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    i dont think buddy with every small update i can tell diference before and after. So you think am lying its that it?
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    Next time i go to game i will show you
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    my get much worst broo
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    Nop buddy yes it has broo
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    Nop buddy
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    Here goes things: 1. Recently i buy Sharnhorst and first 3 days everything being ok after that i dont know what you doo my secondary wont automaticly fire if i manualy dont set them. 2. you with your small update worstened dispersion of shots ( nerfed) and every ship i love you destroyed. 3. Your MM is disaster fighting constantly against 2 tiers up its not enjoable anymore fix first game then add new stuff. Regards
  7. srbski_vuk

    I didnt find right spot i put here

    Dear WG developers this is my first and last warning to you guys Stop mesing with my acount every time when i write somenthing on your blog you mees with ym acount thats 5 time in this year ...... next: you ruined alredy game with last 10 updates you destroyed my favorit IJN DDs because of people who dont wana to avoid torps, second: you suck totaly what developer who created Tanks know about ships..... third: why you asking for personal information in your survey?
  8. srbski_vuk

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    i wana complain about today update you put WG its disaster why you mesing with my Gneisanau and others ship dispersion? Before today update he have solid dispesion and today after your update DISASTER... why you doing wrong things to us players? Why you nerf Jap DD to below ground, 8 and 10 km on IJN DD comon gime a break you dont understand anything you only listen players who can buy and rest who dont you dont care literaly you experimenting on human thats not alowed i demand historicly acurate IJN trees and not your piece of crap ,im so pised off, how can US DD have low concealment compare to IJN DD ,torps are beter on US than IJN its totaly wrong and oposite and more thing properly compesate .. bulshit... TOTAL NERF ON IJN TREES...... why i have to deal again with Hatsuharu who is pain in but to buy again hull B and rest to reserch when i before update have him like elite ship? I demand PROPERLY COMPESATE for all players who have Fubuki,kagero,hatsuharu who are mostly efect by your update.