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  1. Black0rchid


    I am still laughing after reading the 8.3 patch notes. Really ? More nerfs to the already BAD CV'S ? I am not a CV main ... but I pitty the few CV players that are still in the game. BTW @Crysantos could someone from Wargamming please Explain why the captain retraining and the module exchange for free was removed while the CV's are still being changed? Why wasn't it done after they reach a final version? And if we ever stop playing test server on the live servers and the CV's reach the final version will there be a captain retrain again?
  2. Black0rchid

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    And completely retarded dispersion. Conqueror has been silently nerffed a couple times, people are only now starting to realize it.....
  3. Black0rchid

    1 month left to play.RTS CV

    The main problem with CVS is what has been the problem with the game itself from start, that being randomness and rng. If you have a cla ship that is not AA speced and you run into a cv you are probably in trouble. Now if you have a whole team like that, you are surely in trouble. Ship AA should never be a choice. It isn't like captains before going with the ship to war wuld actually choose between hidro and defensive AA. The same thing is applied to carriers, players should be able to adapt the airplane load out in game and not be stuck to what they chose in port. Another thing that was done completely wrong was the fact that each carrier line had a specialty, and when played by a well versed player a certain line would stomp the other line denying it the movement and in some extremes even the ability to play. The icing on the cake is the fact that war gaming decided to add ptw carriers that are so far away from their counterparts in game that even a brain dead player could use them successfully. With the rework this should be solved, however and once again, wargamming has shown us how to poorly handle things. I am not a fan of the new style of gameplay, in fact I Believe it is as detached from the normal gameplay as rts was. Having said that, I Expected wargaming to at least take its time and not release a half cooked version of what I should be. But guess we will have to wait and see how much this new carriers will break the game now... I still think they will bring even more imbalance than the previous interaction.... We will see.
  4. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Nope I edited it because I don't have any programs to crop in this computer and that screen has info that is not relevant to the conversation at hand. Eitherway ....another troll atempt failled. But keep trying you will get it eventually. Btw I don't give a flying crap about the WR. That is not why screen got removed. The fact is I have made it so easy but in the last 4 posts you made, its only personal atempt atacks ......nothing regarding the subject at hand :) You are right I am the one with an empty argument and making it easy. The simple fact that in both the classes talked here I have more games played than you in all the classes should speak for itself. Not to mention the rest of the ships. Anyway, what I can tell you is that what you proposed makes no sense in the current state of the Game....it is what it is....but I guess that in your great game experience you think otherwise.
  5. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Are you for real? Comon mate I can see you are limited but is that the best you have? Keep trying. Now any other arguments regarding the issue at hand or are you going to try and make it personal so everyone else doesn t see beyond your obvious limitations? You are the Typical BB player. Ok so let me see if I understand you. What you are actually stating with this is that the Danger DD's pose to BB's is not torps but the guns......and the fact that BB's are spoted by DD's. Is that what you are saying? That is what I assume by you stating that both Hydro and a spoter plane do not counter a DD. And I am the one with an agenda? Comon get real man. Just look at what you wrote. What we are talking here is BB needing a buff after the dmg reduction to the damage they deliver to dd's with ap. So unless you have something usefull .........
  6. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    You are not even good at trolling...try again pls. Well that is why I say what I say. People need to learn to use the tools.... Hydro, the tool used to spot torps, speacilly torps from stealth DD's. And yes those are the biggest menace to retard BB's.Think before you judge and try to make others look like fools. Or are you actually stating that a shima will kill a BB by shooting it and burning it down? Spoter plane serves 2 purposes to spot dd's and to spot torps.......comon rly do I need to explain this? Or do I need to make a drawing on how things work so you understand. Oh wait you don't want to understand because that is how you actually make a point valid.
  7. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    You are quite wrong, I am not raging I am just happy that for once wargamming did a change for the beter. You don't have a diferent opinion, you have a Biased unfounded opinion wich is quite diferent. As I have said several times in other threads people like you are dangerous not because they know but because they don't and they think they know. If wargaming listens to people like you the current game situation will only decline even more. My first tier X ship in this game 3 years ago was a Shimakaze followed by Yamato and Hindenburg. I also have both carriers tier X. So unlike you I know what I am talking about because I have played them all regulary and know how they work. So as I have said there is no need to buff anything, Batleship players need to start using the BRAIN. Batleships need to adapt the comander builds to be able to deal with the new situation. Batleships need to learn to team play, they are not the end them all they once were. They have a legitimate counter, as do Cruisers as do Destroyers. So no mater how much you cry and how much you whine about it you will simply not be right in the end. Destroyers can be countered in so many ways in game that they became the hardest class to be well played. They can be countered by Spoter Planes, Radar, Hydro. Batleships can only be countered by unspoted torps and other batleships. Cruisers take to long to delete a Batleship and in most cases if it is a one on one situation 90% of the cruisers get blapped. So in the end and no mater how well you dress it Batleships need a hard counter and if you ask me this small ajustment hardly makes a diference for a good Batleship player. Wargamming should go even further, they should nerf the concealment and the dispersion of Batleships......and the ruder shift. It makes no sense at all that a batleship can out turn a Cruiser or even a DD. It makes no sense that a batleship has more concealment than a Cruiser and in some cases a concealment close to a DD. It is ridiculous. I can't see a downside to a Batle ship other than the reload or the turret transverse ....and even that is almost as bad as some of it's lesser peers. So yeah ... as said in other threads .... evolve and adapt to the new reallity, if its to much ....CO OP is also a thing to look into.
  8. Black0rchid

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    Stop crying and learn to play. I think it was expected for BBabys to start come whining to the forums ....but the arguments presented are really poor. OMG OMG OMG ! I can't one shoot a DD that is charging me anymore ! I cant play my solo game anymore I actually need the other players to help me...... FFS ppl just go back to co op.
  9. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    This is the reason why we are were we are today. You are actually using bad players as an example on how the game should be changed to suit them. Is it so hard to understand once and for all that DD'S ARE NOT TO BE ONESHOT BY BATLESHIPS... That is the reason BATLESHIPS HAVE SECONDARY'S and THAT IS WHY WE HAVE CRUISERS. If you actually think the game is to hard, go into CO OP batle. It's getting tiresome to read the argument over and over again about how low IQ players are having problems with the new META. It's ridiculous that after so much time playing you are still clueless as to what a BATLESHIP was made for and what it should be doing in GAME. The simple fact that after so many pages of people trying to explain to you how stupid the previous meta was you are still trying to defend it... Really, stick to CO OP, that is the reason it exists, to accommodate players that don't want to be bothered with thinking. You actually went as far as to say that a BB salvo does less Damage than a Cruiser......ARE YOU FOR REAL?
  10. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    And Finally someone makes some sense ......
  11. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Well ... nowadays you see them in BB as well. Eitherway, CV 's nowadays are hyped because of the CV rework. I have been in CV games 85% of the time lately. So meh.
  12. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    You can get offended by my posts or even disappointed, however that does not change the state of the Game and the state of the player population. Battleships have been dumbed down for the past 2 years. you know as well as I do that the game was based on Rock Paper and scissors mechanic. At the game launch you had reasonably balanced classes, they might have needed a few tweaks but far from what we have today. You have a class that was so heavily buffed that it could kill the 3 classes and dominated the whole game. The ruder shift was buffed to the point that some batleships can dodge 6/7 km torps, survivability was buffed, secondaries were buffed .... and we have Batleships that were launched more recently that have a beter concealment than a Cruiser.in fact some even rival with the Kabharosk. That is ridiculous! Meanwhile we saw the generalization of radar and Hydro, those that don't have it have spotter plane, being that the only exception to this is the Conqueror and we all know that the only Achilles heal it has is DD's. So in the end, and to sum it up, all the Buffs given to BB's have only contributed to players that have no clue on what to do ... continuing to play just like they did when they started. We saw the number of BB's increase to insanity, and it's completely normal to see 3/4 BB each side in each game when the game was clearly not designed to be like that. BB's still sail broadside on to the enemy from one side of the map to the other......because they can! Why should BB's be the lowest skill requirement class? Makes no sense to me. A DD can be killed by Cruisers and BB's, it can be sppoted from 11 km away by radars, the torpedoes can be seen in water from KM's away and even smoke is currently broken allowing ships to shoot into it with Virtually no dispersion. I have lost count on the number of times I have been killed or critically hit in a DD while in smoke...not shooting and not stopping. A BB can delete a Cruiser in one salvo, however the same cruiser or even a DD will have to shoot in average between 100 and 300 shells to take down the battleship. Does this make sense? So yeah, it's about time Wargamming actually started requiring BB players to actually pay attention to their position in the map and the relative position of their team. Lonely Batleships will now be a preferred target for DD's. It's about time BB players started to spec their ships according to their weaknesses and not according to what fits the general population. Concealment expert shouldn't have been a major skill for a BB from start .... unless you are in a Conqueror (and it trades that off with the ability to have hydro/radar/spotter plane). The rest of the BB's should not have it, maybe this way the BB player will start to think of the good points and bad of the ship they are specking before they actually take a build. One thing we both agree, the skill gap between good players and bad will certainly increase.....and that is a good thing. Hoppefully economy will push bad players out of high tiers. I have a dream! A dream that in a tier 10 game we will not have teams with 33% avrg WR and 40k avrg damage!
  13. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Maybe learning to deal with them? Using the brain? Specing the ship the. Right way instead of going for concealment expert? Making secondary build and longer range torp a spec mandatory for BB? So many possibility. If they decide to stop playing..... They will not be missed, that I can assure you :) Now keep crying over the bb nerf.....
  14. Black0rchid

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Unlike the OP I don't see this as a DD dumbing down, I see this as an increased IQ requirement for BB players. If memory does t fail me BB have received buffs in one form or other on the past 2 years. The level of brain dead BB players has been contributing to the level of gameplay we currently see. So yeah its time there is a minimum IQ requirement for players. This is a step in the right direction.
  15. Black0rchid

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Big bad meanie hurt your feelings :( poor lad, are you going to cry now?