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  1. Seargent_Nigel

    Jean Bart B bundled with Jean Bart mission?

    The description in the 'Armoury ad' is extremely misleading and has the inference that you will also get the combat mission stated. You say that the mission is only for the 'regular JB' yet the inference never the less is still there in the Armoury ad that the JB Black would get the foresaid mission, if it does not then with the wording that WG has used in that particular instance it would breech the law put down by the ASA and you would be perfectly entitled to your money back if required. This is of coarse UK advertisement regulations for adverts placed in the UK, WG being registered in another country and placings ads on the internet may be covered in a different way?
  2. Seargent_Nigel

    Jean Bart B bundled with Jean Bart mission?

    In the Armoury it definitely states (JB as the example) "owners of this bundle will receive a special mission" - The bundle they are referring to is the Black Jean Bart, there is 'NO' mention that this mission is for any other variant other than the Black Jean Bart. Whether it states something else on another page is irrelevant as the Armoury advert does not guide/inform you in any way of any other conditions applied to this sale via the Armoury advert. They have clearly slipped up with their wording in the Armoury advert if they only intended to limit this mission to the standard JB and as such anyone who has bought the JB through the Armoury is entitled to have the mission stated, if not WG are in breech of advertising regulations.
  3. Seargent_Nigel

    Jerzy Świrski in armoury date?

    Does anyone have an idea when commander Jerzy Świrski will be available in the armoury to obtain?
  4. Seargent_Nigel

    Some personal thoughts on Kansas

    Boring! - will it be possible to sell it?
  5. Seargent_Nigel

    KOTS mission

    Okay I think I understand this?? (not) - I am just needing 2 more items for the complete set and have watched the stream today Saturday - but got nothing? - do I have to watch tomorrow Sunday as well? How are they giving you the final 2 KOTS items - is it via Twitch drop? How long time wise do you have to watch the KOTS competition stream in order to get something?
  6. Seargent_Nigel

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.8

    Okay - thanks read that. So 'Battle tokens' give you nothing else other than the opportunity to play in asymmetric battles of tier 7 & 8 - am I reading that right?
  7. Seargent_Nigel

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.8

    What do 'Battle tokens' get you? --- I see you can earn them but nothing to exchange them for?
  8. Seargent_Nigel

    Soviet tokens - anything other than Mikoyan etc

    Okay thanks - so the only useful item I can see to spend the Soviet tokens I have, would be the premium time. as I have plenty signals & credits.
  9. Hi - just wondered what else other than Mikoyan etc or signals or credits you can get for the soviet tokens if you don't want any of the items mentioned? Would like Tallin or Riga but don't want to get the Mikoyan and follow the path to get to them? - will there be another way to get these tier 8 Russian Cruiser ships? Thanks
  10. Seargent_Nigel

    Why is Seattle in game?

    Oh forget it your missing the point of my question, wish I'd not asked! Thanks to those that answer sensibly and understand the question anyhow.
  11. Seargent_Nigel

    Why is Seattle in game?

    I probably do perhaps play her wrong - I'm not really wanting help on how to play her, just want to know why has WG put a ship i.e. the Seattle at T9 when she has such poor stats?
  12. Seargent_Nigel

    Why is Seattle in game?

    I can appreciate that and I'm probably not playing it very well - but what I am asking is why is there such a ship with poor stats at T9? - surely it belongs at a lot lower tier just on its stats alone - never mine how poorly I may play it. Even when you come up against a T7 dd, the dd can generally annihilate it.
  13. Seargent_Nigel

    Why is Seattle in game?

    Can someone please tell me why is there a Seattle in the game at T9? - or in the game at all for that matter. It must have some redeeming features but I have yet to discover them? - please enlighten me. Its not fast Its slow firing No armour to call anything Damage dealt is pathetic Its got Radar but if you use it , it means that you'll also soon be spotted as its detection rate is also hopeless, soon as your spotted your a goner.
  14. Seargent_Nigel

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    T8 with T10 is ridiculous when they match T8 DD's along with T10 Battleships & Cruisers - the T8 DD's are out of the game almost immediately. Its the same with T8 Cruisers against T10 Battleships - one hit from a T10 Battleship annihilates a T8 Cruiser Should be +1/-1 - imo
  15. Hi Capt's - can someone tell me what is better at destroying 'second battery modules' using higher tier 8,9,10 Cruisers - HE or AP? And while your at it - which cruisers are best at it? Thanks