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  1. Ur Avatar is kinda cool!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Moosebloke


      Really? I do not know this character.

    3. HassenderZerhacker


      it's called " Hash-Slinging Slasher " in English

    4. Moosebloke


      Ahhhh thx mate!

  2. Moosebloke

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Cv: Just dodge! Dd: #dodging CV: Oh no, how unfair, why can he dodge?!
  3. Moosebloke

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Yeah! Get good / git good, as once Mr. Conway stated
  4. Well posted mate

  5. Have you played against Mr. conway‘s team? Might be the reason for increased detonation chance.
  6. Moosebloke

    New maps in the pipeline?

    Morning Chaps, does anyone know if there are new maps in the pipeline?
  7. Moosebloke

    Time to buff Sims?

    She still can rock, she is fast and nimble, surely not a static cap dominator but a quick dynamic position changer : https://replayswows.com/replay/79197#stats
  8. Mate, Ur Bbaby-Bingo is cool and awesome:cap_haloween:

    1. GarrusBrutus


      Hahaha thanks, but i didnt make it. So i cant take credit for it. ;) 

    2. Moosebloke


      Still tho, i laughed so hard and it was perfectly posted.

    3. Moosebloke


      I am working on a „chat banned for no reasons“-bingo, u got any good ideas mate?

  9. Moosebloke

    General Submarines related discussions

    When are subs comin' mates??? YAAYY
  10. Nice avatar mate!:cap_look:

    1. Cyclops_


      Thanks fella 👍

  11. Moosebloke

    General CV related discussions.

    Until nerfed like Kidd, the USN BB and CA-Lines....
  12. Moosebloke

    CV warning system

    Those nice Fisher-Price toys noises of carriers .... ‚membering to my lost childhood...
  13. Moosebloke

    0.10.0 - Clan Brawls

  14. Moosebloke

    General CV related discussions.

    Hi gents, when will WG release uneven tier cvs? Will they do that? Cheers
  15. Can i voluntarily go back to silver league since i am a liability for my Team?