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  1. Bosun_Bones

    [Pirat] Clan is Recruiting

    Deadmen, I've pm'd you here. I'm on my way to work sadly so I'm not at my PC. Fair seas! Bosun
  2. Bosun_Bones

    Non-amine reskins.

    The ARP tie in gave us a whole bunch of IJN Reskins across the tiers which left out other nations. Are there any plans to introduce similar unique reskins for other nations? Not necessarily tied to another collaboration but as a WG own novelty non-historical addition (which of course could be filtered out like the ARP theme). The last halloween specials (Igor/USN St louis iirc, Jackle/KM nassau, Blade/IJN minekaze) were nice models and would make a great start for a "steampunk" themed string of un-buffed "un-premiums" like the ARP reskins. Just a random thought.
  3. Bosun_Bones

    For the love of god fix the RN smoke bug

    This is not really a bug per se. It works as written. The problem is that they didn't really work out the maths properly. There was no need to factor in ship speed and distance between puffs. I would not be suprised that under the right circumstances that every smoke does the same. We just don't notice it due to duration differences.
  4. Bosun_Bones

    Need a report cheat or report hack option.

    Occam's razor and the Dunning Kruger effect in one individual? That must be tough on them.
  5. Bosun_Bones

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - Commander Elite XP

    I'm sort of wondering that myself. Is it like free XP where you get a proportion of elite Xp or do you need a max captain first? If you need to grind a max captain first it hardly aids "experimentation" in different builds.
  6. Bosun_Bones

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I don't believe RDF should be in the game for the simple reason that it doesn't directly effect the mechanics, efficiency or running of the ship you're sailing in. Period. Isn't that what captain skills should be for? It's a meta-mind-reading skil. (A thought on the side. Could we have a game mode like random, co-op where we couldn't have them as captain skills? Let's see how good we REALLY are.) I feel the same way about incoming fire alert tbh, but at least that doesn't tell you where the shells are coming from. Yet in the heat of battle shouldn't you be expecting incoming shells anyway? Even situational awareness tbh but that's free. I think what I'm trying to infer here is that shouldn't they be tied to captain rank NOT how many skill points they have to spend? Then captains of different nations could have bonuses qualities? I dunno. I'm rambling. Lack of sleep I suppose.
  7. Bosun_Bones

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Hmm. By having it attached to the hydro consumable those with this perk could get the passive hydro always on x times per minute pings to update last know positions but the active hydro it self continues to work as before with cool downs and durations. It lends itself to the theme. Passive and active sonar are definitely things that's existed. I like that concept too.
  8. Bosun_Bones

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Random thought. Ok radio triangulation is a thing. You need a minimum number of vectors to work out a location accurately. What about there needs to be either a minimum number of friendly ships on the map for RPF to work or we have static "radio receiver" objectives to capture/destroy?
  9. Oooh. Good spot. I wonder if that's PT only or just a lazy graphics artist?
  10. That's true of course. It was only one suggestion or idea to improve on and I didn't say it was perfect. And pairing up doesn't mean to say you have to pair up with another DD. Any thing could be the "lure". A CA/CL or BB will do since it they have greater detection ranges any way.
  11. This radio thing could be counted if we would/could turn our radios off. DDS would then have a choice to make. 1) provide Intel to the team for xp and credit bonuses on our spots or 2) deny the team Intel by going silent. Dds could pair up. One running silent, one as bait for the ambush.
  12. Bosun_Bones

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    'elo Captains. I still consider myself a newbie (less than a 1000 games) and have much more to learn. My achievements are mostly down to luck rather than judgement but I'm at Tier 5 in most streams (T 4-6 over all, except Carriers I don't have any, being crap I dislike carrier game player) and based in the South of England. I'm not really looking for competition, just a fun way to improve. I only play Warships as I'm too old and slow to play anything else. That's what being a father of 2 kids does...... You'd have thought they would improve your reaction times..... they don't. Hopefully I may see you around? Bosun.
  13. Bosun_Bones

    General Feedback

    There appears to be an issue selecting ships in the top row of the compact carousel mode in port? It's like the "clicky area" is actually 3 or 4 ships slots long so some ships are unselectable. Never noticed it before. Edit..... Well I thought it had gone but it back again. Weird
  14. Bosun_Bones

    It's irnoic really.

    That cat is me trying to hit most DD's to be honest
  15. Bosun_Bones

    It's irnoic really.

    No. I always aim this badly