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  1. JDredbull

    You need to do something about the hacks!

    No evidence then... just waffle
  2. JDredbull

    You need to do something about the hacks!

    Speaking of evidence, I am calling you out on this statistic, please provide evidence of how you arrived at this calculation (real evidence) none of this waffle from your own buried gas filled intestines... or GTFO
  3. JDredbull

    Poor players in high tier ships.

    Not everyone has the same abilities in life, some are not good at computer games, who are you to rant about that... you have left handed people, older people, intoxicated people, more relaxed people, all kinds of people, and they have every much the right as you to earn a better ship and be bad in the higher tiers as those who are good in higher tiers. so there
  4. JDredbull

    Destroyer visability bug

    well stuff me sideways look they are people who have a bug that the whole forum told me didn't exist
  5. JDredbull


    i don't remember being promoted to official troll status...
  6. JDredbull

    Paying for premium consumable

    got autosupply switched on ?
  7. JDredbull

    Want our money and run ? No you dont

    there is nothing really for this game that i would consider worth buying, if premium gave more than 1.5% i would have considered buying it...
  8. JDredbull


    Nah didnt read what you said, because i understand that the vast majority of the games, will have 4 carriers, and i also speak from plenty of CV experience of late, and was being arrogant in my stance, this all confessed, i assure you the best thing to have as a CV pilot is control of the air via fighter planes. now if you want to risk your team will win, then your personal score is better with less fighters, but thats a risk i prefer not to take myself. in fact piloting a CV is the only time i play as a team in this game, so i opt for the fighters in light of that, it helps more, much more... With the extra fighters, i can control the airspace to a degree i can prevent the bombers leaving the airspace of thier own carriers whilst carrying out bombing runs in total safety. the worse case scenario is when at the loading screen you discover your aircraft stats are down on the enemies because thats how important the fighters role is over the bombing role. clear skies needs 30planes, you have planes on other ships, spotters, etc..
  9. JDredbull


    its not hard to get 40kills with two fighter squads in the air, i get clear skys very often in CV, for starters, the other setup will often bring in the fighter as protection for two torp planes and a bomber, in many of my games, and whilst taking out the fighters often allows a few of those planes to drop i can also often take out the whole lot on the way home, thats 20planes there... now on a two CV vs two CV game, if everyone had the 2fighter setups, then its more of a wastage i guess, since if i bring two fighters and the other brings 1fighter squad, the 3 will take down almost any single squadron fast!! and if your team is not getting sunk, they more chance of winning meaning the XP is higher ratio by far the biggest tactic, or annoyance, depending how you look at things, for a CV pilot, is when both pilots understand the importance of having the shiops below the fight on your team for the extra AA support. and if your only flying a single fighter squadron then you really need to be using that tactic.
  10. JDredbull


    I can assure you that with a stronger fighter plane setup you will do much more for the team, since you can gain control of the airspace, and then eliminate the torps and bomber planes, if anything its the personal score that changes with the more fighters, not the team score.
  11. JDredbull

    Games boring, No longevity

    Maybe im missing the point that its all about a players stats, and since i dont give a dam about my stats, i dont get the full WOW experience ?>
  12. JDredbull

    Games boring, No longevity

    Its a pay to play game (free to play) is a term we all understand very well, and we all know that means there is premium content within and that content will cost money which either improves the position, overall experience, or both... Lets take the seaside for a second, good old fashioned SEGA, i still like sega, anyway they make lots of arcade machines, which are designed to make you want to put your coins in right, well i always think of these types of games like i do those arcade machines. If you want me too put the money in you got too make me look at the screen as i walk past and stop enough to care. And many do just that. Well this game and other pay to play also do the same thing, i watch the trailers, look at the game footage and go ooO!! let me download this... thats it... the only thing left for me too do now is too continue playing the same maps, same ships, same mode, same everything, thats boring... There is no storyline as such, there is no end game, or goal, so there is essentially no point, and buying a new ship is hardly as entertaining as buying a whole new game experience on steam for a fraction of the price. So in a game that is designed to make me want to spend money on it, its gotta to be exciting for longer than a month... Dont get me wrong i could fire it up right now and have a laugh for a few rounds, but... why bother lol
  13. JDredbull

    Games boring, No longevity

    not my job i leave that to the developers and the beta testers, but i aint got too much hope since between those groups this is all we got anyway....
  14. JDredbull

    Games boring, No longevity

    Yea that calendar looks pretty dull dont it, i just play other games more often, and yes burnt out, play lots, average 100hrs per week at games, still boring game after a few weeks, not good !! PS yes expect them to add more maps because i asked, very much expect !!
  15. JDredbull

    Games boring, No longevity

    My name has nothing too do with the subject matter, and not that its any of your business at all, but i don't drink at all (i dont even like it in my cooking) nor do i take drugs, or indulge in legal highs, and OVanBruce obviously understands, and furthermore Crnivrag makes a totally bizarre comment in the shape of surely a game should offer more than a months entertainment. There are also other threads that offer detailed information suggesting or indeed proving that the player base is in a constant state of decline to the point that at present only half the original amount of players remain active in some form. I don't think that my point is spam or intoxicated rubbish, One could possibly argue that i may be complaining i suppose, as for it only being a single incomprehensible sentence describing the problem, what else can be said... There are two sections of the game which do okay in my view, the first of those is the feeling that a player gets when their obtain a new ship, the following game can be a delight you have a new boat and it feels good for a couple of rounds despite being on the same old tired maps its different for a while. Second example is during battles you get a degree of enjoyment, and its there for sure. but long term speaking these are only small benefits, as i see things, the only route development seems to be taking is selling us more ships to which there are a few giddy players who go "whoooo" "i buy that for a dollar", but mostly people say "another stupid package" so... Yea no longterm benefits at all, game gets boring, it has got boring, do something about it !!