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  1. lord_darth_vader_bg

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    For Part 5 on portal we can see But in game we can see: -Hit enemy ship 500 times with secondary guns -Hit enemy ship 500 times with main guns -Damage 100 ship module Reward 1x The Great Eight Container, 10x "This is your day, Commander" camo, 4xCommander slots, 1xPort slot
  2. lord_darth_vader_bg

    October Combat Missions: Royal Navy - Discussion Thread

    What is the meaning of this article / calendar after the information on discounts and missions appears after their implementation. According to this "calendar", the month of October ended on the 18th ...
  3. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Bug Reports

    We play random battle, domination mode The map was Neighbors The mini map was shown Tutorial the score was not in points, but in a number of sunken ships This happend on 21.09.2018 11:17UTC
  4. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    To create missions for ships that do not yet exist. This can be invented by either an idiot or a genius. Who has paid, can play ... an excellent game policy that is advertised as free.
  5. lord_darth_vader_bg

    French Cruiser Changes

    The one who invented the Torpedo Reload Booster is an idiot. And the one who invented the Main Battery Reload Booster is a double idiot. Unrealistic - better to remove. A battleship (with engine boost) faster than a destroyer, the torpedo charging for a few seconds, now an acceleration for the cannon, what's next? Will we be able to use strafing with Yamato? Or why do not enter the German torpedo T-IIa (G7e) FAT and / or TV (G 7e)?
  6. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    When you move a captain from one ship to another you have to choose how to train (free or for money). And why the first option is always to pay with doubloons? You better transfer it for free and then from the acceleration menu to choose whether you will pay with doubloons or with credits or free. The cost of training must be based on captains level, not the same for captains with 3, 10 or 19 points.
  7. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    - The one who invented the Torpedo Reload Booster is an idiot. And the one who invented the Main Battery Reload Booster is a double idiot. Unrealistic - better to remove. - The strafing of fighters is buggy and unsportsmanlike and unfair. Will we be able to use strafing with Yamato as well? Unrealistic - better to remove. - Once Kaga has the symbol of the rising sun on the deck, why not return that symbol to Hiryu's deck? - You can add some new skills to the captains ... economically. Reducing the cost of repair, gaining more credits, more experience, free exp. - Continue testing new ships on the live server. This is not a problem, but you hide their characteristics and skills. This is unsportsmanlike. - Why if you hit a teammate he does not get the same damage as if you hit an opponent? Why is he receiving only a percentage?. Let there be no difference in damage whether you will hit an opponent or a teammate. Or as someone had written here in the forum "There is no friendly torpedo".
  8. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Izumo in general

    I also like Izumo. An interesting ship with a very clean design. I still keep him in the harbor.
  9. lord_darth_vader_bg

    SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    Does not work with me. 2x290 in crossfire ... only one works
  10. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Update 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    I still see ships being tested on the live server. And their characteristics are hidden. On purpose. By playing on the test server the player receives compensation in the form of flags or premium time. But it does not happen on the live server. This is unacceptable. This is unsportsmanlike behavior, and I will report each one for unsportsmanlike behavior or bad play. And why only a teammate can be reported as unsportsmanlike behavior, and not an opponent?
  11. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Other Changes

    First you removed the jet aircraft from Midway, then you changed the setup. Next you removed the 10th level of the torpedo bombers and put the 8th and you are now reducing the level of fighters. The path you took is not right.
  12. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Clan Battles Season 2

    There are no aircraft carriers, so there is no need for cruisers and destroyers specializing in anti air. Boring. No need to play.
  13. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Izumo and Musashi have same secondary guns 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 mod. 2 but with different rate of fire. Izumo Rate of Fire - 10 shots/min. Reload Time - 6 sec. Musashi Rate of Fire - 8 shots/min. Reload Time - 7.5 sec Why? If you want to be different give them a different names like in Yamato Yamato use the same guns but different versione 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 Rate of Fire - 12 shots/min. Reload Time - 5 sec. and 127 mm/40 Type89 A1 mod. Rate of Fire - 10 shots/min. Reload Time - 6 sec. After you change US aircraft carrier i find that my Independence loose elite staus and i need to research Douglas SBD-5 dive bombers Why? I have this bombers on my Ranger. Why i need research again?
  14. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Strafing and counterstrafing

    But there are no "fire and forget" self-guided missiles. There are small caliber machine guns. The desired effect can not be obtained. All mechanics are wrong, unrealistic and unfair. I think it should be replaced with the possibility of fighters for ship attacks.
  15. lord_darth_vader_bg

    Bug Reports

    Happened to me several times. 1 - After the end of a battle in which I have finished in the first place by experience I receive a pop-up message with a proposal for a prize (for example, a discount for premium time) 2 - By pressing the button in the message I am transferred to the site 3 - Opens my login window 4 - After logging in, he writes that the "promotion" has expired. But what was the "promotion" ... not a word.