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  1. Wizmark11

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Another example of a good idea with horrific implementation. Shady marketing and greedy money grabbing using guile and psychological manipulation will sink this company. Even if it was an honest mistake and you are collectively a group of the worst communicators humanity has ever seen that not a single person among you could say 'hey guys there are some gaping chasms in this information' - it doesn't matter because now you look like the shady company trying to trick people out of their money. Find the people who are responsible for this and show them the door quick before they can do more damage. Find the people who were against this ( there must be some) and slap them with a promotion. TLDR: Shady marketing will always be punished, generosity will be rewarded. I want to spend money on this game, stop preventing me and we can both be happy.
  2. Wizmark11

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    'Entirely possible', you make it sound so easy! 'Simply complete the directives', so simple indeed! The image WG are creating as if it's a walk in the park is completely disingenuous. I don't believe that they are stupid, I believe this was a calculated decision. Did you think we wouldn't notice? If I were a cynic I might say this is nothing short of trying to force a trap down the throats of your customers. 1. For the people you misled to believe that this is 'entirely possible' who might go and sink huge amounts of time completing the directives only to discover how truly insane the final few are. Then you have to spend money to get the bonus or all that effort will have been for nothing... ( insert 'Gorzia is an easy grind and great reward plus lots of other shiny shiny' WG stock response here). 2. The people who spend €100 on the 24000 doubloons for the bonuses and then discover that they still have an inhuman grind ahead of them and that their money will be for nothing (insert WG shiny shiny Gorzia stock response here) unless... throw WG another 35k doubs for the 'finish now' button which you have to do right or it's €100 down the drain? The problem is not selling a ship for an extortionate amount of money (~€250?) Seriously the pricing in this game is way off anyway. Why is a single ship the same price as a AAA title that takes years of development with hours of single player story campaign followed by potentially thousands of hours in MP, or in this case a care package of triple A games? Anyway at the end of the day the whales will buy it and the addicts will sell their houses to buy it, people are as free to buy them as you are to sell them. The problem is how misleading and disingenuous you are about this, the way you tried to hide this blatant entrapment to get people to spend large amounts of money with language like 'entirely possible' and 'simply complete the directives'. The way you deliberately hide details of the directives to make them seem more achievable than they are until closer inspection. WG employees lying directly to customers about the difficulty of the grind compared to previous events. Worst of all is how unethical and immoral it is to incentivize people, to encourage them to spend the majority of their day with their [edited]in a chair playing this game day after day, week after week for the hundreds of hours required to complete this on 'entirely possible' fashion. Finally I must thank wg for the comedy gold this Christmas and for preventing me from spending any time or money on this game. Merry Christmas and bless all the WG slaves who will emerge hunchbacked, sunken-eyed, emaciated wrecks in a couple of weeks from their labour. I hope Alaska with an extra turret is worth it Peace
  3. Wizmark11

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Agreed, both old and new style CVs are viable and should be in the game for people to enjoy. Not in randoms, not in ranked and not in CB. There is no reason they shouldn't be in operations and co-op, however I think they simply upset the balance too much in the modes previously mentioned, perhaps even as much as to be irreconcilable no matter how much 'tweaking' is done.
  4. Wizmark11

    General feedback

    I agree, the game looks like some kind of freak world or warplanes port now. They are AIRCRAFT CARRIERS, their only purpose is to bring aircraft to the battle because they were OP IRL. Instead of risking ships you risk airframes and small numbers of men to potentially inflict massive material and personnel losses on the enemy. This is World of Warships not world of Warplanes, it's a ship game and people are here to play ships. For people that want to play planes there are sims and much better games out there. Aircraft change core mechanics of risk reward and detection too much, I think it's time to bite the bullet and look at removing CVs completely. They are too much of a spanner in the works. I imagine it's possible with heavy 'tweaking' to balance them but it would probably be easier to remove them and work on optimising the already good balance between classes of surface ships.
  5. Wizmark11

    General feedback

    What strikes me about 0.8.0 is the amount of rage that has been induced, and I think the rage is justified. 1. A so-called fix to the gun bloom mechanic that was almost universally unwanted by the player base. Flank speed ahead. 2. CV rework unbalanced and unready, only a minority of people wanted it to go forward. Community screams take more time, more balancing first. Flank speed ahead. 3. Small but universal cruiser detection nerf, why did cruisers need to be nerfed when it's BB concealment that was the issue being targeted here. I think this is another largely unpopular and unwanted change. Flank speed ahead. 4. Arms race ranked, controversial to say the least and very arcadey. I don't have a problem with new things and especially new game modes, this is good but the timing is not. Flank speed ahead. 5. Lunar loot crates. Take a look at what is happening to EA stock prices, this is an age where companies are punished for their bad behaviour and questionable marketing practices. The long and the short: 1. Too much change all at once bringing chaos to a stable meta we were all enjoying. 2. Going ahead with unpopular decisions and royally pissing off your player base. Look at the anger that you have created, people feel ignored and disrespected. Many of us have put a large amount of money into this product, a product you willingly threw into chaos. I imagine you will be receiving the message by the way the forum has blown up with your customers expressing their displeasure, the number of people uninstalling and of course the financial ramifications of these decisions. A good rule in business- if you want to take money from people, don't piss them off.
  6. Wizmark11

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Hopefully 'soon' comes soon. Is that seriously going to be a 20 second nerf to all smoke? If so this is a massive change in the game, especially to RN dds man.
  7. Wizmark11

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Look at the poll, nobody wants this and the people that do probably didn't understand. We all got a good thing, by accident no less. You are intentionally breaking something that works perfectly and changing it for something worse, I don't get the logic here.
  8. Wizmark11

    Ranked Sprints

    The long and the short- I like it. PROS: Fun gameplay, able to have a high impact on the game Able to division Easy and pretty quick to get to rank 1 T6 is nice CONS: Rewards aren't great, signals are meager and mostly used to attain rank 1, 10k coal is better than a kick in the teeth but I'm not sure if it's worth the time it takes to get it. The more rewards the more people will play the mode and the more fun it will be to rank out. You could be more generous with the signals and add a week of premium to the rank 1 reward or a small amount of steel like 200-500. 5v5 may not be ideal, there is a lot of room for one player to carry and for one player to throw the game, an early suicide is literally 20% of your fleet gone. 6v6 would be a nice sweet spot for sprint and the 7v7 for standard ranked. Notably worse level of play compared to standard ranked battles, but that's something we should all be used to and isn't particularly relevant.
  9. Wizmark11

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    REWARDS: Why are we getting rewarded less and less every season? Why do we now get 50 camos instead of 100 as a final reward, 2500 doubs is great and the jolly roger obviously but apart from that the rewards aren't loin stirring at all. Would it kill you to reward players with 100 camos or more than 5 special flags per rank? Open up a little, it wont hurt we promise :)
  10. Wizmark11

    Insignia & Emblems

    1)Emblems don't bother me, I like them but there should be an option to disable it for those who don't like it 2)Division System why? What was wrong with it and how is this new thing better? It's gross, the first thing I used to do when joining a div was closing that damn chat window that opens automatically and now I'm forced to use it. Readying up and leaving the division have become harder, you made the UI less user friendly and that makes my bum hurt. Please change it back to how it used to be, as my esteemed colleague battle_ensign pointed out if it ain't broke don't fix it. 3)The Carrot- Despite the unpopular implementation the concept of emblems and insignias is great. To be rewarded after fulfilling certain criteria and achievements in a ship or class is a fantastic idea. I would love to see flags with bonuses and camos that you can earn for each ship by performing well or a certain number of battles. Reward players for playing the game, reward dedication. Don't make it easy by any means, but the potential of this concept is great! :)
  11. Wizmark11

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello I'm coming aboard! Merry Christmas all
  12. Wizmark11

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    Were you using an IFHE build? Not a problem ;) Yeah I agree with you and this is a weak ship whatever you use. You come up against ships that vastly outperform both your HE and AP. As with all ships it is possible to do well in it despite the drawbacks. I'll admit I dropped 40k free XP into the grind earned from clan wars to get my hands on the Moskva quicker :D
  13. Wizmark11

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    AP is your primary ammo type, HE just to set up DOT then chip away with AP. The ship takes damage and there's nothing you can do about it. You are forced to risk the ship or be condemned to 40k damage games with no impact on the match. Radar duration isn't great. Stay with other ships, make yourself the most unattractive target. Best impact on the game will be using AP at close range where you can get 10k salvos on broadside BBs. One of the weirdest ships I've played, most success I had was as something of a brawler. This is the kind of ship that makes you a good cruiser player
  14. Wizmark11

    Friedrich & Kurfurst: 406 mm or 420 mm

    I'm grinding through the Fat Freddy at the moment, and having tried both the 402s and 420s I have to say it is a matter of preference. The 402s have better pen under 12km, while the 420s start to get better pen values over 12km, but the difference is very small. Sure the 420s have slightly higher alpha, but the 402s offer better DPM. It is worth considering the t9+t10 meta, which certainly favors guns that perform better at range for most of the battle. Personally I like to continue the fast reloading spirit of the German BB guns thus far and so I use the 402s on the Friedrich, because as you mentioned they provide a significant boost to DPM. I would lean towards the 420s on the Kurfurst, but have not done enough testing to say which I prefer definitively yet.
  15. Wizmark11

    New Upgrades

    These are not upgrades, they are literally downgrades because of what you have to sacrifice to equip them. Not FUN AND ENGAGING. At all. I now dread getting a supercontainer because my last two were these wonderful 'upgrades'. So silly to have these as rewards for ranked. I really can't see why these are in the game, maybe if there was another slot for the special upgrades but even then it doesn't add anything to the game. I think cut your losses and get rid of them, compensate players that made it from ranks 9-2 with actual rewards like signals and camos.