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  1. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    You're way off point! I'm not bragging about 1st or 2nd place, although it´s satisfying! Just trying to explain that, if I play khabarovsk wrong, whats the justification for those performances (1st or 2nd!)! Just like to make it clear that, for me, the most important is the team win! I didn't want khabaravsk to be a gunboat with torps! I'm saying that she was a gunboat with torps..... and I added that she wasn't that anymore, since nerf! Fact! I pass attempts of moral judgement... thanks!
  2. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    When you say I was playing the ship wrong, you surely forgot that I said that I was satisfied with my performance, being 1st or 2nd best in team in lots of battles! I see that for some people, what matters is to play it right (whatever that means!).... not to win!! If every player plays a ship the right way.... becomes boring, non surprising! I played khabarovsk like a gunboat that has torps.... now I can't!
  3. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    No I don't have the torp reload skill, but I don´t have the long range AA/guns. I invested in stealth and some survivability. The ship was not all about guns, before last update, and I was satisfied with that. Got some withereres, high calibers and confederates and was often best or 2nd best in team. Now, almost without torps, this ship is all about guns! My captain is not optimal anymore! When I made choices, never crossed my mind WG was going to do this! That was really a paradigm shift! Just as an example, shimas main strengths are torps and stealth. If WG would nerf shimas guns range, maybe some players would have to invest in the long range AA/guns, so they could use them in smoke, etc! Maybe some would have to sacrifice radio location or other extras!
  4. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    Thanks all for your replies.
  5. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    If I knew WG was going to do this, I would invest in diferent captain skils and ship upgrades... thats a fact.
  6. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    10 km range torps, with full concealement, allows to atack without revealing your position. Thats useful when you have low HP, when your outnumberd, to scare enemies and limit their options, etc. I have about 25% kills with torps and 75% with guns, don´t know about damage but shouldn't be far from that. With this nerf, I loose about 25% of my ofensive capabilities! I have the right to have my way o playing Kabarovsk, and more than half my games I become top 1 or 2 best player in team. I was satisfied with that! I'm no super player but I was happy with my performance with Kabarovsk! I use smoke instead of repair. With 6 km range torps I lose many of that and my captain is not optimal anymore! If there is only one way of playing Kabarovsk, thats boring!
  7. bikler

    nerfed kabarovsk

    Thats a crime what WG did to Kabarovsk. 6 km range torps in tier 10 have no use! This mistake is a dramatic shift in the characteristics of the ship and so the captains abilities are no longer optimized! When well played, Kabarovsk was a great ship, now is the weakest tier 10 ship! Until WG undo this mistake, I will no longer play my Kaba!
  8. Thanks.However I think that is an exaggeration to hit 76 times and do 0 damage, an cause only one fire (I forgot to mention that at 1st).
  9. Just hit a Amagi 76 times with my North Carolina secondaries and no damage was inflicted. In the other hand my ship was severely damaged by Amagi's secundaries!! How is this possible?
  10. bikler

    Weather Feedback

    Changing weather conditions is great. The reduced visibility opens the possibility for the hunted become hunter. The wining team can, suddenly, start loosing...
  11. bikler

    Maps Feedback

    I like the new maps. From time to time, the developers should introduce new maps. The changing weather conditions is welcome, in my opinion. The reduced visibility is great, opens possibility of hunted become hunter...
  12. bikler

    Shell & Ship Sinking Animation Feedback

    Its always fun to see new animations... I like them. The Titanic sinking style is... dramatic!
  13. bikler

    Public Test General Feedback

    Can,t log in. 22 april 13:03 local time (Portugal)