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  1. Ebonblade

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all of Wargaming comunity. Regards from Portugal. EbonBlade
  2. Ebonblade


    Hi Blogis, My English is not good enough to explain it my question is why they don'e separete the ARP ships from the Japonese. I know they are clones but in Port i have them mixed with the japonese ships. An exemple : I have Aobo and Hatshuaru between ARP ships Looks better if i have all the japonese together and after thar all the ARP.
  3. Ebonblade


    Hello WG, Nachi is Tier VI or Tier VII ? In my port NACHI is tier VI and the cames after ARP Myoko , Haguro and Ashigara ( Tier VII ) It is a bug ? Could you please correct it. I would like to asked you another modification in game. Why ARP ships are together with JApanese nation ? I know they are the same but they are diferent nations. Could you please separete them ? Thanks Best Regards Ebonblade
  4. Ebonblade

    Launching torps - area lost

    Problem Solved . Thanks
  5. Ebonblade

    Launching torps - area lost

    do it twice. Unistalled the game twice and full download
  6. Ebonblade

    Launching torps - area lost

    No torps area. What i need to do ? It is a bug ?
  7. Hello, I recently have formated my computer and when i installed again the WoW i have lost during the game the torpedo avaliable area to launch them. and when i lock some enemy the grey area. Please see the photo attached and i have check the seatting and i have all on. Also, i have installed the game twice and nothing. Could you please some one can help me? Thanks.
  8. Ebonblade

    Invite Code for new player

    Unfortunatly i cant take Diana Ship . I created my account September 2015. Im still waiting for Diana code one day Thanks
  9. Ebonblade in Game .
  10. Ebonblade

    Gunboat Destroyer Guide Contest

    And there you are, Hiding behind the island Covered by a huge smoke cloud But is too late for him, Kamikazy R already released all torpedos and is to late for the enemy ship BANG BANG I flooding you down BANG BANG My Kami Shot you downnnnn All ship's Crew shout of joy reveled our position to the enemy team and as you can expect The sky turns Red like Fire and i never saw my ship again Im the Captain Ebonblade and Im the only survivor. living in South of Portugal Planning the next battle
  11. Ebonblade

    World of Warships Portugal

    Hello Tugas ;D
  12. Ebonblade

    Comunidade BM_PT está a recrutar

    Boas.. Se ainda tiverem vaga . EbonBlade in game TUGASSSSSSSS
  13. Ebonblade

    Bug Reports

    Server Offline again ?
  14. Ebonblade

    Bug Reports

    During the battle a map with fog , appeared a boat near me but in fact did not exist nothing. Ebonblade
  15. Ebonblade

    Public Test General Feedback

    Hello every one. I'm trying to test the public server and i cant play. i can see the ships, buy and see all the functions inside the client, but when i start the game .. every time I have critical error and the client turns off. What i have to do ? Regards, EbonBlade