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  1. I present the Confederación de Fuerzas Navales Hispanas: A community of clans and Spanish-speaking players from both the EU and NA servers. One project in which several clans have been working for a very short time in order to unite the maximum number of clans, players and as not good companions for this magnificent game that we like so much. We all know the unfortunate situation of the "community" in this game, almost everyone has talked about it many times and what do we do to change this? nothing.. Well here you have the solution, let's join together, all clans together. A united community and not under the mandate of a single person who overcomes the verse punishes anyone who gets in his way, not all with the same name because we are all proud of the name of our houses. Everyone in the confederation, each one of his house, but all under the same flag, all paddling in the same direction to make this community in which each and every one of you feels proud and identified, without selfishness, without grudges. .. only fellowship, brotherhood and fraternity. That is why I invite you to be part of this new NEUTRAL community in which no one will be forced to do anything, whoever wants to offer their welcome help will be but because one comes out of it, not because it is imposed! It's just about adding and following! That said we hope to have planted the first seed of change, the first seed of the revolution! Thank you very much everyone for your attention and we are waiting for you in the confederation! Greetings to all comrades! Get in touch with our by private message no matter if you have a clan or not we will help you in whatever it takes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retro [Revolution] Flyer by Dr_DiDi
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    Gran iniciativa Wachi magnífica idea ;) a ver que tal sale! y como no esperando más noticias con muchas ganas! saludos a todos camaradas!