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  1. Yamato942

    Cruiser 30mm Plating issue

    30sec reload is not a draw back??? And imagine w8 that 40sec with Vermont and then small ship like DM bounce all my vermont shells?
  2. Yamato942

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Why not, atleast we have all hope.
  3. Yamato942

    Do we have another bug?

    Same here
  4. Yamato942

    Questions related to Missouri comeback and ways to buy it

    Thing that i noticed even before current Missouri credit earning nerf is that i earn a lot more with Musashi, cant be you would say but its really simple, 406mm on Missuri is not as good as before, there is a lot of heavy and super heavy cruisers with 30mm plating which is a problem and bb 32mm ofc. You see for 100k dmg on Missuori you will get a lot, in Musashi you need to do 200k to earn same but funny thing is that is much easier to earn that 200k dmg on Musashi then 100k on Missuori.
  5. Yamato942


    Standard russian ship, they are all like that, balanced for sure.
  6. Yamato942


    Yeah thats the fun part, if everybody can see it, its just, w8 1min till end of action and then slap +1 credits, that way they actually cant use this as credit sink, i wouldnt bid till last sec, when i know the price, then i decied is it worth or not and save all credits as all others. They did good job at this for going full blind. Around 5000th will be probably 50mil, all who bid above will win. 50 000 000 is probably fair price for 100 000 coal. Players who bid 200mil or 500mil have probably a lot more, and they dont care, but that is maybe just 1000-2000 players.
  7. Yamato942


    Its only 5 000 places for 100 000 coal and on server more then 20 000 players, its meant to be fierce competition beacuse just 1/5 of playerbase or even less can win. It cant be everybody happy. And as i real life the most rich will be happy.
  8. Yamato942

    Twitch drops

    i dont watch a single stream since they cant make drops work, i just dont want to supp their twich program. I did watch streams beacuse of just streams not rewards but not i dont want it since they just cant fix anything.
  9. Yamato942

    question: deck armor penetration

    Yep, that work as devs design it, they like it.
  10. Yamato942

    Free coal?

    70k free exp is 2 or 3 good match with full free exp setup of camos and signals. 5000 coal is atleast 3 days of earning coal.
  11. Yamato942

    removal of legendary missions

    When you have 12 tier 10 legendary missions to finish its not that easy, especially if you dont play tier10 only.
  12. Yamato942

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Some people dont use downloading upcoming updates in advance, some are 0.9.11 and some 0.9.12, its simple, this is just the major screw with WG louncher, to update client before server.
  13. Yamato942

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Broken ships that need fix, all cvs ( except Audacious), Stalingrad, Kremlin, Venezia, Smolensk, Petro. When that is fixed, then we can play fair and fun season of both ranked and cw. Its a simple to do but actually players is bigger problem then WG, since people dont want balanced game, they want advantage of having Broken ships. We deserve this game as is now. Enjoy in it.
  14. Yamato942

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Yes that what i said, i agree with you. I dont defend cv as it seems to you all, i just hate the fact that you all attack cv but not others unbalanced ships, like Kremlin,Stalin, Smolensk,Venezia. Yes they are not broken like cv but still much stronger then other ship in class.
  15. Yamato942

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    The good change that we needed was we chose 1 cv and 6 cruiser or 2bb and 5 cruisers. That can be really fun.