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  1. You're probably a shell magnet, because people like me take preference in shooting wallet warriors over stock ships. Especially the Atlanta, because it's so easy to kill.
  2. Acheron_mk3

    High tier CV is joketier.

  3. Acheron_mk3

    Potentially the thinnest armoured cruiser ever?

    It had 8 tubes and could do 40 kts though.
  4. Acheron_mk3

    ATLANTA paper ship

    I love facing the Atlanta, because I know it's the only wallet warrior ship that can easily be destroyed.
  5. Acheron_mk3


    Nope, just suspended.
  6. Acheron_mk3

    Points System explanation needed

    Basically, you play the game, then the RNG WG lottery decides how much you get. Obviously paying WG 60 euros for a single ship means you have a higher chance of a lottery win. In short, terrible system.
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  8. Acheron_mk3

    can not start the game

    I had the same problem. I tried to uninstall it and re-install, and it wouldnt let me do that either. I disabled my anti-virus and it still didnt work. I actually uninstalled my antivirus (avast) then was able to reinstall the game and it worked fine.
  9. Acheron_mk3

    Nothern Lights

    terrible map tbqh
  10. LOL the 203mm is terrible. Cant believe people are suggesting it.