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  1. Yamashiro42

    test test test 28.07.2023

    We will see soon.
  2. Yamashiro42

    This Battlepass may be worth 2.5k gold

    Silver tokens are a reward from the free battlepass, aren't they?
  3. Yamashiro42

    Trade-In - Closed test 12.7 (DB 464)

    It would be great if also the ARP and HSF clones appear in the list. No need for four premium but otherwise identical Kongōs or Myōkōs in my port.
  4. What I have chceked with different types of containers, the pity counter seems to be set to trigger in 8% of cases, i.e. there is 92% chance that the main prize drops "naturally" before reaching the pity number. EDIT: With the new supercontainers it got increased to 13.5% apparently.
  5. Yamashiro42

    Twitch Drops in Update 12.6

    Hi, is that amount correct? 30k CT is the price of tier 7 premium ship container, while you are about to compensate for a tier 8 ship...
  6. Yamashiro42

    Where are my research Points?

    If you need all 20400 points then yes. Personally, I do not bother with tiers 5 to 7 and usually skip them with FXP without buying them (so my favourite Harugumo line has already around 8 uncollected stacks of RB points on tier 5, 6 and 7 ships.
  7. Yamashiro42

    Where are my research Points?

    See if you will be able to find answers here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau#Earning_Research_Points
  8. I am not a developer or tester (who would be under NDA anyways) so my only guess is that testing showed the UU is within balance constraints with the announced stats. Torpedo squadrons are definitely not a primary squadron for KM CVs, therefore maybe buffing them while nerfing the other two at the same time is okay for the WG.
  9. Yamashiro42

    Jäger mission

    You can still use the tokens from the mission to obtain some supercontainers and credits (or just 16.8 million credits).
  10. You have to equip it into the 6th slot, thus giving up either HP buff that applied on all squadrons, or speed buff that applied on all squadrons.
  11. Yamashiro42

    New ships - Closed test 12.7 (DB 460)

    In all these cases we were able to keep the old ship (moved into the new tree branch) AND received the new ship that replaced her in the old tech tree branch.
  12. Yamashiro42

    New ships - Closed test 12.7 (DB 460)

    They clearly cannot do that, because people who already have Amagi then wouldn't pay them money for the new tier 8 early access.
  13. Yamashiro42

    Public Test 12.6 - Bug Reports

    There are several testing stages and platforms. Apparently the live server is one of them...
  14. Yamashiro42

    Question on an odd structure

    Yup. And since the propellers extend wider than the hull outline, you add the guards to prevent smashing them against the quay or other ship. Check e.g. this (top and bottom parts): http://www.researcheratlarge.com/Ships/DMS3/BOGP/RG19_ALPHA_DMS3_Boggs_02.jpg
  15. Yamashiro42

    Clan Base

    If you need it on the Public test server, just replace the .eu domain with the .pt domain