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  1. Just in case you missed it https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/it-has-consumed-me/
  2. Ouzo11

    Procedurally generated maps?

    I actually love it! Also this:
  3. Ouzo11

    MUSASHI credits

    ~400k per average match ~300k per bad match No flags, no premium.
  4. Ouzo11

    Looking for a good T7 CL/CA and DD

    Shchors. Generally squishy but a great long range HE spammer. Needs IFHE (get it before CE). Myoko. Tanky as long as you are (bow-on angled). Can bounce almost all t7 bb shells. AFT is weak. Great flanker/harrasher. Great dd support at close range (sneak close to your dd and rape those enemies poping up at 10-11km with your great accuracy). Mahan. Used to be a beast before the smoke nerfs. Havent played it after. Shiratsuyu. With trb its a mini shima. Get RPF if you can afford it. Shitload of blind torp hits on enemy dds if you figure out how to do it.A great ship overall. Gadja Madha. The consensus is that its great. Havent played it yet, still at the fushun.
  5. So the main idea is this : A Collection that is different for each clan and it is created by the clan members. See, every clan has its inner jokes. -We have 2 people with "baker" on their name who CANT BAKE FFS. -One of us greets newcomers with "Welcome to our collection of more or less insane people". -When we meet other BOTS on the enemy team we joke about accidentally joining coop instead of random. -We have people who are always mean in a good way but when they speak kind to som1, every1 goes "omg are you dieing? why are you being kind" And so on. Give us the chance to make these jokes eternal. On a side note:It feels more "fun and engaging" than detonations right?! How it would work: -WG sets number of Collection parts and collectible number per part. -Clan artists design Clan logo -Clan artists design the individual collectibles and the short description that appears when you hover them. -Collection reward would be a commemorative flag with the clan logo. Individual part reward is 1 credit, because it doesn't freakin matter. -Clan leader sends these to WG.Clan logo and collectibles should already be at proper, predefined sizes according to wgs standards. -One player can only finish one collection of this kind, no matter how many clans he changes. -Players will choose if and when will start collecting. -Once every 3 or 6 months, WG adds these collection to the game. I assume the hardest part would be to make 1 of the hundred or thousand collections available to only 1 clan and the most time consuming would be to review the collectible texts. The rest of the logic, one way or another already exists. The point of this setup is to give something truly (at least imo obviously) fun to the community as this would create a sh1tload of fun for the members trying to come up with catchy jokes for the collection. What do you guys think? (Just imagine the thread: "Show and explain your collection")
  6. Ouzo11

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    1) Sincere congratulations for accepting your limitations! 2)Russian cruiser line is epic! Wait till you get the Kirov and Schors! 3)As for the yamato: -Go to caps that you have spotting. -Place 1 of your sides in a way that will either protect from flank torps or enemies from another cap. -Know, or use a mod, the gun range of he spam cruisers. Stay out of that range. -Optimal is 14-17km for me. -Keep going forward and backward at 1/4th speed to throw off the aim of those long range he spammers.Their curvy arcs wont help them hitting you especially if you also use A/D at the same time. -Use front guns most of the time. -Learn to shoot angled targets consistently at 14 to 17km. -Do not be afraid of torps. If you take a torp on the bow, great! It just got saturated. If you took them on the belt, who gives a [edited].You have great damage reduction there. -Manage your dcps. Never use it for 1 fire. Only for more than 2 and only if you are going to be safe/dark soon. -If there are more bbs playing the forward/backward game sync your moves with them so even if they dont realise it, you tank damage by turns. -Occasionally make your self a juicy target to take some strain off the shoulders of other bbs/cruisers. -It is your job to tank. Never forget that. -Watch (more) yt videos with the Yami and pay attention to where they position. -Use spotter plane to push back those filthy island and smoke campers. HE and torps should not be an issue for any bb captain. Glad you found a line you like and even more that you realised your limitations and did not became that guy with 3k battle in a yami with 30k avg dmg and a pr of 21.
  7. Ouzo11

    Uncover the truth mission

    Probably on 4chan
  8. Ouzo11

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Stop smoking whatever the [edited]you are smoking. We have been literally begging on our knees for BETTER COMPETITIVE RANKED, and you give us this crap. In a tier 5 where even a new player can reach in 3-4 days. Allowing all those people who only play low tiers, join, yolo, die, repeat. In a tier where the premiums will obliterate the silver line counter parts Where the cruisers are crap, making it a dd + bb vs dd+ bb matches, because no1 stands to play them.
  9. Ouzo11

    Picking caps in Domination battles

    irrelevant to the thread: Snipping Tool. Included in all windows after Windows 7. Works better than phone photos
  10. Ouzo11

    RPF good on BBs?

    No, there are better skills to take. 1) Play dds up to IJN t7 Shiratsuyu (trb not smoke). You need to learn how to torp to be able to avoid torps effectively. 2)At the start of the match: Count Radars on Both teams Check divisions.Attention to dds in division. Check dd number and type 3)Approaching the caps keep an eye out on the minimap See what dds are spotted and where Check which caps are being contested by unspotted dds.Make an educated guess as to what dd is in. (When there are shimas and gearings in enemy team and a cap is contested before your dd is in, you are safe-ish to assume its a shima because its faster than the gearing.) Keep an eye out for what ships that belong to a division with a dd have been spotted and where. You are safe to assume that the dd will stick close to its mates. Pay attention from where the torps are coming from.In relation to the positioning of your team and teams radars make a guess about whether he is gonna push and flank or retreat. Learn the torp ranges of the dds and stay to a safe distance. (Gearing 16,5 // YueYang 13,5 // Shima 20 or 12, the rest assume 10,5). 4)Middle Game Caps have been capped. People have been forced to retreat. Flanks have opened. Pick a position that has another ship between you and the potential location of enemy dds. Be at an angle that minimizes chances to eat a torp. Keep an eye out for the location torps are coming from. Check minimap to see the state of the caps and attacking and defending forces. Make an educated guess as to whether a dd from the other side of the map is coming your way or not. But most importantly, WASD is your [edited]friend. And i repeat: You need to learn to torp to be able to avoid torps effectively. Neither torps, nor HE spam should be an issue for any bb at medium range (15-17km). Last but not least: MANAGE YOUR DCPS AND DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TORPS. Your belt has a great damage reduction that allows you to take up to 3 torps easy. If you take them on the nose, you get more damage, but you also get saturated, which means less HE damage there.
  11. Ouzo11

    WG Teamspeak down day 2.

    Isnt it better and cheaper to have a discord server instead of a TS3 one? Better on every aspect.
  12. Ouzo11

    Auto return last Captain

    I 6th this.
  13. Ouzo11

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Time to be mean. players like you with 6245 matches. With 3031 cruiser games, 2315 bb games, 831 dd games and average to bad performance in almost all of them. You do not understand how to play your ships. You are probably also missing essential basic game mechanic knowledge. Yet, you keep complaining about changes that are not affecting you. Instead of taking the hints from every1 saying politely that you are wrong, you insist.
  14. Ouzo11

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    1) No dd yoloing a bb happens in early game.Most of the times he is already missing hp. 2) Secondaries no threat?Since when? 3)Full AP salvos no threat?Since when? 4)Full HE salvos no threat?Since when? 5)Your team is no threat?Since when? 6)If he manages to get to that range, its on you and you should be punished.