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  1. But do we keep port slots from cw ships and space ships??
  2. Yamato942

    Queen Elizabeth - any point having as well as Warspite?

    For me Warspite is far better and my most played ship, its citadel machine, QE i hated beacuse guns are not the same, not even close, HE is better on QE thats true but AP? Omg it was terrible experience for me, worst AP i used on tier6 together with PEF. Its short fuse but behave short fuse only on bb and almost never reach citadel, short fuse on cruisers, big nope there, i always hit citadel (QE and Warspite both really accurate) but always overpening it for 1k. For me AP was really like AP on PEF, you cant use it and risk only 2-3k dmg overpen salvo, its much better to use HE and have atleast some 5-8k dmg. On the other hand i never fired HE on Warspite, his AP stick to citadel when i hit it and never want to leave it. In short: stick with Warspite and dont even try QE if want AP guns, if want HE use QE then and dont even try AP
  3. Yamato942

    Bug going around killing planes instantly☆

    Not sure about this bug, i didnt play cv's last few days but i just haved strange battle, where i with Kidd shoted 28 Haku planes, yes i haved defAA but i was not fully specced to AA, just some AA skills (only BFT) and +2 flak burst and AA signal, so semi AA, but i shoted that 28 planes in only 3-4 enemy attack wave, every attack was like 6-7 planes, it was all cv planes(attack,dive,torp) not fighter consum planes. Kidd is awsome AA against tier6 cvs and just fine against tier8 cvs but against tier10? Was really strange, with just melting planes, but it was not insta kill like in the bug you described here. Maybe i was just against really really bad player who love fly though flaks. I love my Kidd and its good AA platform but against same tier planes or lower, against tier10 its always so much struggle and 10-15 planes max if bullyed until death.
  4. Yamato942

    Permanent Camo to Space camo upgrade

    Sadly im not want to use any mods and i never used one for 9 years of playing wot and wows, but i know thats my fault. I just wanted that they implement that by chose not to see events looks like hallowean and space you still can use camos and captains but game mask it to regular camos and captains. Because of mods they wont do it.
  5. Yamato942

    Permanent Camo to Space camo upgrade

    I want reversed thing, want to transform ugly fictional camos which i will got. All bionic camo is on my wishlist to change to regular perma camo or atleast make it possible to mount it and use bonus but by untick space camo look i will not need to look space fictional thing on ww2 history.
  6. Yamato942

    buying legendary upgrades

    I wont buy any, i will grind it. I will buy captains since always in need for 10pointers captains.
  7. Yamato942

    Got a free Kaga carrier

    I never got anything usefull from free containers, i dont hope for anything good from them, but congrats on kaga.
  8. Yamato942

    No Server 'Players Online Number'?

    How many times people will ask about this, nobody read anything. Its not removed, its just moved, find it.
  9. Yamato942

    Georgia OP

    BB dispersion with 2.0 sigma, 28sec reload, some useful consumables aka gimmick, hydro or radar or AAdef or combination of all this and will be fine. Or make it secundary monster like Massa but tier higher. 6x2 can be balanced. It needs accuracy so if dmg to cruiser too high, lower citadel dmg but buff reload, just dont make her new Guinesau or actually make it but will Guinesau like secundarys.
  10. Yamato942

    The New and Improved Interface

    Well performance wise im not happy with it, and i also dont like new look but thats maybe only me. But the things i really not like are that i cant see containers xp needed for next one until i enter container interface, not needed changing of name for arsenal, that select port option is weird to stay there. Other changes are fine by me.
  11. Yamato942

    Wait for Yoshino or buy Salem?

    Salem is worse Des Moines, Azuma is worse Ibuki.
  12. Yamato942

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    As i predicted, no armor but huge ship and plus on that high citadel, too long reload, not so good HE and AP shells as expected, no awsome velocity and pen like Kron, not improved angle as Alaska, lowest HP compared to Alaska and Kron but worst armor, no radar like other two, not so good AA. Only good thing is accuracy but only good, not awsome especially on ranges 15+km where only can be played. All in all, worst one from the tier9s super cruisers, buy it only if you like me have all free exp ships already and more then 2mil in reserve. Also dont expect something from Yoshino, will be only average, Stalingrad is a king to stay for a long time.
  13. Yamato942

    Converting Crowns into something useful.

    Nope, make a coffee or tea and start clicking.
  14. Yamato942

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    Some people think op ships are not best, best ship is the ship players love to play not beacuse of op performing but fun, nice playstyle,gimmick,etc. In this particular ship some love more fiji then belfast. Me personally doesnt really play a lot of op ships beacuse i feel dirty playing something so much stronger then somebody else, its not a challange and its not a fair play, when i pwned you i want to know its not beacuse of ships, it beacuse of my skill.
  15. Yamato942

    Important: PTS 0.8.2 CV UI Changes

    Agreed, but i dont think its such a huge problem.