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  1. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    Looking for a new clan

    After taking some time away from the game due to not having as much time to play, I would like to get back into playing clan battles on a more regular basis. Ideally I would be looking for at least low typhoon as I would like to think i have a decent amount of comp experience. I have discord and am happy to have a chat or go through whatever recruitment processes your clan might have. My wows numbers page for convenience https://wows-numbers.com/player/532349619,WhereTheCCsAtWG/ Im a little rusty but am hoping to play more regularly moving forward.
  2. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    The Ohio Is Bad

    You're just wrong, you literally only do 7k more average damage in the thunderer ? On a ship you say you love, have you considered changing how you play Ohio or how you have the commander built ?
  3. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    Schlieffen: Let's discuss this BB.

    When you're having this much fun with a ship why want to ruin the party
  4. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    Looking for a clan

    Just looking for a semi competent clan to be able to do clan battles with to be able to earn some steel. Sadly im not able to play as much anymore due to work so my availability will be somewhat limited. My wows numbers page for your convenience https://wows-numbers.com/player/532349619,MakarovMainForChristmas/ Happy to use discord and all that good stuff :)
  5. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    [TANG0] On the lookout for competitive minded players

    https://discord.gg/6qhN5DH Come have a chat
  6. WhereTheCCsAtWG

    WoWS reporting system: a BIG overhaul needed?

    Are we playing the same game ? A bad player who wants to improve how they play will look at the different resources available to help them improve e.g Youtube guides, possibly watching twitch streams or maybe even joining a clan and divisioning with better players, the idea that simply by making them play against other bad players will slowly make people improve seems odd as surely it would simply reinforce their bad habits by surrounding them with them constantly. A bad player who either has no idea they are "bad" or simply doesn't care aren't the type of players who are even trying to get better or improve imo. Forcing changes to the MM really wouldn't be the way i would try and improve the skill of the player base over all, but to be blunt WG has no incentive to focus efforts on trying to improve bad players.