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  1. AdmiralCollingwood

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Because they are resilient to any form of critic, except it pleases them, may it be constructive or not. It helps that they really seem to believe what they are keeping telling us. It also seems that they like to make new problems instead of fixing old. Ofc they have also an attitude towards the customers, which shows in the videos they sometimes show -I dont really like it. Remember that:"Pride goes before the fall."!
  2. First of all, I would prefer a personal conversation (ts3?) if you have some time, but as it will not happen here some more thoughts. Thx for your time anyway. And well done on skipping some important answers. You earned my respect.
  3. My impression is, they simply do not care about anything we say! They blind themselves, and even contradict their own reasons, just like they do now! Old saying says - "Who has no work -makes work for themselves ! - But seeing this I think - IT WILL NOT WORK THIS TIME! It is amazing how they keep shooting into their own feet. Or using another picture - cutting off the tree they sit on. I wished there was a hotline to call, but there isn`t anything like that! I am not going to waste more of my lifetime for ignorant people, who do not care what the community thinks!
  4. AdmiralCollingwood

    Waterline: Episode 3.1 + 3.2 - Discussion Thread

    What about reimbursement of carrier premium camouflages and moduls in carriers ? And some dubloons as well for Captains retraining / ship change ? Honesty I dont think, I want to play world of warplanes. I just hope you keep a backup of current carrier play . Just in case playerbase sinks to 0 % - using carriers - though submarines might do instead. No control over the ship while planes are up. Not knowing who would enjoy such a CV game mode over time; I just think the change is kind of strange. I dont think, that the amount of information given, requires so much time ... maybe shorter next time ? And just as an extra idea for those with ( premium )carriers - maybe offer them steal for a certain ships in Arsenal too.
  5. 1.Die Flak ist eigentlich egal wenn die Flieger nicht mehr zurück kommen müssen. 2. Ist, meiner bescheidenen Meinung nach, genauso sinnfrei wie die vollständige Überarbeitung. Da wären ganz andere sachen in Ordnung zu bringen, bevor man daran geht. 3. Bloß gut dass da jemand was gesucht hat. Es wird auf lange Sicht zu eintönig sein! Dann lieber das Interface von wowp ? Oder doch besser beim alten Modell bleiben! P.S. Das ganze "Konzept" erscheint mir fehlerhaft! Die vollständige Ortungsmechanik (RPF geteilte sicht) ist eher ... fragwürdig?
  6. So auf welcher Grundlage basiert es denn? Über 1,5 Stunden Stream mit einem Inhalt für 5 Minuten? Und die erste Demo war bescheiden. Wenn ich weiß, dass ich Bugs drinne habe brauch ich es nicht testen! Die Steuerung des Trägers ist nicht vorhanden. Es gibt keine Möglichkeit des Ausweichens ... die Typen der Entwicklung "denken" - nun wissen wäre besser, aber es ist ja nicht genug Zeit vorhanden das eigene Produkt zu testen. Keine der angekündigten Entscheidungen ist vollständig rational nachvollziehbar, immer davon ausgehend, dass die Übersetzung stimmt. Schade eigentlich.
  7. Was nur passieren kann wenn er nicht mit der eigenen Mannschaft zusammenspielt. Es tut mir leid aber es sind nicht die Träger sondern das mangelnde Zusammmenspiel! Aber das wird ja noch durch Aufträge forciert.
  8. AdmiralCollingwood

    Portal comments are dead – long live the forums!

    I dont like to use the forum very much, nor will I use reddit. I wonder which experience you were talking about. Right - its deleted noone knows ? Sometimes, the forum seems to be out of order (not working) . You took the chance away to correct wrong translations, or refer ot the english page !!! It might bring people to ignore your "news" in general in future too . And GC doesn't seem to work on every system properly (Omega out).
  9. AdmiralCollingwood

    Portalkommentare adé! Lang lebe das Forum!

    siehe "Forumsregeln" ...
  10. AdmiralCollingwood

    AA Build Bouge / Independance

    Sink the rest and try only secondaries against cv? Why would you strike him anyway - not your job in first place.
  11. AdmiralCollingwood

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You should read the forum entries about the Minekaze .... following their logic .... free camouflage for mutsuki should have been given ... for players who had it on minekaze .... but they did not! Not even considered to give the dublons for retraining the captains nor retraining the captains skills.
  12. AdmiralCollingwood

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You can not say that you are not justifying anything .... but with stating your opinion according that issue - you actually did. Who was treated harshly ? Tuccy ? As far as I can read ... the answers which Tuccy gave are .... harsh and kind of naughty too. Nope - not your English but your twisted answers .... which seem to contradict themselves at some parts.
  13. AdmiralCollingwood

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I do not think that would be useful ... according to their support policy ... if you remember the split of IJN DD LIne - useless captains with wrong skills - and more. Nothing was changend.
  14. AdmiralCollingwood

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    No comment to your first statement -exept one - it is impossible to do. Second - are you drunk ? Which good decision did they do ? (and there you go defending them) [just remmeber IJN DD screw up] You confuse me - who was attacked ? I'd love to remind you that they (WG) want to earn money - no way that it can be done by insulting their customers - like they do now. There is also no chance by trying to treat them bad. If they start to act like adults should do ... the rest shouldn't be that hard.
  15. AdmiralCollingwood

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I do not know who I like less .... a guy payed for sth. which seem to be lies or a guy making less intelligent assumptions ? I guess the second. Tuccy is not right (at all points), but honestly you both seem to be as bold as brass. Am I wrong ? You said "Offers are tailored to markets in all industries." That might be the case ... as long as one implies they have no chance to get information whether it could be ujnder better conditions." Otherwise it leads usually to a situation, where customers get upset and feel betrayed. (edited for explaining reasons) Are you getting payed for your "gentle" words ? Sure teamkilling is no solution ... but giving no support might be the proper one. How this ends up ? WG (Europe) is waiting for yesman .... maybe they are the mainforce in europe ... but I truely do not hope so.