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    [TANG0] On the lookout for competitive minded players

    Come join the fun
  2. TheMightyPostman

    [TANG0] On the lookout for competitive minded players

    https://discord.gg/6qhN5DH Come have a chat
  3. TheMightyPostman

    WoWS reporting system: a BIG overhaul needed?

    Are we playing the same game ? A bad player who wants to improve how they play will look at the different resources available to help them improve e.g Youtube guides, possibly watching twitch streams or maybe even joining a clan and divisioning with better players, the idea that simply by making them play against other bad players will slowly make people improve seems odd as surely it would simply reinforce their bad habits by surrounding them with them constantly. A bad player who either has no idea they are "bad" or simply doesn't care aren't the type of players who are even trying to get better or improve imo. Forcing changes to the MM really wouldn't be the way i would try and improve the skill of the player base over all, but to be blunt WG has no incentive to focus efforts on trying to improve bad players.
  4. TheMightyPostman

    [TANG0] On the lookout for competitive minded players

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  5. [TANG0] LOOKING FOR NEW RECRUITS Ahoy captains! [TANG0] is a multinational English-speaking clan full of people with competitive ambitions. Most of our members are from UK and Germany but we also have people from other countries all over Europe. During the previous CB season, we managed to get to Hurricane last season. Our main goal is to stay at this level of competitive play. And as there is always a room for improvement, we welcome fresh blood among our ranks. What do we expect from possible candidates? - Your stats should be around the clan average. However, we do not dwell on those numbers 100% and there is always room for discussion. - Experience in the game (e.g. having no T10 ship might be an issue) - Competitive nature and willingness to improve, - Discord with functional mic/speaker - Sufficient level of English so you are able to communicate with others (and you are not afraid of it) - Nice personality and decent behavior What we offer: - Basically fully upgraded clan base with the most important buildings (coal and steel port included) - Active player base competing in both clan battles and KOTS - Friendly environment for relaxed randoms in a div - Opportunity to be at the start of a new clan, step up and be a force to be reckoned with - Non-game-related chat with people with the same disabilities Feel free to join our discord and have a chat: https://discord.gg/SqZhY7r
  6. TheMightyPostman

    [TIW] Thames Iron Works - Casually competitive

    Come play clan battles