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  1. Yamato942

    Question about German DD shells

    For german its simple why their dd sucks, that guns, both 128mm and 150mm have such a low dmg, poor he dmg really, for cruisers its ok because of 1/4 pen, so they pen a lot but do low dmg, for dd its like pen nothing and when pen do such a low dmg. Terrible guns for dds.
  2. Yamato942

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    Im playing game for more then 3 years, with musashi i have around 120k average and i never used any mode, or anything about aim, not use dynamic, dont look shell travel time, use vanilla aim with just circle as aim like in any fps, just look how far is enemy, not in km. I just aim automatic, playing too more really dont need to think where to aim because i know, practice is everything.
  3. Yamato942

    Stalingrad OP

    I like when they say same as Moskva but better, then its either op because better then other cruiser which is already good one, or you say Moskva is underpower and i demand buff to it then.
  4. Yamato942

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I also want to join, always glad to take some godies.
  5. Yamato942

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I always have good fun reading topics like this, i didnt gave too much money on this game, maybe 100e for more then 3 year of active playing game, but still have Salem, kronstadth, musahi, missuri, tirpitz, lo yang, cossack, kidd, leningrad, duke of york, flint, indianapolis, nelson, anshan, graf spee, aigle, dunkerque, mutsu, warspite, etc. Do i really need more?? So much ships that i didnt have time to play, so my advise to you all is, before you buy anything, ask yourself do you need it??
  6. Yamato942

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    I really hope there will be not CV in this sprint, or some poor aa ships will be unplayable, i also love tier6 ships so i will play it.
  7. Dont get me wrong, but i think you lie us or maybe just the luckyiest guy on earth, got 2prem ships in normal containers, while somebody buy 12prem container and got not a single ship.
  8. Yamato942

    Ships you kept

    I never use no prem consumables, dont use premium time, dont sell ships, have a lot of them and now around 60mil and im on poor side of playerbase. Your advise is only good for new players but them anyways dont have a lot if ships.
  9. Yamato942

    Suggestion about player base and customization options.

    Do you think that anyone want to play it with potato?? With your idea and at some time MM listen you and you have what?? One good team with wr 48-60% and others team of 48-% wr. You need potato in your team beacuse you also need potato in enemy team, that is called balance and thats why we all have fun and all about 50%wr with max 10% dispersion.
  10. But why?? For more credits?? Who need that?? We all kinda have 100000000+ creditd, and new players mostly dont read forum.
  11. Yamato942

    BB *edit

    While i for the past 3years finished almost all ca and bb that i wanted, now perfectly timed and play only dds grind, now on Benson, Lighting, z23 and second line ijn, so im enjoy dds since no more pen and can rush some poor bbs.
  12. Yamato942

    Royal navy missions

    Everybody does, thats why on this sunday will be flood of cossacks in battles, i missed one guinie so i will skip and probably bring radar.
  13. Yamato942

    Ships you kept

    Well, i think its more to keep then sell, i didnt keep just ship which i didnt like, aka underpowered FdG, Izumo,Ibuki, yorck, colorado, etc. When they balanced and again competitive i will maybe rebuy them.
  14. Yamato942

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    Well, thats another problem, developers balance ships around captains skill, consumables, etc. Thats why when they change radar they will need to tweak all radar ships because they are balanced around radar.
  15. Yamato942

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    Always will be mandatory for all, only chance to not be so dominant is to nerf it to like - 5% to detection for all ships, and leave it for 4points.