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  1. julmatar

    can we get old cv gameplay back?

    thats sad to hear old was more multitasking
  2. julmatar

    can we get old cv gameplay back?

    this new cv gameplay is horrible. and feels so booring give us back that old gameplay it was more fun and harder to be good then now this just suck and give bad taste to my mouth. it's kinda silly players did thousands battles to learn decent cv player then you want to change whole thing to this rubbish. feels sad but if those to stay the game i'll quit i dont feel anymore fun of the cvs and other classes im not interested at all. i have tryed to give change with this new gameplay but no i allways get so sad when i try it cause its so booring
  3. julmatar

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    only retard like this new [edited] cv gameplay it's is just big aprils fool joke i stoped playing because of it and now i came back to try it one more time and yea it's suck you can do anything usefull with your fighters. planes are like class and this gameplay is so [edited]booring... [edited]you wargaming give us change to choose between old and new cv gameplay no1 would play this new crap.
  4. julmatar

    CV Rework Discussion

    please give us old cv gameplay back this sucks... points from wargaming has gone what you guys even think when you bring this idea and actually made it in the game what idiots... thanks for ruining the cv gameplay completly
  5. i just dont understand what WG see on this BS WHY they even wanted to ruin the whole cv gameplay i'm quit can come back if you guys change it back to good no more money coming from me good thing now you got 1 donator less... good job wargaming thanks ruining the Game.
  6. This [edited]sucks thanks wargaming to make such a horrible gameplay.... totally ruined cv playing.
  7. patch 0.8 is most horrible patch ever i seriously think i gonna end playing this bs anymore that new cv gameplay is so bad what you guys even think wtf.
  8. i would rather get money refund from prem cvs than some dublons why you guys change the old one to this bs...`? this new cv gameplay is horrible..
  9. if i can give my camos i surely do it if you really need those just tell me how i can send those for you
  10. no i can do like win or lose so % that give ship or you dont get anything i would be more happy when i get 1 ship in year than tons of crap. even if would be jsut normal ship
  11. better nothing than useless boxes... i think i have newer get any ship for sc. and how long they are on the game like year or something and you get 3try per day... just big joke
  12. first of money is not problem in this game you get so mutch per battle now when i have waste some of credit still over 200milj so where you guys really need those 20% extra credit bonus those containers comes still so rare that rewards is just garbace.
  13. no i really mean it give us something good not those useless camos or flags what every1 has thousands alrdy or they would make just "ship container that have super low change to get it"
  14. Just decgrease the supercontainer rate to 0.000000000001% but dont give this kind of crap....
  15. julmatar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    What's that? some operation with reworked cvs?