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    Neptune needs more armour

    so far it seems the Neptune is accepted as being glass but people seem ok with it because it has smoke good repairs personally I cant wait to sell it and move on and try Mino

    Neptune needs more armour

    I have found the Neptune is made of glaSS even DD's hit my citadel, everyone else knows it too so I get focused first. I thought maybe its me but I focus opposing Neptunes and they blow up so easy not uncommon for me to hit 4 citadels on one shot on the Neptune. I hit the citadels with my DD's too. Most Brit ships are easy to cripple but the Neptune is a joke. Anyone else have the same experience?

    Neptune the worse tier Ix ship in game do you agree?

    Ok seems some people like the Neptune I will look at it again some usefull comments but of course there are some guffawing jack asses making personal comments where would we be without them. I always visualise a skinny spotty kid snorting while writing the comments with a tuft of hair on thier head with shaven sides, if you fit the description say Aye
  4. Moving from the Edinburgh to the Neptune is the worse move in the game, the Neptune is slow the range is the lowest of any cruiser and it is made of glass, I have seen milk turn faster than the Neptune. It does nothing well, what is its purpose anyone know?

    battle of Port Arthur

    Montana does good damage I say its impossible in a V1 ship why have quests that can't be completed

    battle of Port Arthur

    I have completed first 4 parts the 5th part seems to be impossible has anyone completed it? Damage 5k on DD 105k on battleships and 55k on cruiser in one battle. I have played this game a lot and never done that kind of damage

    Honorable Service task 2

    I am corrected

    Honorable Service task 2

    Hmmm 650 hits in one game the average game is 900 secs it takes 100 secs to engage enemy so in 800 secs you hit 650 times allowing for 30% miss rate you hit the target 60% more than your reload rate, Impressive

    Honorable Service task 2

    Ok I dont have any of those ships so its abort mission for me Thanks for the replies

    Honorable Service task 2

    The new honorable service task 2 asks to hit enemy 200 times with main batteries with a ship tier VIII + I have never hit more than 100 in all the time I have played this game anyone done it and what ship used?

    Update on Project R in Europe

    I have accomplished all projects so far at the rate of pearls being attained the target will be reached before anyone can gain 260 pearls we need extension time