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  1. Yamato942

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I was really lucky, got 4 x 1000 doubloons, 3x 15k coal, 50k free exp, 2x50 restless fire and a couple of signal SC but the best thing for this event and my entire career in wows is that i got a ship, i was expecting some crap tier5 ship or at best tier6 ship but i got Vanguard. Im really thankful to WG.
  2. Yamato942

    Rogue Wave - Savage Battle ships

    Probably to some tier1 ship which then can be converted to free exp if your rich guy who dont know value of money.
  3. Yamato942

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Yeah and i think competiton is not regular since we dont have leaderboard and we dont know who have how much points. Is it possibily that no same point players in first 3? Did WG check is top 3 botting? I looked some players from top3 and some hidden his stats and some have too few battles in last week to be in top3? And many more problems.....
  4. Yamato942

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    More and more battles without cv in matches, this will be final touch to cv so i dont need to play it or be bullyed by them. Lucky me, east europe poor guy who didnt have money to buy any cv
  5. Yamato942

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    The problem is not best xp in lost keep a star, problem is xp distribbution as they are not balanced and something easy is reward better then something hard to do, dmg and kills should be rewarded less while spoting, tanking, and caping more.
  6. Yamato942

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Its all fine they just need to reward less xp for dmg but not for all ships, dmg farmers like cv,Conq, Henry should be balanced as they need to got less xp for them since they farm dmg easy mode and ofc buff dd and cruiser spotting xp gain and capping for everybody xp gain.
  7. Yamato942

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    Enterprise is probably only reason for no cv in clan wars so your power is actually [edited]*d you
  8. Yamato942

    To save a star or not, the big question.

    Either way it sucks, if you keep saving star people will go full save star gameplay mode and start long range farming dmg when they see its gona be lose. If no save star then team will suicide very fast and provide terrible fun for both team when lose is sure. Both way is bad and will make bad gameplay on losing team.
  9. Yamato942

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I dont try super container, i dont have luck in that stuff, but gl to you who try, im satistfied with my credits container , always atleast 50k+flags one time 100k+flag.