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  1. JozaVrabac

    Mercenaries looking for a clan

    if any one need zer German CV merc don't be shy
  2. JozaVrabac

    How many Rusian token's did you get???

    I got only 60 after 1st directvie you?
  3. JozaVrabac

    Premium account for tier 8 ships?

    is holiday's TEAM's gonna be more "Unicum" then usual.
  4. i see that bashing and PICHFORK sharpening going well. Here is some more fun facts to the story for this great event. You remember the thing called research berou? Oh gess what i restarted 3 lines (way before this event even started), cuz i was told go ahead restart you gonna be abel to get the rewords no mater what no hurry. DAM was i a dummy to belive WG! Guess what no coal, no steal, no santa boxes for thouse lines. TNX WG this even is going awsome. If i knew that i wouldn't bother with stupid NTC. oh before you say write a ticket, I DID. they sad give us a picture. And usual F around stuff. PPL don't trust WG ever agin keep your money have fun holiday's
  5. JozaVrabac

    Fun & Engaging Game

    i starting this topic so that WG might get idea how MM is unbalanced not to be solty or enything. if you have same fun & engeging games do pls post a picture. Games shouldn't be that much unbalanced.
  6. JozaVrabac

    New CVs

    1# CV's T4 are overly underpowered (i cant belive i'm saying that) 2# you can't see the aiming thingy allways on divebombers you need to zoom them out more or do some with camera angels cuz in ceratn runs you don't see where you aiming. 3# you need to do something to USN CV line now IJN line is beatter in evry way
  7. oh more free stuff :D
  8. JozaVrabac

    Do you want a coal / free xp destroyer?

    i know WG answer. you can get black for steal
  9. JozaVrabac

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    still at 0 RN dd missions.And when you politely ask them they give you this: "It's your RNG" so they wanna get you spend, spend, spend money notser had people buying him over 200 crates to get last 1. nice RNG WG. Also why Belgium have 100% chance to get them?
  10. still no RN dd missions dear WG 2nd directive finished yea they easy to get high chance to get them for everybody else but me. Good RNG tnx WG.
  11. still no RN dd ty for RNG WG
  12. JozaVrabac

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    lucky you still no RN dd's for me and no rewords from hall of shame tnx WG nice RNG
  13. JozaVrabac

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    someone sad on forum "if i read it corectly" RN DD misssions are locked no more of them,
  14. i mean we on EU allways get the SHIP deal compering to other servers,. Then why we allway mad? Could be that we wanna some love from time to time?