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  1. New players wanted - MUST USE DISCORD. Don't just apply
  2. Now got back to Typhoon League but need a stronger squad so if you like playing with clan mates, can tell the difference between a Torpedo Boat DD and Gunboat DD and are not a total knob then join us on discord.
  3. Dionysian

    Attack plane nerf

    It's the combination of the machine gun and the delay thats the problem. Maybe the answer would be to cue the MG when the CV initiates a rocket plane attack so that whilst the CV is in the dive the DD can track where the CV player is leading - then have a tiny delay - 0.5 seconds or so once the rockets are actually fired.
  4. Dionysian

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    It states that is an example. Not an exclusive or even exhaustive list. The two are different. You are assuming things. Don't. This may only be a game but the principle remains.
  5. Dionysian

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    No it doesn't - hence the question. It states If a player actively participated in a battle for less than 75% of its duration (due to quitting the battle or a technical issue), they're considered to have exited the battle prematurely. In the example I gave, I participate in the battle for less than 75% of it's duration. I have also quit the battle as my ship is dead. So going by their definition, i could be counted as exiting prematurely. Now you and I may ASSUME that quitting the battle due to you being dead is allowed but nowhere does it specifically say that.
  6. Dionysian

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Can you clarify this situation please. I enter a battle and am first to die after say 5 minutes. the battle lasts the full 20 minutes. I have therefore participated for 25% of the battle. Do i have to sit there watching my teammates or can i exit back to port, get another ship and go into a new battle without a penalty.
  7. Bumping again. Just want to make it clear to applicants. No point just hitting apply. We won't accept you. We have all had experience with other clans where too many dormant potatoes get in and there is just economic benefits. We want people to play with - clan mates. so get in Discord first ( or at the same time!!)
  8. Guys - if you want to Join - Please join our Discord - We don't accept people who just randomly apply. You must be in Discord!!
  9. Dionysian

    Topic closed, post can be deleted.

    We may be able to help - More details are in our recruitment Post We only accept people once they have shown they are active in Discord and will Div up with people so jump into our Discord and say hi. https://discord.gg/aeBFZaqYCm We're Unlikely to have places for Mercs but maybe from time to time but again - will only do it with people we know and who are in our Discord Server High Storm league team but we have strengthened our squad since last CB season so hoping to make Typhoon if we're lucky. Give us a try and speak to one of the recruiters
  10. Full now but expecting to have 5 spaces in the next few days so pop into discord - get to know us and then apply
  11. Still got spaces but we do require you to pop in and say hello on our dissord https://discord.gg/N4jjvQCq
  12. Dionysian

    Looking for competitive clan

    Hi Fluxy Our main advert is here - Our musts seem to match yours - We insist on clan using Discord during peak hours - Don;t have to be in voice all the time but usually people around. Must be able to speak English and enjoy some banter. Probably best to join our discord and ask to speak to a recruiter https://discord.gg/W8RRE5YTwt
  13. Cleared a few Inactives so just emptied our waiting list. SO come on down
  14. Bump - If you're wondering, Same people, different clan base, same level of fun!