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  1. Hildisvinet

    Damage control party 2 disapppears

    Nah i mark them as credits. Works on all my other ships. Always play with upgrades. Just curious if somebody else had the same error before. Annoying since fletcher is my fav to play. Always a round or two in that little torppuker everytime i play Thanks for answer
  2. Hildisvinet

    Damage control party 2 disapppears

    Hi there. The øadt few days when i played my fletcher the dmg control party 2 is disappearing when i go into battle. I equip all of the 2s and set it on auto refill and have plenty of credits for it. But when i come into battle all of them is gone and im back to all 1s...any had thos prob? And tips to how to write a ticket would be helpful
  3. Not to be a whiney liney (trying to avoid crying and play and have fun) but it sais here https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/lunar-new-year-marathon/ that the last mission will reward u with x3 xp multiplier but none of this happened when i went out in my blysc and gunned down the enemy red team and won. Mistype or just forgot to implement?
  4. Hildisvinet

    Vår Ære og Vår Vannmakt!

    Heisann har sett etterr et Norsk "Community". Stats er vel stats...Spiller main Gearing og Fletcher. Også Benson for ranked. Føler jeg får destroyere greit til. Men er mest ute etter noen Norske medspillere Er ikke superaktiv på teamspeak (helst når fruen er ute a døren og småen har lagt seg. Håper det er plass til en kar til. Er aktiv på chat Glemte: Over 1800 kamper og tjenestegjort i den Kongelige Norske Marine på de gode gamle MTBene
  5. Hildisvinet

    Colorado Armor Scheme

    Colorado is really fun when u know her. Angled rigth shes quite tanky, turns like nothing and short so its easy to avoid torps. And shes quite a brawler. And her 8x406 guns really bites. One of my favs. Watch flamus colorado guide. Shes really quite a fun ship to play
  6. Hildisvinet

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    jeez if u didnt know what was happening on other servers would u rage like that? And i didnt say u will quit playing, but thats pretty common to "threaten" the devs with. And if u feel u pay with time maybe u ougtha take a job not a game. At least i play to disconnect in the evenings, not to start a carrier. Maybe u should apply as supertester, you would enjoy it. Merry christmas. This post is written in a jolly way, no hard feelings and i maybe feel i sent it out in the wrong direction compared to the topic. Apologice that. To stay with the topic " bougth 2x2x2 cases today. Just flags and some camo. Not so lucky. But again Merry christmas devs and players.
  7. Hildisvinet

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    have u thougth about they are probably gonna give us this campaign later on? And normally things come but everybody goes bananas on the forum because somebody picked something up on a different server and tada there it is. Just wasnt ment to be done in exacly the same way as us or ru. As i recall the devs hasnt been out and stated that "EU" server is not gonna get the campaign. They just gave us a way to get the graf spee for free. And as the campaign are today on us u have to buy both the tirpitz and graf spee to actually complete it. But u cant win it over there
  8. Hildisvinet

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    ahh this msg made my day. Really tired of people souring up and threatends to quit. Every update (on other servers) the convoy thing u need to buy tirpitz and graf spee anyway. They are probably giving it to us throu mission cause of all the complaining. If anybody wants to quit playing the game just quit. I still enjoying the game. Were getting free stuff from achievs anyway. Give the devs some slack. Its christmas. Dont scream like kids who didnt get the latest game consoll from their parents. And quit if the game really blows that mutch. Merry Christmad devs. And good work. (Im gonna get trolled soo mutch after this post )
  9. Hildisvinet

    Event Calendar for October

    Why shouldnt the events be similar to each other? Well i agree, it would be nice to have the event calendar either in the launcher or visible on the main page. But am i the only one who thought "hmm US this weekend, wonder what nationality it will be next week?" I just bougth both NC the day before last weekend, but i dont really feel that WG is owing me anything anyway. Its limited offer i missed not more expensive than normal. The game is still BETA and louds of people are having a blast. Is a late calendar reason enough to quit a game? Or missing a special offer 15% on a tirpitz? Anyway thanks for a nice game, if any felt they wasted doubloons on a ship cause they missed 15% off maybe it was a mistake to buy doubloons in the first place.
  10. Hildisvinet

    Make battleships more resistant against enemy HE shell spam.

    Have to say, positioning is the key. Ive furned lots of BBs with my benson but almost everytime its because i find a hole in the defence and a lonesome BB is in back of the map. And even then il get "im a cheater, aimbot blablablablabla". (Even thou i miss 100 out of 200 shots). Its just the positioning, what do you expect when ure a juicy fat tirpitz or a crawling colorado without no support going the other way than the rest of the team. Prob some cruiserplayers could give better support but mainly for f...sake, dont solo in the back alone sniping with your BB, eventually there will come an undetecable sneak burn u to the bottom of the sea. Most DDs in not stupid enough to go straigh into a gang of cruisers and DDs just for some firehits on a BB
  11. Hildisvinet

    Elite colorado?

    Yes its a fun ship if u like the fat good old USS BBs had alot of fun in my NM also
  12. Hildisvinet

    Elite colorado?

    Hi, not adressing this to all the haters of this fun brawling ship but to all those brawling lovers. Im close to cashing out my North Carolina and wondered if my brawling days should be over or is this ship is a keeper? Any of u regretted that u sold your colorado and would keep it for fun, or will NC keep me busy and entertained enough so good old colorado will just be a memory?