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  1. javelin1946

    Mission help

    Sorry I mislead what I'm looking for. While in a mission there are many small numbers that appear that I'm not sure what they mean. I understand the targeting info but not the small numbers in a circle that appear. Is there any of the videos that explain this
  2. javelin1946

    Mission help

    Can someone lead me to a area which deals which will explain all the numbers, symbols while in a mission. I've tried to find a tutorial video that would show that but has of yet cannot. any help would be appreciated.
  3. javelin1946

    Rudder indicators

    Is there someway to keep the rudder indicator on the screen
  4. javelin1946

    The ultimate World of Warships Port Guide ;)

    Thanks, very helpful. Wish you had one for when in mission
  5. javelin1946

    Server problem with latest patch

    This is a real problem dont understand why I cannot sign in to the NA server. Need some help for this
  6. javelin1946

    Server problem with latest patch

    Thanks but i still cannot sign in. should the NA be first
  7. javelin1946

    Server problem with latest patch

    Just downloaded the latest patch and now I am directed to the Asian server, prior to this patch I was using the American one. I remember seeing a topic of changing a file to get me back to the american one, but cannot seem to find it file was a "script_config.xml that had to be modified
  8. javelin1946

    Buying, selling and research

    Thanks guys, for your help
  9. javelin1946

    Buying, selling and research

    Thanks. I have several questions concerning the buying of ships. I don't understand the research which I thought was a way to look over a ship prior to buying.
  10. javelin1946

    Buying, selling and research

    Very new playing warship, and cannot find any information on the above. Also is there a way to download the control key commands