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  1. Dar_Raksada

    What is the best ship to farm the Confederate medal?

    I used to get it every game at some point as taiho (2-3-2) although it is a bit dependent on MM, indy and shokaku are great for it too.
  2. Dar_Raksada

    Attack of the pinkies

    quoted post removed You shouldn't kill your teammembers, even if they faildiv. If they're really so useless they'll die soon enough.
  3. The offer to help you learn to play (or just get through) carrier games is still up. Depending on whether you play hosho or langley it will be slightly different, I recommend the Langley for learning to play carriers.
  4. Dar_Raksada

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Can I use the Arp Myoko for the Myoko uploads since it's the same ship but with a nicer colour?
  5. Well I just tried my first ever carrier battle....and it is safe to say it will be my last! I now have a whole new respect for CV captains, I really don't know how you do it. It won't let me type outside the box, but I could show you the ropes if you want. Might be nice to dive up for those missions if you're a self-proclaimed bad player anyway.
  6. Dar_Raksada

    HNLMS De Ruyter in WoWS?

    I recall another thread about this on either Na forums or here, and a wg employee mentioned there was one ship which they thought had some very interesting options. I think it was De Ruyter? So there is hope.
  7. Dar_Raksada

    So Carriers, where did they go?

    At higher tiers aa is very strong, and it got buffed recently (first nerfed, then buffed to higher than pre-nerf). Starting at t9, but especially at t10 any cruiser will shred your planes in seconds (taiho planes at least). When bombing an iowa or any t10BB you can expect to a chunk of your planes even if they are solo. When teams stick close it becomes impossible to bomb anything, and the camping everyone complains about on t10 means that teams will stick together, or at least in big chunks. If a DM or Hindenburg goes solo you still can't really bomb him unless someone has been shooting he to take out the aa. I love the cv playstyle even at high tiers though.
  8. Dar_Raksada

    Latest CV win rates are nasty reading

    T7, at t6 they get a choice between aa deck/strike (balanced) deck for this first time.
  9. Dar_Raksada

    Air superiority?

    They mostly aren't very strong, though they can work, especially IJN ones. Prepare to be bored a lot/frustrated a lot if you play U.S. AS loadouts, because you can only influence one enemy, while as striek you can take out more than one, or at least do your fair share of damage instead of hoping your allies will use the advantage you give them.
  10. Dar_Raksada

    Tier IV carriers

    The trick to beating USN air superiority loadouts is by outmaneuvering them. Past t4 you'll have more squads in the air at any given time, you'll either have more fighters or more strike aircraft in the air at any given time. At most tiers the Americans will have at most 2 fighters in the air, you can either split your strike aircraft to strike 3 points at once, use your planes to bait them over your cruisers and then engage, or pin his fighters down and strafe run. While it is an uphill battle against AS loadouts, the AS loadouts to low damage, so you can still be more useful if you hit a few torps. Air supremacy also changes the balance, 6vs4 is a bigger advantage than 7vs5.
  11. I would actually love this feature. Apparently they've also been known to throw themselves in front of torpedos. I can't wait to order my fighters to block torpedos coming for me
  12. Dar_Raksada

    Premium Saipan

    It's definitely an odd ship, I expected it to be weaker though, more like the Atlanta. I've been having decent/good results so far, though I should mention I have a decent amount of cv experience, but no t5 captain for USN, I'm sure air supremacy would make my life much easier. Though to be fair most ships I fight against don't have it either. I haven't played that many games in it yet, I still need to get used to the torpedo's, so my score is lower than it could/should/will be. One thing I wish they'd change is the huge drop circle on the tbs, it feels much larger than the IJN/U.S. one, and it also feels a bit larger than it appears to be on screen. Though that might just be me failing. Average Score per Battle Experience 1,505.79 Damage caused 86,805.21 Warships destroyed 1.57 Aircraft destroyed 19.93
  13. Dar_Raksada

    Latest CV win rates are nasty reading

    It explains things for lower tiers, as I'm going up through the US cv line now (am at t9 on IJN cvs) I feel like U.S. cvs are much stronger. If you look at, say, the independence's avg damage per game it's 29,492 server average, which is terrible. I'm getting 60,539.13 avg damage with stock (1-1-1) setup. For higher tiers cv sniping might have something to do with it? IJN has more fighters in their non-aa setups, so they might have an easier time defending against first strikes, as well as being able to carry them out more reliably. The new aa barrage for cvs might change it. Overall these numbers are very surprising, but can someone tell me how it's possible the winrates between same-tier cvs don't end up as 50%? Because of mirror matchmaking every t4 cv match should have the same number of t4 cvs, and the winrate should balance out then?
  14. Dar_Raksada

    Why did I get 1 day of premium time ?

    Are you absolutely sure it wasn't a phishing mail? I'd change acc details to be sure.
  15. Dar_Raksada

    [Help] any ship vs CV

    From my own experience as a (hopefully competent) cv player, depending on your ship, the best things are to: Turn towards the planes _before_ they drop. Most cv players will either have to spend time readjusting the drop angles, which means they'll stay in your aa zone longer, or they'll drop and miss most torps/bombs. Try to stay near allies, learn which ships have good aa and stay near them/play them. As an indepenence/ranger I'm not going to get anywhere near a cleveland/atlanta/myoko before their aa has been shot by allied he shells. Use your aa barrage wisely, don't waste it on a single group of dive bombers and don't use it too early.