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  1. Yamato942

    Nerf the Venezia?

    All 3 is broken as always was and always will. CV is god module, Stalingrad have broken armor and shells, and Venezia have broken SAP and smoke. Nerf all 3 and nerf it on dmg dealing not armor.
  2. Yamato942

    Idea For Possible Better Team Play

    Same for random
  3. Yamato942

    Idea For Possible Better Team Play

    Hhaah you didnt understand, i speak about bots side of coop how they care for win and play objectives.
  4. Yamato942

    Can we get rid of the map Island of Ice already?

    Maybe we can have 2 map avoided for premium users like in WoT and you dont get them. There if you have premium account you can chose 2 map that you will never get. I like that idea there and it can work here.
  5. Yamato942

    Idea For Possible Better Team Play

    Cant be worse then this, when i play co op once in year i always supprised how much they care for win compared to majority of players i meet in randoms
  6. Yamato942

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    I in my full AA Friesland that need to do stupid WG mission for 300 planes. Where do i sign for that double CV matches. Beacuse whenever i took some AA monster dd like Kidd,Halland,Friesnland and such i never met a CV, never.
  7. Yamato942

    Longer wait time for better play experience

    So you do like steam rolls matches that last 8min, you do like results like 12:1, 12:2 and such? Do you enjoy it when you lose like that? Or even when win?
  8. Yamato942

    Idea For Possible Better Team Play

    Nah, they should make only your performance aka xp earned count. Should be rewarded not win or lose. Anyways nobody play for win, no team play no anything just one men vs 23 men, bots, potatos, tomatos and other vegetables. You should rate player performance not luck and what hes gona get from MM lottery. Win buff to xp gain is ok in competetive when you know your team. In random punishing my xp gain for not sucsesfully carry all kind of bad players is not fun.
  9. Its boring that some fo you say that Stalingrads arent op. You say if they nerf Stalin and Venezia other ships will take their place. Ofc it will, skilled players always take best at current moment. But the thing is nothing is even close to this two. Moskva can do same as Stalingrad? Yea sure, slower shells, only half of Stalingrad AP shell, a lot less range, no improved pen angles, no hitpoints.etc and you dare to say Moskva will do same? Cmon let be serius If Stalin go something else will take it place but the thing is there is a lot of diffrent ships which are pretty much balanced one to another and we saw last season when no Stalingrads and CV there is a lot of diffrence ships like HenryIV,Yoshino,DM, even some Hindeburg,Zao and Mino,Worchester,etc. and btw that ship can fight CV better then Stalingrads but they cant fight Stalingrads at range, nothing can, except stupid Venezia with stupid SAP and Moving Smoke at 35kn. I can bet if we dont see Stalingrads and Venezias in cw we can see a lot of diffrent setup and more bb setups. BB setups cant work this season not beacuse of CV and lack of spotting but beacuse BB cant do anything about Stalingrads and Venezias. One will tank him with armor and other will kite and smoke and farm.
  10. Meta is boring not only beacuse of cvs, cv is OP as always was and always will be, but, do anybody ask why in 3 ships meta are Stalingrad and Venezia. Thats a big problem, maybe even bigger then cv. Stalingrad is stupidly OP since day1 and this cw season show that atleast. That armor and that guns cant be together and be balanced, 24km range with range module, 1000m/s shell velocity and almost 10k AP dmg per shell combined with best armor and hp on all cruisers and even some bbs. Thats the reason why a lot of Stalingrads. Venezia is even more stupid beacuse you can pen at almost all angles which is stupid and smoke to turn 180 when needed and not be blaped by Stalins and Venezia is here beacuse of Stalingrads. But imagine not having Venezias and Stalingrad as is? Then meta bring a lot of other combinations of ships and a lot of diffrent setups even with cv. I mean best AA cruisers Minotour and Worchester cant play not beacuse of CV but beacuse of Stalingrads and Venezias. Dont get me wrong CV cant have place in competetive but its for sure not only reason for this booring meta, after all, look after your cw match, enemy cv never did that much dmg to you, but Stalingrads and Venezias did using cv spotting. Btw reason why no dds are also that same Venezia crazy SAP and Stalingrads radars and fast shells.
  11. Yamato942


    Me too, but i think its internet problem, and not at server.
  12. Ofc i will, i buyed every free exp ship including Missouri and all after it including Smalland after which i left at 150k free exp, im almost already at 1mil again. Since free exp is very easy to farm, 1mil per patch is normal to farm.
  13. Yamato942

    Chill with the ban time please

    Not sure about that ^^handed out by humans^^ since i was 10 day chat baned beacuse i love as you said ^^misbehaviour in chat^^ i dont denied it. But i dont look on it like others. If somebody at tier10 in his Moskva go broadside infront Kremlin at 6km range thats [edited] and i dont see it as insult if its true. its not insult if its true. And if somebody play this game and got tier10 and still he sail broadside to bbs you want tell me thats he is complety fine and ok? He is very smart and good player? Its not insult if you say to bad player that he is bad player beacuse thats can be measured. Somebody who have 40%wr is objectivly bad player, thats true. But anyways lets back to that my 10 day ban, when its expired i finally use my chat to yet again say to whole team who is on A1 cornered since first min of battle thats this is [edited] team and that was [edited] team as a fact. Then i was again chat baned now for 14 days. The thing is that new ban arrives maybe 5min after first ban is lifted on me. So you tell me that human already solve my case in 5min? He is that fast?
  14. Yamato942

    Chill with the ban time please

    It does happen a lot but i cant argue with you since you have more time then me and enjoy forum more then me.