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  1. Ouzo11

    How to dodge rocket planes?

    -Turn off AA and open it the moment he spots you along with sector rector reinforcement.ALWAYS! -Go bow in towards the rockets in high speed. IF the cv has PERFECT reflexes he can still strike you but that is extremely rare. -Put an island between you and the direction the rockets are coming. Once he passes over you open AA for a few sec and close it again. By the time he circles around to come to you, either go bow in towards him in full speed or use the corner of the island to block his strike again. -Grab a t4 cv, go to training room and fill it with dds. set them to moving and not armed and try to strike them. -Personally, there are some weird angles when the dds are kiting away that make it hard for me to strike but this could be just my low experience in cvs (~1month + 120 matches in them). -Learn which ships on your team have good AA and go close to them when you are expecting a strike. -Pop a smoke before you get spotted or use some one elses smoke -DO NOT rush the caps in the beginning.Go in 1/2 speed angled towards the cap till you see where the enemy cv will send his planes. -If he comes at your cap with rockets, turn around and go to your closest cruiser. -If he goes with bombs or torpedo bombers to another cap it is likely that he will come to your cap with rockets on the next round, so reverse into the cap 100m and the moment he comes pop smoke and move forwards at 1/4th. -If he spots at an adjacent cap to yours, it is likely that he ll come to your cap for a spot as well. Stay close to your cruiser. -If the cv decides that you are his main target, always play close to your team and go close to them when he comes for you. Make him loose a lot of planes if he wants to strike you. Jervis should be fine against cvs since he has lots of smoke with very fast reload time. Dont be afraid to use them in the right time!
  2. Ouzo11

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    DD: Definitely Gadja and maybe maass. CA: Indianapolis and maybe Fiji BB: Sinop is the clear winner here
  3. Ouzo11

    Increasing WR% while grinding.

    You are already at 50%! Thats pretty good for a new guy, well done! At this point i would say to not overly stress about it. Just try to maintain it around 50-53%! Because you are new you dont know what gameplay you like and what your style is, so it is normal to underperform in some ships while you learn the mechanics, the ships etc. Keep in mind that many countries are still in quarantine so everyone plus their mothers play wows. So everything is chaos. Few tinfoil tips: Avoid weekends. The average quality of the players hits rock bottom. Patch days (like tomorrow) and patch weekends are a shitshow as well. Do not play the same ship over and over again. Every 2-3 matches try to pick something else. If you keep getting losses in specific tier brackets,8 to 10 for example, play something at tier 7, or tier 5. If you wanna track a stat focus on PR. I use wows-numbers to do that. Try to find a beginner friendly clan and try to play in divisions of 3. Makes this chaos somewhat bearable
  4. I am not native english speaker either :P "Experience of two silver coins" = 2 silver tech tree lines. He means that to have enough research bureau points to buy 1 unique upgrade you need to reset a line twice and that is too much. Regarding 3: In the past we would get Alexander Nevsky for free if we already had moskva bought. But this time, because moskva becomes a premium, we get to keep moskva but need to regrind donskoi to unlock Nevsky
  5. Yes his english is bad and he used a translator but the text makes sense. He did not ask for something unreasonable and he explained his opinion perfectly. No rage fits, no whinning. There is no need to mock his english and the amount of battles he has.
  6. Ouzo11

    Can someone explain this damage?

    Desync. When a cv strikes with bombs the ship receiving the damage sees it after a couple of seconds. It has been happening for a while now.
  7. Daily RB points for free is a bait to use research bureau for those who did not intend to use it at all. With 1,2k per month is gonna take what? 2years to get a freemium Unique Upgrade? Bull crap. Free steel? Fck no. If people want steel they should do ranked and cbs. And that comes from a player who loves freebies and does not own any steel ship.
  8. This ranked sprint, like every other ranked season is crap. Unless irrevocable ranks, superb xp/fexp and rewards are removed(or moved to r1) from this game mode, it will remain crap.
  9. Ouzo11

    Help I have no Idea how to play

    1) Recognizing you are bad and wanting to improve is the most important step! Well done! 2) Now back to the basics! iChaseGaming has excellent guides on wows. Aiming, angling, detection, positioning etc. Get the basic mechanics covered! 3)Minimap is your best friend in wows. Enlarge it, do not rotate it, enable last known enemy positions and look at it every 10-20 seconds. At any given time during the match you should be able to know where is the approximate location of enemy dds and ships that are a danger to you. 4)Pick a new ship line and do not rush it. Set yourself some goals. Like "i wont move to the next tier unless i achieve at least 50% win rate in this ship AND average damage equal at least to my hp". I usually aim for 1x hp for bbs, 2xhp for cruisers and 2-3xhp for dds. I highly suggest the ijn zao line! Before you play any new, or old, ship watch flamus videos on youtube regarding that ship. Whenever you see a ship that you dont know watch a video on it. Eventually you ll start building some knowledge on what your ship can and cant do, what is the proper way to play and to what ships you are a danger and which ships are a danger to you. MinglesWithJingles youtube channel has excellent commentary on its wows vids. Focus on the enemy mistakes he points out and do not repeat them in your games! Flamu has EXCELLENT guides and gameplay but is a raging [edited]. Flambass has great gameplay aswell but not guides or commentaries. Business6, my favorite channel, has epic 1v1s, 1v2s, 1v3s in yolo situations. I do not suggest you to mimick him, but just watch him to get an idea what can UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES be done! Notser has great guides aswell and a very cool personality iChaseGaming as said before has excellent guides. Watch as many as you can. Now, after you have taken enough time to: 1) Know the basic mechanics by heart and 2)Looking at your minimap is a second nature, you will still find youself strugling with common scenarios: -You got burned to death by he -Torped by a dd again -Cv focused you and you died in 3-4 minutes etc etc. When that time comes, come back to the forums and start a new thread asking for advice. Rants and rage fits wont get you any useful answers so try to phrase it like "Hey guys, i am trying to improve but atm i am frustrated and dont know how to handle HE spam. Again i got burned down in x ship so i guess i am doing something wrong. How do you deal with these situations?" And from there you take it one step at a time, fixing one problem at a time (Although everything comes down to situation awareness and proper positioning! aka 'look at the minimap'!)
  10. Ouzo11

    World of Warships: Fleet Command battle modes

    The problem with this idea, which i kinda like, is that it creates a whole different game again. We are turning a 3rd person ots arcade-ish shooter to an rts strategy game. Now that rts gameplay is the same reason old cvs got changed so this will never get implemented
  11. Lets say you got a russian premium ship with a 10pt commander. That premium ship will accept any commander of the same nation without retraining. So you could have kirov, budgyony and schoors all with 3 different commanders. You can move these 3 commanders to the premium ship without retrain, do a couple of matches and then move them back without retrain. BUT IF the commander is trained for the premium and you want to move him to a silver ship, then you have to retrain him. But after than you can move him back to the premium at any point without any cost. Premiums are used mostly as money makers and captain trainers so i think your view on the subject is a bit wrong.
  12. If you are now try to learn to aim i recommend either nomogram crosshair found in aslain modpack or just the default dynamic. My personal issue with nomogran or however it is called is that it messes my aim when enemies are sailing behind islands because it auto changes the zoom level. Besides that i tend to spend more time calculating travel times etc when i shoot at something so i just stick with default dynamic. Both are solid choices but keep in mind that eventually you ll rely to muscle memory than actively calculating when shooting. Although you are not adviced to snipe, if you find your self using spotter plane a lot, there is also a mod that removes that weird fking angle the plane creates, thus making aiming with it easier. Well, as easy as normal shooting at distance is for you anyway
  13. Ouzo11

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Since when are those 20 [edited]degrees so much side that a bb would delete me in the same situation? Thats not even enough angle to use 2 guns at the same time in a kiting away moskva And even after you get saturated those initial 8-15k salvos you get, become 6-12k. You selectively choose only 1 aspect of the ship and totally ignore everything else. Low, thin, maneuverable, accurate, does not care about angles,troll armor, smoke. But yea, keep telling me how 20 degrees angle is too much to give to a venezia.
  14. Ouzo11

    The Large Downloaded Update Today Was The Subs?

    It worked in the past for me Grab the wows installer, let it start downloading till it creates the folder of the game, pause it, move the game from your pc to the laptop, rerun the installer and recheck the client If you cant find a large external hdd you can create a shared windows folder to your pc and grab the files from there in your laptop Also 7zip has the option to zip the whole folder and seperate it to smaller file sizes of your choosing. For example 87 zip files of 1gb each
  15. Ignore me, i am an idiot I only checked ijn cv stats because thats what i could reliably judge from my own experience Rest cv lines are fine, so i gotta retract what i said before Apologies @ColaholicA