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  1. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.7 Participants

  2. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Public Test: Get a Premium Tier VI Ship for Free

    Hi guys.. when we recieve T6 premium ship container,amblem and Flag? Spring seasson is over.. ??
  3. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Update April Fools' Day

    What now? unreal.. WG maybe some news?
  4. _BlapSkyCancer_

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    @TheWarJaC Tnx.. Solved
  5. _BlapSkyCancer_

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    WG .. i send 3 ticket..2 time's WGcheck.. Install new client.. no mod.s..default settings,i have problem 3 day now.. and this is answer? fix on next Update? jeez all other game work nice even WOT.. Wows burn my Ram to max and kill game !! @Crysantos @MrConway sorry for tag..but i dont know what to do ? and sorry for my bad english to
  6. Edit: Please remember, naming and shaming is against forum rules. Screenshots including player name has been removed.
  7. _BlapSkyCancer_

    How much Karma you have!!!!

  8. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Bug Reports

    Jeez i cant run game?? wtf i played tonight normal..
  9. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Can't connet to server

    Jeez this is worse then BB player's in last few week's :(
  10. _BlapSkyCancer_

    [Round 1] Public Test 0.7.1


    So..for you it's hard to Win 5 times ?? lol.. dont play at all .. better moWe and Win
  11. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

  12. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    Well.. Here we go again
  13. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Are you KIIding me!??!

    Yeap.. i got all tree IJN BB's and got Yama.. Amagi need good angle ,and not full speed to hit hard..
  14. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Are you KIIding me!??!

    E moj Drazo.. moras da naucis kako funkcinise disperzija,pogotovo na IJN brodovima..!! i Nikada full salvo.. bolje da pucas sekvencionalno..imaces vise uspeha.. pozdrav brt :)
  15. _BlapSkyCancer_

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Let;s try it :) 1 # Roma 2 # Alabama 3 # Kidd