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  1. Submarines are replacing dds. They outspot dds, will have more Hp, cvs cannot get them, radar cannot find them, their torps home in, they cannot get located… 


    no dds required.  Gg wg

  2. Moosebloke

    Subs get buffs, other changes

    Hmm, Kinda feels like that the subs will replace dds.
  3. Moosebloke

    What is the difference between Petro and Moskva?

    Waiting for the next bias-wagon.... Sevastopol.. CB'S future line-up: Nakhimov Kremlin Petro Stalin Sevato maybe P2R Smaland or Ragnar ... the new t10 Soviet dd? 45knots - running Alfa -Class sub?
  4. Moosebloke

    What is the difference between Petro and Moskva?

    Petro is sitting lower in the water than a canoe, therefore nearly unhittable. The yue got more freeboard…
  5. Moosebloke

    [--] All at Sea is recruiting

    Merry Christmas Seasons! Free mulled wine on our discord!
  6. Moosebloke

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate.
  7. Moosebloke

    Most Iconic Ship of WOWS

    Interesting that the Makarov is 2nd....
  8. Moosebloke

    Changes to CV spotting in testing

    Wonder what they are really up to with the Conway-Crafts (aka CVs). I am afraid they will buff them in regarding dealing damage if they nerf the team-spotting.
  9. Moosebloke

    Napoli: Last equipment slot.

    Thx for the advise with Sansonetti and the reload module! Good idea if you ask me.
  10. Moosebloke

    [--] All at Sea is recruiting

    All at Sea is also looking for experienced Conway-Craft-Players!
  11. Buff the Volcano!

  12. Moosebloke

    CV enthusiasts, let's talk about Nakhimov

    Next Clan Batte's Season lineup: Conway-Craft (aka cv): Nakhimov BB: Gremlin CAs: Petro, Sevastopol, Stalin DDs: Smaland and that new Soviet tier 10 dd
  13. Moosebloke

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Nerf the caps, they are overpowered