agree there are some ships that are OP but this is Wargamings fault, not the players that are getting screwed.
  2. CommanderCorrigan

    I never ever see one and then 3 turn up at the same time

    I outscored Flamu once when he was on my team
  3. CommanderCorrigan

    Ashitaka Tier 7 BB is finally coming

    Can we have a real Japanese ship Wargaming?
  4. CommanderCorrigan

    17% win rate Baltimore

    Me too, cant figure it out. Most frustrating ship to play for me. Watch plenty of videos, nothing seems to help.
  5. CommanderCorrigan

    [ALL][SKIN][MOD] Hunt for Bismarck campaign camo/skin fix

    Its a painting by Ken Marshall, who did all the famous Titanic paintings.
  6. CommanderCorrigan

    katori availability

    I average 40k with a 70% winrate with my set-up so far in 30 games. Top Damage 107k, got some lucky torp hits in that game. Its mainly just staying at range and staying alive.
  7. CommanderCorrigan

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Another user made a more historical correct skin here-
  8. CommanderCorrigan

    Is Yamato the worst T10 BB ingame now?

    I love the spotter plane for camping targets, especially MegaZao
  9. CommanderCorrigan

    missouri - AFT or manual AA

    Nice only happened to me once out of 120 games. I shot down 45.
  10. CommanderCorrigan

    missouri - AFT or manual AA

    I would go vigilance and adrenaline rush, CVs rarely attack you in my experience. I just specked out of AFT. only came in handy in a handful of battles. Instead of vigilance my second choice would be superintendent. I use the AA range most so AFT is not necessary.
  11. CommanderCorrigan

    Kreigsmarine Colorized

    Thanks for pointing it out but on other photos ive seen it sticks out quite a bit so I dont think its actually on the ship in this photo. It would be quite hard to miss. Maybe whats being seeing is a faint outline of where it was as it was removed not long after commissioning.
  12. CommanderCorrigan

    Kreigsmarine Colorized

    Here is my first try at colorizing a photo. Tell me what yeah think! If anybody has some interesting Kreigsmarine photos, Id be happy to give a shot at colorizing them. Here is another im working on - E-boat surrending at Felixstowe, England May 1945 Admiral Scheer in Gibraltar 1936 Graf Spee 1936
  13. CommanderCorrigan

    OP ship is finnaly in the shop.

    I love it with my mogami captain stay at range and kite. Its great with ifhe and de.
  14. CommanderCorrigan

    katori availability

    Yeah thats true but if you can just kite and stay at range you can amass some good damage. I use my mogomi captain with DE and ifhe.
  15. CommanderCorrigan

    katori availability

    Katori is not a paper ship. It was a ww2 training cruiser.