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  1. i would like to advertise our clan everywhere ... but it is just not possible ...
  2. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    if you are interested in playing CB let me know pls! there are 14 playing-days left of the season ...
  3. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    there are 9 of us now ... 21 to go!
  4. _Zug_Zwang_

    Looking for a clan

    Hi, I sent you a message and an invite! TY https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/91865-_tn_-transylvanian-navy/
  5. _Zug_Zwang_

    Player with no life looking for a clan

    Hi! I hope you will consider smaller clans as well ... only 4 members for now ... 57% WR average ... english, discord server set up, friendly. Join and help us grow it! TY _TN_ Transylvanian Navy
  6. _Zug_Zwang_

    [CLOSED] Experienced player looking for a new clan

    all clans started small :)) have a look at _TN_ please and let me know if you are interested. TY
  7. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    if your username is vandalay or pennypacker or kramer ... i think we would make a great team :))
  8. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    UP! KelVarnsen There are now 4 of us ... 1 from the Netherlands, 1 from Israel and 2 from Romania ... 26 to go :))
  9. _Zug_Zwang_

    Active player looking for a chill clan

    No CW this season most likely ... we just started and don't have enough people. Check out Transylvanian Navy ... let me know if you're interested. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500166499,-TN-Transylvanian-Navy/ Tansylvanian Navy Cheers!
  10. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    3 now ... 27 to go :)
  11. _Zug_Zwang_

    _TN_ Transylvanian Navy

    Finally! We can battle it out on the Mures and Somes rivers ... LOL ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Someș_(river) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mureș_(river) Transylvanian Navy [_TN_] is recruiting. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500166499,-TN-Transylvanian-Navy/ ... I know ... there are only 2 of us but all clans started small. The clan was founded by 2 Romanians who live in Transylvania. People from all over the world, especially from France, are welcome to apply. The language for communication will be English. This is a game ... no politics, no BS history lessons. We plan to become ... semi-competitive seems to be the term (getting your [edited] kicked is no fun) ... maybe Typhoon this season if it is not too late, probably too late though. As such, there are some requirements that must be met: - decent English; - discord for communication; - decent stats, some high tier ships, decent WR ... is 55% too much? 53%??! OK ... never mind ... can we SEE from your stats that you are improving? In other words, your stats for your last 300 battles are more relevant than your stats for your first 2000 battles. - common sense; - treat other clan members the same way you expect them to treat you ... with consideration that is; After you apply we will (maybe, probably) invite you to play a few games with us. If all goes well ... we hope you will do us the honour to crush on the high seas together. Please do not apply if you: - are not willing/able to use discord for communication (no exceptions will be made); - have less than 50% WR; If interested, PM me or Soaita_B or apply in game. Feel free to introduce yourself ... helps break the ice. Cheers, KelVarnsen PS: completing the Transylvania missions (5*) will be a requirement to remain a clan member :))
  12. _Zug_Zwang_

    Ranked Battles?

    so why can't we have ranked battles during the holidays?
  13. _Zug_Zwang_

    aspect ratio 21 9

    hi does the game support 21 9 aspect ratio? (i found something suggesting it can if changes are made to the vanilla version ... not willing to do that) ... so does the "auto" option in the graphics settings recognize the 21 9 aspect ratio? and is it working properly? thank you!
  14. the current flags offer is useless ... i can't see myself spending any money on flags as the offer stands now ...
  15. _Zug_Zwang_

    MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    as if bad players are distributed between the 2 teams by GOD not by the mm ...