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  1. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Asking for time when patience is thin, is just simply asking a lot....
  2. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    This made me laugh, I have never seen a farmer apologizing to a cow for taking her milk. And that we are to him, a bunch of cows just yearning to be milked, and milked hard. Best case scenario, the cow gets a pat on the back for being so productive.
  3. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I just love the argument that 2 campaigns would be too much for us to handle, so they saved us the trouble. When they introduced the campaigns they also released 2 simultaneously, why wasn't it too much then, and it is now? If the duration of the campaign was an issue, wasn't it simpler to change one variable (end date) than to butcher the client (which probably involved editing hundreds (if not thousands) of lines of code)?
  4. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Oh, a troll, defending another troll, is that love i see here.
  5. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Could you at least tell us, who is responsible for this? Is this an direct order from Russian WG heads, or is this f*ck up a brilliant doing of EU leadership.
  6. SilentOne360

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    We are all here grateful for the event that WG introduced (Graf Spee campain), and for that ty WG. But, yes there is a but, everyone here is sick and tired of all the double standards that we have been exposed over and over again. This is not first time something like this has happened and if we now dont make a resounding "STOP IT WG", it will not be the last. Firstly it was double standards for Kamikaze R missions where the EU was supposed to get only lottery winnings and others would get if they reached the certain number of collected pearls. Ppl protested and it was corrected. Then the Krasny Krim giveaway that also did not happen on EU. And now this. IMHO the best way to say "THIS CANNOT GO ON" is to stop buying goods in store. Money is the language they will understand. I for my part will do just that.
  7. Dude, i'm from Croatia too, so what. The whole point of this that they have no reason to deny us what they give to other servers. If the only reason they are doing this is money, than that is F*ING INSULTING. And they can be made to listen. A while ago they didnt give singe ships on sale (only package deals), and after the community complained (and complained a lot) now we have "no package" ships on sale.
  8. SilentOne360

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    The issue is not the mode, the issue are the players that dont know how to play this mode. Even today I see ships that open fire on unclaimed forts. Once i tried to tell one guy playing shimakaze that he should try to take the fort instead of shooting it, he told me to shut up, came to me and torped me full 15 torps at point blank range. Still i like the mode.
  9. SilentOne360


    Same here, Played like 20 - 30 battles last few days with this mission active, got a lot of different achievements, even a Kraken Unleashed, but this mission just doesn't want to complete itself. Tried all kinds of ships, tried various tiers 6 - 10, no luck. If anyone has any advice on what I might be doing wrong, I would appreciate it, otherwise I would say it is bugged. Edit: I submitted a bug ticket, will post back on what was the reply. Edit - Answer I got: Thank you for contacting our Wargaming.net support. I am sorry you experienced this problem. It was identified as a common issue and our developers started working on fixing it. It will be fixed as soon as possible. I am so sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you can forgive us and thank you for your understanding.
  10. If you ask me this was executed badly. The trigger to end the GNB at 12M diamonds should have never been made. The missions should have been allowed to continue until end date. The current goal of 15M is ridiculous, since it is unobtainable without another set of weekly missions. You should have set it at 200M diamonds, that would have been a nice way to say we needed another big number you can never reach. The confusion you caused made a lot of people buy things they actually don't want because they though the event ended, and they wont have time to collect enough diamonds to buy something they actually do want. It would be nice that we do get another set of weekly missions so that we can actually reach that 15M goal.