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    Colorado Starter Guide - What Should You Upgrade?

    I wouldn't bother with choosing between turret rotation speed and the range increase. With the turret rotation speed upgrade, there is a penalty on shell reload time of 10%. BB's already have low fire rates, so I don't know why you would want to make it worse. Did you read on why I said not to get the FCS immediately? You pay a full 200,000 credits & 9,000 exp for only 10% range increase, whereas the range upgrade (500,000 credits) gives 16% range for less resources. I'd rather direct resources to getting hull B instead of the FCS, but that's just me
  2. Welcome to the Colorado As many of you might already know, the tier 7 Colorado has a less than glamorous reputation. As a result of countless stressful hours and embarrassing defeats, I've compiled this guide so that those of you who are anticipating or just starting off in this ship don't make the same mistakes as I have. What Should You Upgrade? The stock Colorado is abysmal in nearly every way possible. It's lackluster top speed of 18.6 knots coupled with an awful rudder shift time will have you easily outpaced and outmaneuvered by a fully upgraded Wyoming. Trust me, this is the first aspect of the Colorado you will want to fix ASAP. Listed below are a few steps I suggest you follow the VERY MOMENT you buy your Colorado: STEP 1: Whatever you do, DON'T sell your New Mexico for credits! Your New Mexico is extremely valuable in the sense that you can use it as a "credit farm" for your Colorado. Moreover, the New Mexico is simply just a fantastic ship. STEP 2: Buy the "Steering Gears Modification 2" for 1,000,000 credits on your Colorado. This will drastically improve the maneuverability of the ship. It is well worth the cost and will save you lots of headaches from torpedo salvos and islands. STEP 3: DON'T waste your credits and exp on the "Mk7 mod. 2"! DO buy the "Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1". Let me show you why --> Mk7 mod. 2 = 9,000 exp + 700,000 credits for +10% max firing range -OR- Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1 = 0 exp + 500,000 credits for +16% max firing range So, "Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1" is clearly the *best* option here. You'll get 17.6 km of firing range without your spotter plane, which isn't bad at all. STEP 4: DON'T buy the Mk7 mod 2 for your gun fire control system. Ever. If you couple the Mk7 mod 2 with Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1, your max firing range will increase to 19.4 km (without spotter plane). HOWEVER, the dispersion at max range is awful, not to mention your chances of actually hitting a target are significantly reduced since you only have 8 guns total. Step 5: Do whatever you deem reasonable so that you obtain hulls B and C quickly. You might choose play in your New Mexico and convert its exp to free exp, which will allow you to to quickly upgrade hulls. I personally suggest that once you obtain hull B in the Colorado, that you use it as much as you can. Once you learn your strengths and weaknesses in the Colorado, you can gain consecutive victories without a problem. One more thing... Remember that a well upgraded captain will serve you well in any ship. Upgrade your captain according to your playstyle and what benefits your ship the most. Remember that the Colorado is a "brawler". That means you should get up close and personal with the enemy. It's the best way of increasing the probability that every one of your 406 mm shells hits your target. Don't enter a battle with bad morale just because you're playing the Colorado. We know this ship isn't the best, but you will manage to get past it!