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  1. AccidentalDischarge

    Space Battles

    From my point of view, space ships are totally unnecessary in this game. Complete waste of time. Not playing this.
  2. AccidentalDischarge

    A Question

    That means when base(single one) needs to be defended, most aren`t there. It means that everyone tries to cap a base, without plan. It means that most players cant play maps, they just drive and shoot, and sink in few minutes. It means that 95% of all players i ve seen playing cruisers, have no idea how to play cruiser. It means that probably 80% of all BB players camp in the back, trying to get an ultimative citadell hit, while everything around them collaps. And so on and so on. All these things you have seen prolly as well. Mostly a match start looks like this. Generally..No sense of direction.
  3. AccidentalDischarge

    A Question

    I said this before, and i won`t repeat. I am not interested in stats. Not yours or mine. What matters is winning. But i guess you are one of those brainless lemmings, which means, you are 1 of the 90% of players here :)
  4. AccidentalDischarge

    A Question

    Hmm... the only answer so far which makes sense. Thanks. I guess this may be the sad truth behind/inside all those brainless lemmings i have seen in game so far.
  5. AccidentalDischarge

    A Question

    I dont care about stats. Mine or yours. Those are for american football.
  6. AccidentalDischarge

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    Sure... Only players are needed who can play cruisers. I see mostly [edited] and muppets, although i saw players with brain playing cruiser, but those are only 10 % of game population.
  7. AccidentalDischarge

    A Question

    Why are so many idiots and [edited] in this game? Without any basic tactical or even common sense? Thanks
  8. AccidentalDischarge

    Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    BS..... Newbies watch your video, and think that most important thing in match is to do damage, and who gives a f..k about anything else. And then people wonder, why they play 20 matches in a row, losing each one of them. Only because most players play cruisers wrong, because most players CAMP in their BBs, because you can blame CV player for anything that goes wrong. But DAMAGE focus? Horse...t
  9. AccidentalDischarge

    Suggestions thread

    Either remove limitation on reports, or unlimit them. I mean reporting someone for "misbehaviour" in chat is a complete failure. I guess i could report anyone, randomly, and woop, he becomes a ban. Btw, what happens anyway if i report someone for "playing poorly" ????? Also a problem. I could report the best in team for that, and what is the consequence?
  10. Very good explanation and guideline. Just like you said, it is sometimes an ungrateful job playing a carrier. What bothers me most is when you play a Tier 6 CV, and you need to attack Tier 8 ships.... Before you even reach the ship, all your bombers are almost down....(freaking BR mess in this game ) Nevertheless, you nailed it, and not many players can play this ship right.
  11. AccidentalDischarge

    Reports should be increased

    Give us ability to report more players for their INABILITY to Play appropriate. Thanks.