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  1. Yamashiro42

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Regarding the coordinated "misbehavior in chat" reports by three players of the same division, I am curious if they count the same way as three reports by players that play solo, or if your system takes this kind of its possible abuse into account, @YabbaCoe?
  2. Yamashiro42

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Yeah, it was my mistake reacting to that Europizza's off-topic post. If there is any admin who can clean this thread it would be appropriate, imo...
  3. Yamashiro42

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Sure, and as a bank issue credit cards to the 7 yo kids so they can buy them.
  4. Yamashiro42

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    This game is rated PEGI 7, if I am not mistaken. So simply don't use words that you wouln't use when playing with 7 years old kids in real life and you should be fine. Most times. One of my chatbans I got for politely reminding a syncdrop double division (2 x 3 players from the same clan) in my team that they played realy bad, I can only expect that WG's algorithms can't handle coordinated 6 reports correctly...
  5. Yamashiro42

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    English is only one of my second languages so I am not getting that either...
  6. Yamashiro42

    Hodnocené bitvy: Druhá sezóna

    Pro statistické účely tu jen poznamenám, že z bronzového kontejneru mi taky padlo 5 dračích vlajek.
  7. Yamashiro42

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Opravdu? Zkoušela jsi to? Nebude to tak, že k vybrání budou k dispozici jen na jednom z těch odkazů a ty zbylé dva budou tvrdit, že tam nic nemám (i před tím, než je na tom třetím vyberu)?
  8. Yamashiro42

    Otázky pro WG

    Mám pod stejnou e-mailovou adresou založené účty na serverech EU, NA a ASIA a založím si se stejnou adresou účet na testovacím serveru. Na který z mých tří účtů budu dostávat odměny z testovacích misí?
  9. There is usualy a dedicated CB season article released few days before the season start. I expect it tomorrow.
  10. Yamashiro42

    giveway winer

    Let's try to tag @MrConway so it is easier for him to notice this. As the WG staff is not active here during weekends, you will probably have to wait until Monday tho...
  11. Yamashiro42

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    Yeah, I noticed that after posting my question. Thanks
  12. Yamashiro42

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Seemed reasonable. But then I realized that every other player than I has 7-to-6 chance to end up in the red team.
  13. Yamashiro42

    Weekly Combat Missions: Discounts and Rewards!

    Did you buff the Valentine Day camo stats or are they listed wrong way in the article (200+200 instead of 100+100)?
  14. Yamashiro42

    Otázky pro WG

    OK, a můžeš nám ještě zjistit, proč není v přístavech frame limit? A jestli by ho šlo přidat?
  15. Yamashiro42

    Ships Departing From the Armory and Premium Shop

    I am pretty sure that WG could be considering doing this eventualy after a few updates of all of us beta-testing the commander skills rework on the live servers.