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  1. Seargent_Nigel

    What good is coal? - gives usless rerwards

    I have amassed loads of coal in the hope that WG would put a good selection of ships in the Arsenal that could be got for coal but the only decent ones that are there are Salem & Jean Bart which I don't want. Yes, there are other ships but they need doubloons to get them and I'm not parting with money to WG until they fix the crap that's been dogging this game for months now (if they ever do?) Signals I have load of, so don't need them - so what's the point of coal? - I thought a while back WG said they would be introducing more ships for coal - now its the usual WG greed I suppose as they don't really get any money if you get ships for coal.
  2. What the title says - just been in a tier 8 ship and when our team lost I counted up the amount of planes our team shot down and it was 136!!!!!! and they were still coming in droves right up to the end. When is this conveyor belt of endless & endless planes going to stop? What a crazy amount in just one game and only on one side - the other side had shot down 73 of ours. Both side were complaining like mad given the gameplay - only ones that weren't complaining were the CV's commanders and you can imagine what the dd players were saying (for the few moments they were in the game, as they are still getting blasted out of the game within a minute or so) WG - I have just two words for you "uninstall yourselves"
  3. Seargent_Nigel

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    T7 - 4 CV's - our team shot down 145 planes (that's really realistic isn't it ) and that's only our side!!! - still lost - what a total waste of time / game with just shooting down planes being the main game play. Would I have chosen to toggle 'No' CV's if I had the choice? - dammed right I would and so would 90% of the players playing that game when listening to their comments during the game. No, I wouldn't expect to have an option regarding what other classes of ships to include or not include - just the CV's in their current state (if they are to remain that way?) - going forward and enhancing the game is one thing - but making a total arse of it is another.
  4. Seargent_Nigel

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    With all the aggravation revolving around the CV update and problems that are involved with it, why cant WG simply add for those that like playing CV's the option to ("Include" CV's in game or toggle "No" CV's in game) - that way you please both sides, seems a simple solution to all the present woes - or am I missing something?
  5. Seargent_Nigel

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Agree - But for those that like playing CV's why not just have the option to "Include" CV's in game or toggle "No" CV's in game - that way you please both sides, seems a simple solution to all your present woes to me?
  6. Seargent_Nigel

    Where’d all the carriers go?

    Try T7 - sick of having 4 (in total) CV's in each game! - they torp the crap out of you - DD's stand no chance - no game play at all, 90 - yes 90 planes later - that was the total planes my team shot down (we still lost BTW) planes just keep coming and coming - what absolute garbage WG - you aught to uninstall yourselves!!!
  7. Seargent_Nigel

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Update - thoughts "crap" No point playing DD's - only last up to 30sec's before spotted and pounded - also spoilt gameplay with other ships. Certainly WONT be spending anymore cash with WG in the near future and will "bin" the game entirely if it doesn't alter.
  8. Seargent_Nigel

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    As a final note from me - some of the answers given were quite instructive thank you to those, while others were made by egotistical know all's who quite frankly spoil a topic by trying to make the poster seem diminutive. To those I'll say - 'I would try to alter your attitude in life as you clearly don have a pleasant and successful existence and all you can achieve in anyway is being a supposed 'clever know all' - and you know what people think of those! - or perhaps you don't. Good evening.
  9. Seargent_Nigel

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    I do - and that's the problem - cant understand why anything could have changed? - and judging by the answers nothing has?? - guess I'll put it down as a mystery Thanks for suggestion though.
  10. Seargent_Nigel

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    I hear what you 'all' are saying - but this being 'noticed' if you want to call it that has only really come on in the last few days, before that I had no problem with my concealment in the game? While I may not be a total 100% brain box on the whole mechanics of WG I know when something has changed - and something has definitely changed. Just for information - I am using concealment Module in 4th slot and Concealment Expert
  11. Seargent_Nigel

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    In the last few days I have noticed that my Des Moines with a concealment of 62 is being spotted really easily by all types of ships with a poorer concealment than myself eg - just been in a game where I am sailing in plain water nothing showing then all of a sudden Amagi with a concealment of 30 pops up and blows me away? - on this occasion how come I couldn't see him first? - this is becoming a more regular occurrence especially with Battleships.
  12. Seargent_Nigel

    Changing ships in Arsenal

    How often do the ships you can obtain change in the Arsenal? I am referring to the ships under the "Ships" heading, the ones that you can exchange/buy for coal I'm not fancying any of them and hope there will be some coming along that I might like.
  13. Seargent_Nigel

    New London Port dissapointing

    That idea of yours is better than nothing - just need to get it implemented now - but please while your at it stop those dammed cranes from twirling and dancing around, they just look stupid, not realistic at all.
  14. Seargent_Nigel

    New London Port dissapointing

    Why the heck does the new London Port have to be so foggy / misty - totally spoils the view as its like peering through cellophane! I get that they are trying to replicate a 'smoggy period day' but just to much WG And what's with all those cranes constantly swinging about aimlessly - just not needed imo
  15. Seargent_Nigel

    Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    Mmm, a +1 / -1 would be a more level playing field I feel, then its more down to skill rather than who's got the advantage of the larger tier ship - but WG doesn't want that? I must admit when I play my T8 one hit from a T10 Same type of vessel virtually finishes me off altogether, not fun as its all over quickly, but I just put it down to that's just the way that it is - have WG ever had the game at -1 / +1?