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  1. Black0rchid

    server interruptions, 19h

    And still ongoing issues.........
  2. Black0rchid

    server interruptions, 19h

    And still ongoing issues.........
  3. Black0rchid

    server interruptions, 19h

    Same Problem...... Someone beter feed the Hamsters and bring some more in as it looks like the Xmas event has brought to many people in ....
  4. If it was even worse the ship would have a big downside.
  5. Well, first compliments to the OP for the well written post. On the subject, I honestly disagree with the argument that the smol is utterly unbalanced and OP. In fact if it was so even the potatoes would be carrying games in it or even making a huge impact In game, which and I think that by reading all the posts so far we can all agree is not the case. In fact the only thing I would change in the smol would be the retarded AA as it requires no skill and is way to powerfull for a passive skill... And even that would be a small change. Ships with the smol characteristics are OP in the eyes of the player base by nature and when properly played by a division can make a game look imbalanced, but if you take a division of minotaur with a cv or even a Worcester with a cv.... Same thing happens. Belfast was considered OP, kutuzov was deemed OP.... And well... Here we go again. In all honesty I believe the problem still lies in the player base and not in the ships themselfs. I don't think a player with an avrg damage of 20k and a 30% wr in a kurfurst has a place in random batles at tier 10. Now if you consider that there are whole teams of 30 ish wr and 40k avrg dmg being thrown in game with you in the middle, frustration can take over quickly and we tend to blame the ships instead of the brainless players. Wargamming should have made 2 more co op modes a long time ago. Those 2 additional co op modes should be increasingly harder being that the last one would have similar rewards to random. Only after achieving a certain WR and avrg dmg would new players be allowed to go onto tier 9 and 10. This would however hurt the business plan a little as it would probably trim down the population of high tiers but would certainly help improve gameplay and most certainly empty the high tier bots. So in the end I think that is not as much a ship problem as I think it is a match making problem and a players skill problem.
  6. Black0rchid

    Smart wg smart

    Anyone that claims that smolensk is op clearly has no clue to what OP is. You have a very similar ship in the regular line that no one says is op or complains about... Yest I am talking to the Merican lovers here... The Worcester. The only diference between them is the smoke. I honestly can t understand people with nerfing mentality, whenever a ship comes that breaks the rules of the "usual playstyle" they pick up the pitch forks and start crying Nerfffffff!!! LEARN TO PLAY AND STOP CRYING! It's been like that since game started, and some of the worst game changes were nerf induced by players crying.
  7. Black0rchid

    WG - Something has to give....

    At one point wargamming had the delusion that world of warships would be a great competitive game. However they forgot something that is very important in any competitive game... Skill! Even the best players in the best teams can have very very bad games, lack of skill? NO, just good old RNG. If RNG can make good players look bad and terrible players look great, what challenge is there? Another factor is the lack of stability and the lack of a long plan regarding the ships, the skills and their placement in Game. Each update the game evolves, and it should be so, however it makes no sense to constantly rebalance the ships and change them to suit a new meta. 2 simple examples from the past are the shimakaze rebalance and the kabharosk rebalance.... Both of them were nerffed to the ground. In the first case the ship was not op neither was it on top of wr or dmg.... However the skill less BB cried and cried until it was nerffed to the ground. Then the Khabarosk, nerffed for the same reason and still not recovered. Then we can talk about the year of the Cv.... And we all see how that went. I shiver In fear just thinking about the submarines... In the end if skill based missions were implemented, I bet no one at wg headquarters would be able to beat them at first try.... And that is my opinion having played this game since beta. And that is the game problem.