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  1. Suggestions thread

    The gentleman from Wargaming.net sent me here to post my suggestion. *Would you consider my proposal for pan-European destroyers ?
  2. My proposal for Pan-European tech tree.

    The gentleman from Wargaming.net sent me here to ask your question. Would you consider my proposal for the Pan-European destroyers ?
  3. European destroyer tree

    *My suggestion for a Pan-European tech tree:
  4. European destroyer tree

    List of ships of Yugoslav Royal Navy in 1940 http://www.navypedia.org/retro_view/1940/yugoslavia_1940.htm
  5. European destroyer tree

    Durmitor and Triglav are torpedo boats of Orjen-class and are not AH ships ! They are ships bought by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Nazi Germany in 1938! Kingdom of Yugoslavia had no Italian warships !
  6. European destroyer tree

    First: I agree that Yugoslavia will be in the Pan-European tree , but I wonder why Poland has its own branch if it has fewer ships than Yugoslavia. Second: According to your logic LastButterfly ; Poland prewar destroyers are French old destroyers (Wicher and Burza) and UK defensive destroyers (Grom and Blyskawica).
  7. European destroyer tree

    What about Poland ? Poland have tech tree but Poland have 5 class destroyers (2 class are british destroyers G-class or H-class and maybe K-class ). And, destroyer Dubrovnik is flotilla leader same as Split and Dubrovnik is unique flotilla leader which should be inserted into game as tier VII destroyer.
  8. European destroyer tree

    In the First World War, the Serbian army entered the Kotor Bay only after the capitulation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so that all Austro-Hungarian ships did not belong to Serbia, but they were all assigned. Yugoslavia only received auxiliary ships, and most of the forces were 12 torpedo boats. So from the Austro-Hungarian Navy, Yugoslavia only got a river fleet and 12 torpedo boats. All Austro-Hungarian battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines splitted out to Italy, France and the United Kingdom. *The Kingdom of Yugoslavia later acquired its ships: -1922 - 12 Austro-Hungarian torpedo boats T-class -1925 - light cruiser Dalmacija -1928 - 2 torpedo boats Uskok-class -1928 - submarine class Hrabri (Hrabri and Nebojša) -1929 - submarine class Osvetnik (Smeli and Osvetnik) -1930 - carrier of the seaplanes Zmaj -1932 - destroyer (Flotila Leader) Dubrovnik (the construction of 3 destroyers is planned, but the shipyard in the Bay of Kotor was bankropted and Dubrovnik was only finished) -1938/39 - Beograd-Class Destroyers (Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana) -1938 - 8 modern torpedo boats Orjen-class (bought of Nazi Germany) -Destroyer (Flotila Leader) Split was under construction. Sorry for my English :(
  9. European destroyer tree

    Since this game is called "World of Warships", I think that all warships should be added, as well as the Yugoslav destroyers Dubrovnik, Split and Beograd class. -Dubrovnik in fast driving: -Dubrovnik in Bay of Kotor: -Another photo of the Dubrovnik:
  10. European destroyer tree

    Exclusive photos ! -Yugoslav Royal Contre-torpilleur "Dubrovnik" and in the background is destroyer "Beograd". Author: Andrey Gluhov -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" on docks. in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia *1. -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" on docks. in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia *2. -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" on docks. in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia *3. -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" on docks. in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia *4. -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" on docks. in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia *5. -Destroyer "Dubrovnik" after April war in Bay of Kotor - april 1941 -Destroyers "Dubrovnik" and "Beograd" in Bay of Kotor after April war - april 1941 -Destroyers "Dubrovnik", "Beograd" and one Italian destroyer in Bay of Kotor after April war - april 1941 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Yugoslav Royal destroyer "Beograd" Colorized by: Бојаџа -Destroyer "Beograd" in after April war in Bay of Kotor - 17 april 1941. -Another photo of destroyer "Beograd" after April war - 17 april 1941. -Destroyers "Zagreb" and "Ljubljana" (Beograd-class destroyer) in Split shipyards - construction. --Destroyers "Zagreb" and "Ljubljana" (Beograd-class destroyer) in Split shipyards - before the test drives. -Destroyer "Beograd" -Destroyer "Beograd" in Malta 1939 -Destroyer "Beograd"
  11. European destroyer tree

    *Here are some more photos you can use. -Destroyer Dubrovnik -Destroyer Dubrovnik in April war 1941. -King Alexander on the deck of the destroyer Dubrovnik on the way to the Marseille -Destroyer Dubrovnik in Split in October 1934 after the assassination of King Alexander in Marseilles. -Destroyer Zagreb (Beograd-class destroyer) in color
  12. European destroyer tree

    -Yugoslav Royal destroyer Dubrovnik will be ideal tier VII destroyer
  13. Royal Yugoslavian Navy Destroyer "Zagreb"

    You forgot the destroyer Dubrovnik who suggested on another theme to be tier 8. The destroyer Zagreb could be a premium tier 6. On another topic, Split suggested that it was level 9, but the version of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia with 5x1 140mm and 2x3 533 torpedoes, while Split serving in the Communist Yugoslavia, was weaker with 4x1 127mm and 1x5 533 torpedoes. Sorry for my English. I don't know English well :(
  14. Royal Yugoslavian Navy Destroyer "Zagreb"

    Boegrad class destroyers would be an ideal tier VI in the game. Destroyer Zagreb in April War. Destroyed destroyer Zagreb