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  1. Is WG planing to give away coal as candy in a catholic priest convincion?
  2. Nibloke

    The Community Christmas List(Very Important)

    Plz Santa give all the ships heal...
  3. Nibloke

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    OooooooHHHh Was hoping for a German CV line
  4. Nibloke

    The Captain's Logbook

    Seems to be no room for Submarines in your Wall Cupboard?
  5. Nibloke

    Dasha captains: Will they ever be made available again?

    Didn't she return once already?
  6. People can argue until they blue in the face but the greatest thing rader ever did was to kill off that division-of-3 (2) That was -sitting-in the smoke-firing. How I hated that kind of game play.
  7. Nibloke

    Ships for Black Friday 2020

    Roma Irian Friesland Le Terrible I think I'm winning with the Friesland
  8. Nibloke

    How much have you captains spent on WoWs?

    Normally I would say 200 to 300 euro in total. But!!! Recently I had to look it up and it seems I spend around €400 in 1 year on WOWs and WOWp. So have been playing for 4 years that would make.... And I don't buy the big stuff or even containers...but 1 €20 a month is already €240 euro a year. I have taken measures since then. I had multiple accounts and now I just have 2 ( and even 1 of them will be moved to the NA server). So hoping to reduce my bill to around 200 euro a year.
  9. Not really a in game situation but still a game situation. A few days ago WG gave me a 30%-discount-code that was good for a couple of days. Knowing that black Friday was near I wanted to wait a little bit to see which one was better. I wanted premium time. Yesterday, the last day of the coupon, I wanted to buy premium time because Black Friday didn't offer such things so far I could tell. But sadly the tab 'My Coupons' was gone in the premium shop. It was simply not there anymore. I was wondering was I wrong about my coupon date. And did they change the fact no-coupon no tap 'My Coupons' (which wouldn't be a bad thing). But guess what...today I have my tap 'My Coupons' back...of course empty by now...no more 30%-coupon for little old me. Thx WG for that little fun experience...
  10. Nibloke

    Second lines for existing nations.

    Totally agree with that. That and the fact they have10 tiers. 8 tiers would have been more than enough. Less need for paperships and more possible nations. More possible extra lines. Also some ships that are now tier 8 would have been top tier. And than they made Legends.
  11. Nibloke

    The Lucky Losers [88888]

    Hey, I stopped playing but apparently, in less than a month, I'm back. I'm such a loser. Maybe a Lucky Loser? I'm just looking for a team for the clan bonus and to offer my help to get the clan bonus.
  12. Nibloke

    Russian carriers coming?

    It isn't "will". It's more when. Or a least we will get a premium RU CV
  13. And I still think we have the best dev/mod team with their weekly stream. You can't have everything. But I want that flag...
  14. Nibloke

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Deletion is 1,5 months from now. After that you're done. We will see If we don't see you before that.
  15. Nibloke

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Do you know what I have noticed? How bad a lot of new Ifalian cruiser captains are. A lot of them yolo to the enemy at the start of the game. Giving broadsides after being detected and not changing their direction. Thinking they can win solo against 3 to 4 ships. It's sometimes really bizarre to watch. It's like they never played in a cruiser and always in a ship with a lot of armor, big guns and a big health pool.