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  1. You didn't offend me. And no it isn't "Greek's obsession", it is called "knowledge of history". Besides the fact that still the official name is FYROM, I don't think that it is right and clever to accept something as being true whithout knowing the facts and judging it as being true indeed. Else I am a victim of propaganda. When a nation steals the history of another nation (they don't use only the name Macedonia but they claim to own the history and legacy of the name- even though 2.200 years later) then it is not funny. Whoever wants to know the truth and not being a victim of propaganda, then he can seach for the opinion of reputed ancient and present historians on the internet. Whoever is bored of searching, I will just say one simple thing: the language used in the area of Macedonia for 2200 years is the Greek one, not the "Macedonian" one. ALL ancient Macedonian signs are written in Greek. A modern Greek can read and understand them, a "Macedonian" can do the same? I don't think so. Even the word "Macedonia" is greek. The historical name of that region is "Vardarska Banovina" and the habitants are Slaves in origin and culture. You can call them as you like, but History and facts can't change and can't lie. So, since almost every country on this planet has debt we can steal and appropriate whatever country's name, legacy and history we want to........ until they pay back their debt. Nice joke. Unless something else ahistorical is written I won't intervene again (and I apologize for doing that once already), since this excellent forum is about historical warships and not history itself. I just want people to know HISTORY and not being victims of propaganda. PS. If anyone is interested in learning more, then he can PM me for more facts and documents that will make him think and judge by himself. Best Regards, tonypsr