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  1. Moorleiche2k

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    You got the point. Depending on the perspective..... Although i understand and usually share a higher level of abstraction, lots of people use a more emphatic approach. A good example is the different understanding of "Failure forgiving". I know ppl that simply cant do a certain job. No matter how hard they try. For those "Failure forgiving" does not equal laziness. Other ppl might realy understand "laziness", but there is the alternative with "convenience (....and easy)", which in my opinion covers lazyness better. I presented containers for reasons why ppl actually play BBs. For the none mutual exclusive answers i have chosen terms with different weightings. Btw TY for that many answeres. Some main reasons are crystallizing. Being a smartass.: While language can be more or less abstract, mathematics is the highest level of abstraction. There is no differentiation in levels of abstraction in mathematics. If a language reaches that level, it is called mathematics. Everything else is mutual exclusive.
  2. Moorleiche2k

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    Although i could breakdown all of the poll options to maybe 4-6 terms depending on the level of abstraction and even though the dictionary gives a precise definition of the terms, still many people see different nuances. Language is not mathematic.(un)luckily. For example "Time alive" and "More durable" dont share the trait of "tanking damage". "Convenience" and "Failure forgiving" dont share "Lazyness". And more aspects.
  3. Moorleiche2k

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    Thats a point which i should have add to the poll, although it is partially covered by superiority.
  4. Moorleiche2k


    I am not a BBaby - thats just....FAKE NEWS!!!
  5. Moorleiche2k

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    Well, i mostly play CVs and DDs (T6-T8). So, especially for CV, skill is required. Atm i am close to the T5 KM BB. And i have to admit, that playing team-oriented is not "that" easy with BBs. However, nothing in comparison to a CV. But both teamplay and skillfull play is rarely found within the community. Thus i am realy interested in the motivations of not only in BB-captians that play "skillfull" and "teamoriented", but also captains that have the mouse in one hand and a beer in the other (no, i dont add this option to the poll LOL).
  6. Psssst, you diminsh my chances to win the event. Whatever i actually win since it wont be the Kamikaze R or the 2000 Dublones as it is too much of grinding Seriously, based on the experiences with MM-balancing and the greed that dictates event- and MM design i would say that goes far beyond the design capabilities of WG. Dont expect a change. Sadly. Edit: I have chosen "Fire" exactly due to that "mathematical" issue.
  7. Moorleiche2k

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    As of the many BBs in the MM, tons of suggestions have been made to improve balancing, matchmaking and gameplay. However, without further knowledge why this class is so popular most suggestions are just based on assumptions. Therefore i created the poll to get a better understanding of the BB-captians motivations. My personal choice of ships circles more and more only on the aspect of "how to counter" BBs. I guess, that should not be the way ship selection is done. So before discussing any further "overhauls" a better insight is required. The amount of answers is restricted, as all answers somehow are valid. I have chosen the answers based on my imaginated understanding, why playing as a BB is that attractive, so it is somewhat "suggestive". Best regards (Hopefully i have set up the poll correctly)
  8. Moorleiche2k

    Carriers (Ballance and Gameplay)

    1. Most ppl want to play BBs due to superiority, forgiveness and convenience. Be consequent and remove everything beside BB's. 2. "I want to be able to strike everyone with impunity and dominate everyone else". WTF?! a) Def. Fire simply screws you over half the map on a single CA. Exaggerating a little bit, but still.....:If you insist on keeping Def. Fire, i insist on a "Gatling-Gun, Cal. 420mm" with Uranium ammunition. Autoaiming and automatically active for 2 minutes if a DD or CA is approaching. b) He is mostly comparing USN and IJN CVs. So the comment is out of place. In regards to the origianl post: No reason to restrict CV's to counter just a single class. a) Speedboat-BB's have no issues to evade torps, barbecue CA's and CV's. WIth special skills (e.g. KM secondiaries) or if cought unlucky even DD's. b) DD's potentially counter everything - based on player skill (heck, remove the player and skill!). c) CA, well.....They are victim to almost everything. Beside Air and Gunboats. I fully support that analysis, however, i guess nothing will change. We CV captains will most likely be forced to degenerate to BB-Kevins in the near future. Or quit playing
  9. Moorleiche2k

    Limiting number of BBs in a game to three max per team.

    Nooo. I just recently got my Ryujo, endured the T4-5 hell of no ALT-Attacks just to rip these pesky BB's apart!!! And it works!!! So dont take away my victims... Well, seriously. Though i agree, this is utopia. This game is called World of Battleships and no longer World of Warships. I shifted from cruiser to (Torp)DD's, then to Gunboats (Russian) just to understand that my RTS experience / training is best used with CV's to counter the BB-flood. And its fun to see BB-Kevins panic when my planes get into sight. At that point they are forced to move out of their comfort zone behind rocks.
  10. Moorleiche2k

    IJN T4-5 unplayable

    "Well, you still don´t provide facts. You tell me, why you don´t like the changes......,which are basically personal impressions......However, you don´t complain about this latest change for the reason and purpose of learning and player improvement, but because of the impression of a personal loss/handicap or change in your prefered playstyle." (Had to remove large parts of irrelevant sideinfos to point out your skeletal argumentation) 1. All opinions are personal impressions, but some are shared more often than others. With a higher degree of acceptance, the impressions are considered facts. 2. A fact is, that CV's have exactly one playstyle, Airplanes (I should consider scouting, capping, duelling BB's or DD's *cough*). So there is no personal or prefered playstyle as well as not a personal loss/handicap, but a global issue. The issue is simply the loss of Airplanes if you are inferior. No planes, no gameplay. 3. Air inferiority happens due to player inability or by design. USN fighters are superior to IJN by design, however with the strafing a good(!) player could compensate this design flaw. This compensation is no longer possible. Summarized: IJN are inferior by Design. Gameplay for IJN CV T4-5 is impossible without airplanes, which you likely loose very early vs USN CV t4-5. I bet my shaved back, that this personal impression is shared pretty often, so i dare to say its a fact (beside my personal impression). "i don´t understand the complains about the changes of tiers you won´t play (for long), anyway." Umgh, time? And actually i like to play, but not be sealclubbed by USN CV's. Furthermore, taken out of the game right away means little exp, which hamperes progression to the next tier, which means getting sealclubbed even more. "but i still won´t beleave you are not complaining about your favourite toy being taken from you" You don't have to as i am rushing to T7 and T9 where i intend to play. Up to you if you believe it. "Hiding something always leaves the impression, you don´t want others to see the truth." The truth, ehm? Hosho - played until Elite and used free exp to get the Airplane upgrades earlier. 42 matches, WR 38%, K/D 1,36 Zuiho - same as with Hosho. However i used free exp to progress to T6 after the sealclubbing if IJN CV's (=patch) began. Matches 50, WR 52%, K/D 2,67 Ryujo: Matches 45, WR 62%, K/D 8,4
  11. Moorleiche2k

    New trend: DDs now camping behind the BBs

    Why do ppl hide behind a BB and play egoistic. Why does the SF-nerf support this attitude even further? 1. Because its not about winning, its about gathering Exp for the next tier. And Exp-wise its more efficient to play aggressive, do damage etc instead of scouting and radomly hit one of the pesky speedboat-BBs every 2-3 matches with a single torpedo. As winning or not is most often not that much influencable, the egoistic approach is best suited. 2. Further more, stats. I personally dont look up stats, however its not me defining the random guys' behaviour. And many ppl just want to have stats as good as possible. The most valued ones are stats which they can influence. This does not include the outcome of a broken MM in a team of incompetent players, thus winrate is unimportant for most. Both points expect the DD to stay alive, which is why they give a **** on anyone else. And worst is, i can understand it.
  12. Moorleiche2k

    IJN T4-5 unplayable

    yes you are, here the correction ;). I try to rush through T4 and T5 and frequently get mad at the MM due to unfair setups. I cant stand easy wins or predictable losses. Furthermore, as "eliastion" has correctly stated, the strafing included the skill necessary to turn a guaranteed loss vs USN AA fighters into a possible win. It basically egalized the difference between the IJN and USN fighters. Now its actually what you call seal clubbing (whatever this means, must be sth like NoobBashing)) the IJN CVs. As a sidenote: I closed my profile due to ppl judging on numbers they dont understand. Even though my stats aren't bad at all. However, you won't see them nonetheless.
  13. Moorleiche2k

    Danke WG für Patch 13.3.7- jaaa ganz ehrlich!

    Geil. Einfach nur geil und auf den Punkt gebracht. Wenn Sie die Ironie nur mal nicht als Ironie sondern als tatsächliches Problem wahrgenehmen würden :/. Würde mal sagen, der Aprilscherz geht tendenziell eher nach hinten los.
  14. Moorleiche2k

    IJN T4-5 unplayable

    Simply as that, TY WG for nerfing IJN CV T4-T5 to oblivion by removing the "ALT" option. 1o1 IJN AA fighters vs USN AA are already inferior, now in 1o1 one cannot even use the ALT option to stay competitive. Further more, if the AA fighter setup is present on the USN CV, you are taken out of the game right from the beginning due to massive air inferiority of the IJN. In advance: Dont tell me to fight above / with the team: 1. Using your own argument: In these levels many new players are present that fell to the CV's pre-patch. Now they dont do, but the point is, they are still new and usually THEY dont play in team. 2. Once again your own argument: (Almost) no AA capabilities of T4-T5 ships, so no ground-based AA support possible. Realy amazing job *clapping*