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  1. Binbag_Bob


    lol sadly my native language is english.
  2. Binbag_Bob


    lol sorry i went to school in england so my spelling is a bit iffy. thanks all for the help. just need 5 containers then to get the gallant
  3. Binbag_Bob


    thanks that was helpfull. i have to have a nicelodean account
  4. Binbag_Bob


    can anyone tell me where i may purchase soveriens please. cant find them in the premium shop. many thanks in advance
  5. Binbag_Bob

    connect problem

    same here
  6. Binbag_Bob

    premium shop

    correct. at the time I had posted I had not checked the portal but normally I go direct through the game.
  7. Binbag_Bob

    premium shop

    why has the payment section now been restricted to just PayPal and credit card? I have neither and im sure im not alone in this. plus now I have a useless pay safe code and I don't use pay safe for anything else. can we have pay safe back as a payment method please
  8. Binbag_Bob

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    hi, been having problems with my speed counter. happens with every ship in every map as long as I live long enough to get to the bug. will be playing and see my ship is apparently doing over 8million knts in forward. when I am in reverse I can be doing over 4k knts if this happened in a French ship this would be normal but I don't play French ships. the ship itself is traveling at a correct speed, just the speed counter is false. when I am still the counter alternates between forward and revers. great if you can fix this
  9. Binbag_Bob

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Stability

    since the new update, when i have a ship in battle but i'm in port i cannot select another ship to play. i can select every other option but cant select a ship. so i must wait or shut the game down and restart. tried it again still the same. cant and wont play like this. will try once a day to see if fixed but untill it is i am out of wow. thanks a lot
  10. Binbag_Bob

    akizuki help

    if they do buff the guns to 15km, then i guess i drop aft and get supper for the extra smoke and play the selfish dd player and see how that pans out. still sucks though. worse case is to sell all my non russian gun boat dd's and invest in my bb line.
  11. Binbag_Bob

    akizuki help

    in close quarter knife fights with dd's 1 on 1 i normally shred them all without using torpes. got 7 kills last week with only one kill by stealth firing. and all close quarter fights make me visible to all anyway. my concern is this 15km gun buff which to my mind in this ship is useless as the arcs are extreme and i could not damage a balloon at that range with ap or he. is using my captain skills to buff the ship a little to at least keep it playable.
  12. Binbag_Bob

    akizuki help

    can anyone in the know advise me on the ending of stealth shooting in respect to the akizuki. last night in the Q&A with flamu, he was told the akizuki will get an immediate gun buff up to 15km. with my current 19 point cap and all mods i cause virtually no max range damage (128 to 300 per salvo). should i use this 15km buff or reuse my 4 points ( advanced firing)captain skills for something else. if anyone can help that would be cool. in the off chance anyone thinks i am crying over the loss of stealth firing as a whole im not. this is the only ship i bother with stealth firing as without it this ship is toast. and i have invested a huge amount of time and effort getting it to work at its best. its my favorite ship and i dont want to have to can it. best regards too all
  13. Binbag_Bob

    Chinese new year mission

    you nailed it. many thanks.
  14. Binbag_Bob

    Chinese new year mission

    the mission is no longer there. after i got the completion notice i checked and it was gone. i got the rooster flag but thats all. just double checked, only one mission there and thats the unfinnished combat mission dogger bank
  15. Binbag_Bob

    Chinese new year mission

    yup and then won a battle. i got a notification to say the mission was complete but no ship