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    captain dont get XP on jacuzzi fight

    Played the Jacuzzi battles for the first time today and noticed a really weird phenomenon. THE BOTS ARE BETTER THAN REAL PLAYERS!!!!111 When I played Random battles, most of the time I was on the winning side. EVERY TIME I played Co-op mode, the bots murdered us (I was usually last player standing). WTF is up with that? Is this some new advanced AI WG are trying out. For the record Co-op battles in regular ships seem the same...
  2. Flustered_Ferret

    Battleships are the most boring cl...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sorry...I fell asleep at how boring Acheron is... Reported for boring, unconstructive post.
  3. Flustered_Ferret

    Four feathers - dealing with cowards

    I'd just like to add it infuriates me the number of BB "players" that either actively run away from a fight and hug the borders of the map (or crash into them and stay there), or simply don't move from their start point. Reported a Kongo just a couple of games ago for not moving the entire battle. Had a telephone number for a user name, which also made me think it was a bot. Then, lo and behold, when the enemy team is down to its last surviving player (a badly damaged DD) AND I let it be known I'd reported him, he decided to move... I loathe people like that with every fibre of my being...they so make me want to send a spread of torps their way... I think if a ship has survived a battle but not fired a shot, or moved outside the spawn area, they should receive 0 credits and XP.
  4. Flustered_Ferret

    HE Spammers

    Ack. Just had an awful evening session in which I've been doing miserable damage with AP, regardless of ship or gun calibre. Whatever screwup WG have done it seems HE really is the best option...I also notice you automatically load AP at the start of battles, rather than HE like before.
  5. Flustered_Ferret

    reds are raging lol

    Heh. I had an opponent rage at me, calling me a noob camper...right after I sank him at near point-blank range. Go figure...
  6. Flustered_Ferret

    HE Spammers

    Well, all I can say is that f***ing sucks donkey balls! Just shows WG really don't think things through when they set these missions up. When does this mission expire? Just so I know when I can start playing again...
  7. Flustered_Ferret

    What is more fun to play: St. Louis or Dresden?

    I found the St Louis to be miles better...she packs a much bigger punch and has better range too IIRC.
  8. Flustered_Ferret

    HE Spammers

    Just a short vent. I would like to announce that I am utterly sick of being spammed with HE by pretty much every enemy I come across. I can understand it with BBs, as smaller ships often can't pen them, but every time when I'm playing cruisers...seriously? Game after game I get set on fire...repair...set on fire again. I regularly lose around half my HP simply because the fires usually burn themselves out long before I can use my repair facility again. It wouldn't be so bad but even the bloody AI ships in co-op battles do this! Rant over.
  9. Flustered_Ferret

    What's with all the [edited] these couple of days? (RANT)

    I dunno about that. Platooning in WoT usually made things 10 times worse (always bottom tier in crappy teams)! Plus I doubt anyone would want to team up with a below-average player like me...
  10. Flustered_Ferret

    What's with all the [edited] these couple of days? (RANT)

    Have to say I've been shocked by some of the [edited] I've seen in lower-mid tier battles this week. I currently play tier IV cruisers and am grinding through a couple of tier III battleships (the BBs mostly in co-op mode). While playing my Phoenix, Kuma and Karlsruhe in successive battles, I took my cruiser out to a flank, accompanied by another cruiser and destroyer. We spotted the enemy and began to engage them, then had to fall back, as it soon became clear about half the enemy team were headed our way. In 2 battles we had 3 BBs, (Miyogis, Wyomings and in one case a Kongo). In those two battles the BBs simply camped at the start point and actively ran away once they saw the enemy ships headed their way. They made no effort whatsoever to help us out and simply hung us out to dry. In the Karlsruhe battle, all but 3 of our team lemminged down one side of the map and were nowhere to be seen, while me and a team mate got obliterated, trying to defend our carriers. The Phoenix and Kuma battles I was able to enjoy a little revenge. I simply ran off (not before dealing and taking some damage) and let the BBs get overrun, tossing a few choice insults their way. I was the last to die in my Phoenix, but simply ran my Kuma into an island and quit the battle before it finished, as I was so pissed off at the time. In fact, every one of the 6 Random battles I attempted today was an overwhelming defeat, largely due to the total idiocy / cowardice of several players on the teams I was landed with. if this is the way the game is headed I don't see me sticking with it much longer.
  11. Flustered_Ferret

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had this one yesterday...one of my better outings at tier IV so far:
  12. Flustered_Ferret

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    All I know is I feel the South Carolina and Kawachi are horribly out-gunned when they have to face tier IV or V ships. Incredibly slow ships with incredibly slow rates of fire. Any destroyer and most cruisers can out-manouevre them and shoot them with impunity if they keep 10km or further away.
  13. Flustered_Ferret

    Stuck in a ghost devision, im going to sue you for billions

    Try sticking a jump lead up your nose to kickstart your one functioning brain cell. It might lead you to an epiphany (sudden realisation) that perhaps submitting a ticket to support might yield better results than posting a whiny tantrum on the forum, where it will not be read by anyone who cares. Just a thought...
  14. Flustered_Ferret

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Actually happened yesterday, but I had this rather nice game in my Tenryu. Despite having a bloody bot on our team (sole survivor) we managed to win on points. No idea why the surviving enemy didn't kill it, but hey...
  15. Flustered_Ferret

    0.5.2 coming tomorrow

    You are too easily creeped out. In all seriousness, she's probably been told / trained to do that. She may not be a great / natural presenter, but her other assets more than make up for that.