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  1. im trying to play and first time after i joined a ranked game i got kickked out of the game and stuck on logging in...logged in the middle to end of battle. after that in next battle right after battle ends kicks me of game and stuck on loading is something that happening to others also?
  2. ArsonX

    Captain for all classes, not.

    This is only for premium captains like Dunkirk or yamamoto?
  3. ArsonX

    Returning player

    thanks guys!
  4. ArsonX

    Returning player

    Hi there. I started playing again after like a year and was wondering if there is not any returning player gifts anymore (used to give some cool gifts) or its like a bug that i didnt get any?
  5. ArsonX

    Operation Hermes

    Trying to do the heart of the fight challenge on Hermes mission with Lyon and though i take down more than 25 aircraft it doesnt count it. i think the description is clear i can do it with bb T7 French. is that a bug or something? Clan m8 said it counts with cruisers. edit:yeap exactly what the sharkman said.did it 2 times 5 start but i dont think it matters in anything.
  6. ArsonX

    Looking for casual clan

    lit. i applied
  7. ArsonX

    Looking for casual clan

    ty for inv but i dont fit ur requirements
  8. I'm a casual average player (little old at 40y ;p) and looking for a casual friendly clan i can give my oil and get the benefits from the new system. i cant use ts/disc for personal reasons for now.