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  1. moose_jaw

    Friendly Fire

  2. moose_jaw

    Friendly Fire

    Folks, u are right - such a "pardon"-system would lead to more toxic chats and therefore scrap that idea. Not feasible.
  3. moose_jaw

    Friendly Fire

    @eliastion, your critism is indeed justified... "you should pardon me, it's your fault that you ran into my torps" .... I must say that you are right in that regard. Kinda scary, isn't it?
  4. moose_jaw

    Friendly Fire

    I totally agree that the gents of WG have quite interesting and more urgent construction sites ongoing, however just give it a thought
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  6. moose_jaw

    Friendly Fire

    Hi folks, regarding the topic friendly fire: I would like to suggest implementing a "pardon"-option for the victim. In some cases where I had been on the receiving end of an friendly-fire-incident (victim) I felt it unfair that the offender got punished because: a) the offender apologized b) it was in a good and nice destroyer knife-fight or a good melee (and yeah... sometimes crap happens) c) I sailed into the torps or in front of the offender's firing ship Cheers,