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  1. ___Moose___

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    Now with Rum
  2. ___Moose___

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  3. ___Moose___

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  4. ___Moose___

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  5. ___Moose___

    SInking animations

    Hi gents (and ladies, but never met one in here), I am quite certain that many players will agree when I say that your Art Department is doing a very very good job. Therefore my question: Is it possible to improve the sinking animations? For example add some huge oil slicks, or let it look far more dramatic when ships detonate - fire jets blowing turrets out and a huuuge cloud (e.g. battle of jutland, HMS Barham, yamato at okinawa, etc.). Personally I do not like it that in shallow waters the wrecks dissappear - let them sit there, those wrecks - however that is my personal preference and i am not a competitive guy. Cheers,
  6. ___Moose___

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    gents, don't delay, apply today!
  7. ___Moose___

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    Yuppie, and especially dangerous for dds, just lurk at a cap for an enemy dd gettn spotted, blast it, and use ur smoke to escape
  8. I hate the huntin' season, eh?

  9. ___Moose___

    Unsporting Conduct: Allied plane destroyed.... HOW???

    @lilgothMaybe u also hate planes and carriers like hell and we kill 'em mentally?
  10. ___Moose___

    Unsporting Conduct: Allied plane destroyed.... HOW???

    So my Z52 is required to get a special camo or special flag for that?.... I mean quite an achievement...
  11. I apparently shot a friendly plane down . No carriers in this match. And i am quite sure I had "p" pressed during the battle. I mean, I HATE planes, but...
  12. ___Moose___

    New port Fjords is that, is ruined by

    @thewarjac thx mate. it is a very nice port, well done. Except the plane.
  13. ___Moose___

    New port Fjords is that, is ruined by

    Janik, i am with ya. The Fjord-Port is a nice Port, well done. But that bloody plane is driving me nuts and forced me switching the Port.
  14. ___Moose___

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    I do not know what about you guys are complaining. This Christmas Event is the best WOWS event ever: This year'S christmas events are absolutely nice, best we ever had! So please stop whining and complaining! Show some gratitude! 175k coal for a mediocre meh-captain, an impossible-to-achieve directive in order to get the puerto rico, many casino-style gambling-addicting containers. I got WG's message, i ll spend my christmas time with something else than WOWS. Thank you Wargaming, I am actually extremely grateful to realise your message, that i ll better spend my time with my family and friends Thank you Wargaming! I hope the community will appreciate it like I do! Merry Christmas!
  15. ___Moose___

    Friendly Fire