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  1. Nibloke

    Dutch tech tree

    My bet. The first Dutch ship in the game will be be the Isaac Sweers. Why? - The first PAN-EUR tree will be destroyers so it makes sense that the first premium Dutch ship will be a destroyer - Ship is Dutch made and not bought from the English - Ship has battle history
  2. Nibloke

    French T10 Battleship finally revealed :)

    beautiful ship. Ugly camo
  3. Nibloke

    FACTS - Belgium

    Are there people going to this? Normally I wouldn't go. Not really my scene. But I like comics. But what should I expect? Just some PCs for WG for playing the games? (Don't want the sound cheap) Free stuff? A selfie with Dasha? A hug from Tuccy and the other CCs?
  4. Nibloke

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

  5. Nibloke

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    protect 1047. And how you would have looked like...
  6. Looking at those numbers. i wouldn't say the Hood needs a buff. It's the Nelson and George that needs a nerf. 65.606 and 64.107dmg. The next one has only 51.257 dmg.
  7. By the way with CB coming in. And clans becoming important. Aren't you missing a thread? You have have a thread 'clan recruitment'. You have have a thread 'Looking for a clan'. But where is is the thread 'Clans'? You know a thread were clans can leave messages to each other. Were each clan can have its own thread. Or can you do that in game? or do you have to make your own webpage?
  8. I don't really call giving pictures of those 3 ships a leak. Was there even a possibility that those 3 ships couldn't be in the BB tech tree?
  9. There are so many questions about CB that are still open. Like a clan can have 30 (or even 50) members. Is it 1 battle per clan or can a clan have 4 (or 7) battles at the same time? Will it work like ranked? And if you have more than 1 group fighting will they all go up (or down) at the same time? Will there be rewards at the end? ...?
  10. Nibloke

    No more ranked this year cos of Clan Wars?

    I don't know. But to me CB is ranked with teamspeak (the best teams gonna have teamspeak) and playing with people you know. No random people in your team. You actually can have a little strategy. And sorry.but making a Clan isn't that big of a deal. All you need is 7 friends and some doubloons . A lot of time or energy isn't really needed for a clan. Success in a clan? that is an other question. Every time there is ranked. Do you know how many threads thare are about people complaining about the random people they are forced to play with?
  11. But ocean should be that big of a problem because only 1 BB max in each team and radar has its limited range (unlike CVs that can spot multiple places in at the same time). Ocean map isn't that horrible if there aren't 5 BB's aiming at your puny cruiser.
  12. Of the 3 maps that we have. It seems there is always 1 cap that will be easy to cap (sometimes near the spamzone sometimes far). To cap them. Radar or smoke doesn't matter. It will be more defending them that will be the question. And the last cap has always islands in it to hide behind. The 1 weakness of radars. I wonder what the best strategy will be on the 3 maps that we already know (But why don't they give the 4th map?)
  13. Nibloke

    No ranked battles during clan wars, please reconsider!

    I always thought if clan battles is a succes it would have been R.I.P for ranked. If CB wasn't a succes it would die on itself.
  14. Actually if WG would have said no BBs I wouldn't have a problem with it. For me the most important part of the message is "Clan wars , sorry Clan battles, are here".
  15. A year long (if not longer) I have been reading "we need CWars", "I want to play with my friends" "Why isn't there Cwars" Now Cwas are here...and all you get is whining about CVs. ... I think if Cwars isn't gonna be a success (meaning a large part of the playing community playing it) that WG isn't gonna plan a next Cwars. Just be happy that they are here and hope that a lot of people will be playing them. I doubt WG will spend a lot of time in games for just the top 3% of all the players.