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  1. Defik_2015

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    I was very close to finish PR as you guys: 34,5 of 36 finished and price left to buy is 15k doublons (I have 6k boost bought already). I hoped I can do it as I'm playing a lot but after this my outcome is like this: - Never ever play such event again. WG went absolutely bananas with this idea. - Waste of a lot of money, flags, doubloons and camos for crap rewards. I wasted more flags then received and more money then I could make, because: - Most of the mission I had to play was in co-op battles (to save a time and make required ribbons) which I hate because they are dumb. Going with a ship forward asap, make required ribbons, for example 10 cits / torps at 1 game and die fast to play another game with other ship, for example 7200 ribbons for secondary badges (at least you can get up to few hundreds per battle if enemy will not die to soon). Keep swapping around ships to make multiple directives simultaneously. Making some ribbons on Random battles are just ta waste of time - take 4 times longer. - Even a win in co-op battles gives you lost of the money and tiny XP - Playing with a ships I didn't wanted to play but I had to to make directive - Didn't receive a ship 34,5 / 36 - I'm not going to buy this or any other ship ever because of this event. - I have 450+ premium days bought as my reward for a game but this event make me so sad and angry that my support for it ends with it. No more cash at all.
  2. Defik_2015

    every day a detonation?

    I played 5 times with DD today. 3 x khabarovsk, 2 x shimakaze. ALL MY GAMES finished with detonation of my ship. ALL OF THEM.
  3. I can log in, but I am unable to start any battle. After pressing' Battle' button wows spinning icon appears for 5 - 10 sec and then I'm back in the port. It is happening from today