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  1. Phenixdawn

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I wish to participate in the raffle.
  2. Phenixdawn

    Cheating/ in game.

    Iowa could be afk if she didn't shoot her main guns at all. Or (if she did shoot something else) she could have decided that shooting a bow-on Montana is a waste of ammo and shooting someone else would net more damage. Edit: If nothing else was shot, it's possible that Iowa was waiting for a better angle on the Montana. Since shooting AP at a bow-on Montana at 4km will most likely deal no damage at all.
  3. Phenixdawn

    Pimp Ma Blys WG

    nothing. Leningrad beats her in everything except turret rotation.
  4. Phenixdawn

    What's your priority? COTE or New French cruisers?

    CotE is crap, so the answer is obvious.
  5. Phenixdawn

    Clash of the Elements Event

    Soo... I'd need to play as many battles per week as I did in the entire last ranked season for the next 3 weeks to get a prize that I already have...? Nope.
  6. Phenixdawn

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Super sind sie zwar nicht, aber hier:
  7. Phenixdawn

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    Wouldn't say it like that... She maneuvers like a cruiser, so in order to dodge shells you have to be further away than you had to be to be invisible (10.4 km). Meaning you either stay at the smame range and eat more damage in return or get further away and by that reduce your acuracy.
  8. Phenixdawn

    So, my Blyska is now a piece of ####?

    DPM: Leningrad fires 5 guns every 5 seconds for 1900 HE and 2500 AP. ->1900 HE per second, 2500 AP per second Blyska fires 7 guns every 6.5 seconds for 1700 HE and 2200 AP. -> 1830.8 HE per second, 2369.2 AP per second Torps: Leningrad has 8 Torps with 60kn, 15100 damage and 1.2 km visibilty. 92 sec reload means 11.5 sec per Torp. Blyska has 6 Torps with 57kn, 14400 damage and 1.2 km visibility. 70 sec reload means 11.7 sec per Torp. Leningrad moves 4kn faster, has a worse turning-circle but a much better ruddershift. All in all: Leningrad has a worse turningcircle, worse concealment from air (but better from sea) and (most importantly) slower turrettraverse. She is better at literally everything else.
  9. Phenixdawn

    So, my Blyska is now a piece of ####?

    And the Leningrad is better at... well... everything.
  10. Phenixdawn

    Which of your ships didn't survive 0.6.3?

    It's bad. Leningrad beats her in everything. Better Guns, better Torps, better Concealment, better Mobility...
  11. 1. Go to Warships.today, look at the stats you had over the last week/month, make screenshots of everything you find interesting. 2. Wait for 0.6.4, play for one week/month, go to Warships.today, look at your stats of the last week/month (the time after 0.6.4), compare to screenshots. 3. Profit $$$
  12. Phenixdawn

    A softer and better way to nerf stealth fire ?

    IJN DDs can use stealthfire to get some reliable (unlike their Torps) damage, compared to RU/US DDs they are already underperforming. Cruisers that can stealthfire have in most cases a massive downside in terms of survivabillity to balance that part. As an example take Zaos 40k hp vs Hindenburg/Des Moines ~50k or the Chapayev being a big swimming citadel with no armor at all and the turning circle of a Yamato... Also removal of stealthfire is a (big) nerf to some existing premiums like the Gremmy or Blyska.
  13. Endlich Durch... Ich muss schon sagen... diese Season... Die war ja garnicht mal so gut xD Nächste bitte nicht R7
  14. Dinge die nicht passieren sollten...:
  15. The third way: Recruit new captain on the standart ship he will go to when he is done. Transfer him to the Premium Ship. Since Premiums do not need the captain to be trained into them, the captain remains a specialist in the standart ship. Grind that premium ship. Put the captain back, he still is trained into the standart ship and therefore needs no retraining.