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  1. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Smoke is a bit unreal and skilless atm, need a bit of wind?

    The Wind affects dispersion as well. If it would be implemented that is.
  2. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Batteries not Included zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Ik denk niet dat je veel succes zal hebben door het bericht te sturen op de forum, je kan beter Evergreen een persoonlijk bericht geven in game aangezien hij al een tijdje niet meer online is geweest. succes o7.
  3. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    ARP Takao Mission

    Higher tiers are boring anyways. They saved allot of people allot of frustration and anger issues.
  4. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp


    Skill cap of Tetris is way higher than any arcade shooter can ever be.
  5. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    The weekend has come....happy!

    Weekends allot of people come to play and relax and loose some steam, and most of the times alcohol or some other things are involved.
  6. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Blocklist helps to increase chanse of winning in Ranked battles.

    Why not make it a 1v1 game so the only person you could blame is yourself? Salt companies would go broke I guess.
  7. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    Yes, you are correct. However, my card reader, that reads my debit card can't read the card anymore and that is the only way I can transfer money, would it be Paypal or via Ideal. But, I don't want to make this topic about me and my personal problems. But this fine gentleman made me believe there are still some goddamn amazing people walking this globe. A short story about this fine Sir. He felt compelled to my story and gifted me the Belfast, I wanted to pay him back as fast as I could, whatever I suggested the Gentleman refused. I also wanted to praise the man for his kindness on the forums, that is the only thing I could do at this moment. But the good man refused to be publicly known, and would only agree if his identity would remain unknown. Of course I will respect his wish. What amazed me the most I never actually experienced such kindness from a stranger on the internet, and made me shed baww tears irl. Feels like a 10 year old schoolgirl getting a pony for her birthday. This to the mysterious gifter. You are truly a amazing guy, and I will most likely sneak a present back whenever I get chance.Even tho, you said you don't want anything back. (:
  8. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    The dire state of CVs - will something be done?

    Well, time to get some new drivers for you, OP clearly states he doesn't want a buff, but a complete rework of the class.
  9. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    The dire state of CVs - will something be done?

    Good post, but you forgot the laggy unresponsive CV UI. Oh you did?! Mb.
  10. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    No, I have not. Credit cards aren't really a thing here. Meh, already tried. Friends that are close to me, can't spare the money they haven't received pay yet so you can imagine that they already burning the last few bucks they have from their last months pay. It's faith, the gods won't allow me club baby seals at tier 5. Mabey it is for the better, might as well join the club of people who are going to [edited]and moan(rightfully so) this ship is borderline op. ;-; but tears will be shed. QQ ​
  11. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    Gets home from work. Opens up wows EU shop page. Clicks for Belfast. Selects payment system. Puts bank card in the Card reader. Card reader displays error can't recognize the card. Tried multiple times can't get it to work. GG, RnG. WP. I guess me and this ship weren't meant to be. The new card would arrive next week, most likely it won't be on sale by then. ;-;
  12. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    Hype train! All aboard!
  13. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Ship relative angle, mod.

    I am truly disappointed to see some people defending this mod and wear the W/L signature with pride, as that would even matter using garbage like this. Mods like these are fine if you want to play singleplayer where the human factor isn't a thing, but if you play a ''competitive game'' like this where people actually take pride in having some degree off skill, where the human brain actually needs to work to gather the information needed to gain the upper hand. But mods like these simplify the game even more than it already is. Do people seriously want their hands held, and their back scratched so easily? What makes a competitive game so special is that, is that you need to figure out for yourself what is the best play and which way to go based on your cunning instinct or your experience, and not because some stupid mod tells you to, this is one step in the wrong direction letting this into the mod pack, simplifying a PvP game is never a good solution in the long run. The main factor for me voting no specifically for this mod. - People get lazy and rely more on their mods than on their selfs, I can already imagine they wouldn't play the first couple of days if an update came up. - The NavigationMod still portrays of which way people are sailing even behind rocks, like mentioned earlier in this thread it is like you have a free torpedo indicator. - If WG wants to be a Esport game with WOWS this is not the way to go.
  14. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Is WoWs heading down the WoT game plan?

    Good thing I'm totally oblivious to WG marketing scheme, never played WOT, total WG virgin here. Ultimate goal in almost every f2p game, - Make game accessible for every kind of player noobs/pro's/casual - Offer allot of payable add-ons to the game, almost at the point that people genuinely think they need premiums offers to stay competitive. - Queue times need be as short as possible. - Pump out content, to keep people hooked, giving them goals to play the game, its called GRIND in short. I would say WoWs is the same as the rest?
  15. OiMateYouSankMyBattleShp

    Almost at 1k battles~

    To be quite fair, there is (was) no real indication in this thread that you wanted the forum to evaluate your stats, In my opinion, it looked like you were giving yourself a free roast. So when can you reach your goal? Did you set a goal to reach your goal?