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    Campaign to bring Heal to Tier 8 Cruisers

    Saying something is stupid without even explaining why sounds crap too I guess.
  2. PonyOnSteroids


    Because of a design flaw, I got altered straight after it happened. Edit; Also the Fubuki's got hit by a major storm, I don't think OP really was suggesting "Perfect Storm" waves. We really have unnaturally calm seas in game, what really doesn't make sense if you look at real life seas. Reference for the Perfect Storm.
  3. PonyOnSteroids

    Seems some folk get all the luck...

    Edit; NVM.
  4. PonyOnSteroids


    Would be cool, but it will complicate game mechanics and that is something WG deviates from as much as possible. You know being an Arcade shooter and all.
  5. PonyOnSteroids

    Bring in the human side

    Well if they would add crew to the ship's German players wouldn't be able to play the game.
  6. PonyOnSteroids

    ARP, Opting out.

    So I personally don't really give two turds about the arp ships nor do I get excited that is captained by anime "girls". But if anyone has been on 4chan back in the days, the whole situation about Japan and some anime is self-explanatory some are innocent and some of them are not. Although in this situation I don't really think the people mostly western people aren't excited just because they are girls, but just because they like the show. That these people refuse to believe some anime content is shady is perfectly normal, as all people who are a fan of specific things naturally go into defense mode if people critique it. But on this specific topic, I think this whole argument went overboard because instead of just saying "I want a opt out option because I don't feel the need to see the ships in any shape or form" there was a person who fueled the fire by suggesting those girl captains will get you in jail etc. What is wrong and offensive to the people who actually enjoy the show and don't use it for other means. And personally, I think this show doesn't really come close to what some people think it is. Trust me there are far worse Japanese anime shows that do actually come close to what has been suggested. Just wanted to share this picture what is actually created in you guessed it Japan. Like I said there are really some really shady shows in Japan that would raise eyebrows and not in a good way, well at least for most people. But I wouldn't be prejudging a person for something he likes and loves to watch as entertainment, also this has been offered by WG them selfs I really think your out of your mind bringing up the pedo card to win an argument.
  7. PonyOnSteroids

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    GL with the grind players.
  8. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65693-sever-issues-november-4th/page__pid__1406192#entry1406192
  9. I guess you guys have to be patient until they fix the problem. I am sure they have sent their top mechanics to solve the problem.
  10. PonyOnSteroids

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    I suggest you watch the movie. It has boobies, cliches, predictable scenes, USS Missouri! Steven Segal when he was fit. In short, a typical Steven Segal flick, but great for your entertainment.
  11. Weird I can just log in without any hiccups, what nation are you from?
  12. PonyOnSteroids

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    USS Missouri with new and improved AA This is going to be good.
  13. PonyOnSteroids

    Altering the controls

    ​If you actually tried what I said you would see the difference, if you have it on read only it will not save your keys and if you disable it, it will save the keys. I know this because I had the same problem as OP had. So yes, I did digest OP's post hence why I was trying to help him.
  14. PonyOnSteroids

    Altering the controls

    Isn't it because the preference XML document is read only? That might be the problem for you not saving your control setup.
  15. PonyOnSteroids

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    WG's answer; Don't be sad comrade you can buy the Atago for a special price and with a free camo.