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  1. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Other changes

    I am voting yes on all 3 the perm camos for mentioned ships the secondary guns can no longer damage us ( tyvm) the cyclones ,, I love the weather in game and this change will be great , often I wish the weather last much longer , so im glad to see this change !
  2. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Other changes

    the test commanders its really nice and I bet you all love the 15 stat points right ?? my idea : add commanders with stat point options to the live version !! yes , have the regular 3 point ,, then go 5, 10 , 15 , 20 25 ,30 and 35 stat point commander we can buy in store or some were ! perhaps make this a only 1 time or 3 times per account allowed to purchase the commander (s) this will silence the free players from complaining so much on my pervious proposed idea on this subject why not wargamimg bring a little income in ? helps with devolpment of the game and more , I will be first in line to get my commander (s) with stat point option(s) !!! faithfully tatiyana
  3. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Player Profile Improvement

    how about adding a profile picture option pls team ????
  4. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Sound Improvements

    I am still going to make our vouces heard team !! us women in the game would like to hear a female vouice in the language selection both for nations and the fast replys in battle. there is already arp in the live version ,, but ,, no real womans voiuce ,, how about dasha ? she would be perfect !! its already in the program , pls add a female option !!
  5. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Fail Divisions

    I found a big problem with this update !! its going to make the "dog fighting expert" commanders skill on the skill tree USELESS !! why you ask ? think about it , example, my cv will now face other cv's of the EXACT same tier ! as of nowdays I have not seen a enaemy cv of a different tier at all !! I propose 2 fixes ; 1) adjust the skill dogfighting expert to a 10% attack bonus regardless , (you get 10% att if enabled,no tier difference ,just the att bonus) 2) remove the skill (meh huh) with this in mind , until something is done about that 3rd lvl commanders skill, I will be spending more gold to fix this issue for my carriers (cv's) , what a waste of gold huh, ill be moving the stat points to reapars 10% faster for my cv's since there is now and will be no tier difference on my cv encounters ,, faithfully ,, tatiyana
  6. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    3 x Captain XP This Weekend!

    also ,, I must agree with the others ,, why not x3 for all battles ??
  7. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    3 x Captain XP This Weekend!

    its about time !! this x3 event should be a regular thing , at least once a month , but I am saying every weekend !! come on wow , give us a little inspiration to play more , this is how to get us back in the game !!
  8. fighting_lady_tatiyana


    I cannot launch the test this morning !! help !! I got a msg after the update saying "the data obtained from the update service is incorrect " how can that be ? I have tried the arrow to r load or repair and its still giving me the msg, so I cannot launch !!! help !
  9. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Visibility System

    so far I like the visability system however, I do not like the lack or lenth of weather , it seems it allways go away , the rain or snow , and should be heavy at random allowing low viz on some battles would be refreshing !! faithfully 'yana
  10. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    Co-op Battle Missions

    so far I love the new coop system ,, its gives us a real challenge and is better than the old system , I would like to see even more bot ships pls , say raise there side to totally 2 vs 1 ,, rather than now its about 1 vs 2/3 we are beating them now out there at sea in battle easy,, so I think that's needed , then the new mode will be very challenging and allways exciting . faithfully lady 'yana
  11. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    General Feedback

    hello wargaming team and host I would like to say that in genrul and whole I really do love the new additions this test has brought 1) the new vouce over does need 1 thing more pls , you may have thought of this already ? ( I hope ) add the option to change the quick msg's to a female's vouce pls ! (this has already been done in live w/arp only ) and it wont cost much or be hard to add to the current version software im sure many will agree it would be a nice addition many will enjoy , if not ,simply don't click the option, like as with the arp's other than that I and many of us here local , really like all the new changes and additions and hope to see them all in game soon , ty for the cv AA boost , that helps , wish the higher tier cv had the repair as well as damage control, I think that would help balance the usa cv's , as they have been buffed to much in the current live version faithfully lady tatiyana
  12. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    ARP commanders & lack of stat points

    you missed the point , its not about grinding , its about the fact we don't get any and reg capts recruited do all premium ships should come with capts that have at the min. 3 stat points ,, of course I prefere 16 but , lets see what the team decides
  13. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    ARP commanders & lack of stat points

    coop and games played is NOT the point ! its the fact that they don't get ANY stat points ! and the reg. capts recruited do !
  14. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    ARP commanders & lack of stat points

    thank you
  15. fighting_lady_tatiyana

    ARP commanders & lack of stat points

    1) the fact free players or anybody can recruit a capt and have the option were arp cannot _ very unfair 2) ALL premium ships should come with this option ! 3) all premium ships commanders (all nations) should come with at least 15 stat points