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  1. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    Dear friend, as much as I would like to disagree with you and be optimistic, I honestly think you are right, or at least in the next few years. I would be the first to see not only Yugoslav, but also Romanian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese ships in Game. But the situation is such that these ships do not currently have a large market and demand. WG is a company that has to make a living from something. Why they try to invest their money in something from which they will not make a profit and where they will only give money for nothing. European nations have a lot of unique, specific and fantastic warships, not only destroyers, but unfortunately, I don't see much interest for European warships right now. :( But it is up to us to agitate and hope that these ships will get their deserved place in the game.
  2. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    I agree. But if one part of the Balkan destroyers already has guns of cruiser caliber (Yugoslav leaders) or has a quick rate of fire, then the torpedoes can fall into the background. Practically, Balkan destroyers could be used as gun boats. The Balkan states built their ships to either have large caliber or more cannons or a quick rate of fire because they couldn't build larger modern ships like cruisers and battleships, so they turned destroyers into capital ships.
  3. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    I was looking something and it might be interesting. The Balkan sub-line destroyer could have one specificity regarding the speed of torpedoes: *Yugoslav 533 mm Mk IX torpedoes for Dubrovnik and Split leaders: -9.6 km at 36 knots, -12.3 km at 30 knots. *Yugoslav 550 mm 23DT torpedoes for Beograd-class destroyers: -9 km at 39 knots, -13 km at 35 knots. *Romanian 533 mm torpedoes for Relege Ferdinand-class destroyers: -9.2 km at 30 knots, -12 km at 26 knots. The gimmick for Balkan sub-line can be slow torpedoes at a little bit longer range than usual (9-9.6 km) or even slower torpedoes at long range (12-13 km).
  4. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    I made 3 new versions of the proposal. Let's see what it looks like. Now the destroyers are branching off from the Tier 5, and some (interesting to me) lower tiers have been transferred to the premium. Version A: (Original Split from 1939 at Tier 8, finished R-11 Split at Tier 9, Bulgarian Georgi Dimitrov premium Tier 8) Version B: (Original Split from 1939 is premium Tier 8, Georgi Dimirov regular Tier 8, R-11 Split regular Tier 9) Version C: (Georgi Dimitrov is regular Tier 8, Split is regular Tier 9 with two configurations - original from 1939 and finisher from 1958)
  5. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    In Game we can see German, Soviet, British, Japanese and American warships fighting together against German, Soviet, British, Japanese and American warships.
  6. Andrejevic_

    Balkan Line Destroyers in European Tech Tree

    I'll make a schematic representation of that as well, so let's see what it will look like. But for flotilla leader Split, there were two versions: the original version from 1939 and the one from 1958. Original version had 5 big Škoda 140 mm guns (5x1), 10 Bofors 40 mm AA guns (5x2), 6 torpedo tubes (2x3) and speed of 38 knots. It is planned that Split will replace flotilla leader Dubrovnik as the flagship of the 1st Torpedo Division. But after WW2 she was finished under new project with 4x1 127 mm guns, 10 Bofors AA guns, 1x4 Torpedo Tubes and 31,5 knots. Is better to have 2 separate ships (Split 1939 and R11 Split) or one ship with two configurations? *Original configuration of flotilla leader Split from 1939: *R11 Split from 1958:
  7. ~ Proposal for Second DD line of the European Tech Tree - the Balkan Line ~
  8. Andrejevic_

    Yugoslav ships in European Tech Tree

    Flotilla leader Dubrovnik Captured destroyers Dubrovnik (left) and Beograd (right) - Bay of Kotor, April 1941.
  9. Andrejevic_

    FULL European Tech Tree (Proposal)

    Modified European Tech Tree (Destroyers) *On community advice, I modified the Tech Tree to avoid skill problems. The goal is to take unique ships and avoid the accumulation of American and British ships as much as possible. The goal is European Tech Tree with many unique destroyers. The exceptions are: *Regular: -T6 Kotor (SFRY) - British W-class -T9 Doxa (Greece) - American Gleaves-class -T10 Miaoulis (Greece) - American Allen M. Sumner-class *Premum: -T6 Stord (Norway) - British S-class -T8 Orkan (Poland) - British M-class -T9 Velos (Greece) - American Fletcher-class
  10. Finally! My latest fork on this scheme. Proposal for full European tech tree! There were many unique destroyers in Europe. It would be nice to see them in large numbers in the game. Having only 4 nations, mostly with Swedish destroyers in the game, is not the solution. Also, it is not a solution to put 10 British and 10 American destroyers that those nations used. Only the British and American branches would be copied as was done with the Pan-Asian Tech Tree. We would have too many Jervis, Lightning, Fletcher and Gearing destroyers (The exceptions are the Greek destroyers T9 and T10, as well as the Polish premium destroyer T8). That is not the solution. The goal is to bring many different ships into the game, and European nations had unique destroyers, such as the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Netherlands and Poland (and Sweden, which has already been inserted). I had a lot of destroyers, a lot especially for tiers 4-6, but this is compromise solution. I compared Burza with Bourrasque, so it's in that place. But, in my opinion, the proposal is really good.
  11. Andrejevic_

    Yugoslav ships in European Tech Tree

    European destroyers? I think the Wargaming forgot the others European destroyers from South, like Yugoslav destroyers. And other nations like Romanian, Greek and Spanish.
  12. Andrejevic_

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Excuse me. Where are European destroyers from the Mediterranean, like Yugoslav (Dubrovnik, Beograd, Split (1939) and R11 Split), Romanian (Regele Ferdinand and Mărăști) , Greek (Vasilefs Georgios and Kountouriotis) and Spanish (Churruca and Oquendo)???